Tascam DR-05, DR-40 & DR-100 Portable Recorderssearch

Tascam DR-05, DR-40 & DR-100 Portable Recorders

Tascam DR-05, DR-40 & DR-100 Portable Recorders

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I was about to click on this - it said 2 minutes left then 2 hours left then
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Are these new, in-box or are they openbox/refurbs?
can i record iPhone call's ?
if i will connect the iPhone 8 lightning to 3.5 into the recorder
I have the original Tascam DR-100. It's been a great stealth recorder for live shows, coupled with a good pair of mics. I have recorded everything from quiet solo piano jazz (such as Chick Corea) to extremely loud shows (like Buckethead for instance). I highly recommend it. I'm tempted to buy the DR-100 MKIII for the minor upgrades that it offers over the original.
I use mine to put a high pass filter on my ears when my neighbors are too loud.
Had anyone uses this to record strings, more specifically Violin? If so, how does this compare to a dedicated mic like the AT2020 and audio interface, like the Scarlett 2i2? Looking for a budget recording tool. Thanks!
Little late, but I recorded some stuff on the original Tascam DR05 and it's pretty solid; I really don't have any complaints during file playback other than my own shortcomings playing the cello ūüėÖ
Can you use this as an audio interface recording directly to your computer through USB?
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I agree with you the Tascams build quality are amazing! I like the fact though that I can plug the H1 into my laptop and use the line in as a two channel audio interface. In an emergency or extreme portability option it acts as both a USB mic and audio interface where I can plug in an instrument or even a dynamic mic and record into my DAW.
except I have read of people that have dropouts and other mysterious problems, so I purchased the Tascam DR-680 - less convenient, yet worth it for the quality and lack of problems.
This is an old product,
How good is it ??
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Thanks for the review and details!
Was excited to see something in this range that appeared solid.

Glad to know I have something to look forward to when I get one!
I've got a DR-07 mii (a now discontinued model that looks almost exactly the same as this one) and it's pretty amazing, one of the best purchases I ever made. For example I recorded my band live in this video (https://youtu.be/dPYoeRqrKCY) and without touching anything except the volume in post it doesn't sound too bad at all. In closer quarters with quieter subjects it works really well too so long as you get yourself a pop-filter or dead cat, this is an example of only slightly edited audio of my voice from ~20cm from my face with a home-made pop-filter (https://youtu.be/dtcG0RatcOQ).
Hope that helps :)

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