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Team Wolf TKL Swappable Switch Mechanical Keyboard

Team Wolf TKL Swappable Switch Mechanical Keyboard

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not compatible with any plate stabilizers besides the weird wobbly ones that come with it, id just go with GMMK over this to be honest
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gmmk doesnt drop to $35 for the tkl though?
yeah and its much better, and much more worth it to pay the extra price for the ability to use proper stabilizers and rgb

$ 59.99 USD for no switches and keycaps, which is what you're going to want anyway since you'll put your own switches on and will want to discard the awful keycaps that come with it
Well I guess I will be the few to say positive things about them.

I bought 2 off aliexpress. the tkl and full size versions. They were great. I had kalih bronze speed switches on them and now have kalih speed pale blue.

I had them for 6 months with no issues, but the only issue I have is that the light for the windows button is always on if you want to actually use it. Only way to disable the lighting for the windows button is to disable the windows functionality itself using FN + WIN.

Also these are those bad rainbow lighting where there is only 1 color lighting for a row. It looks terrible in my opinion, but I don't use lighting which is also why I hate that windows lighting.

Otherwise, I have no issues. They still work great aside some from lighting irritations, but they do not affect the typing experience.
Available in the UK for £29.99 on with prime delivery.
I own 2 of these and let me warn you, please don't buy this keyboard. I have this one, and the other one where the lights are laid out differently. These PCBs are garbage and not able to handle the switches being swapped out enough. I've done less than 25 switch swap outs on both and they both are starting to act up in different ways. The lack of removable cable, true RGB, software, and a decent PCB with good hot swap sockets makes this absolutely ridiculous to grab over the Glorious Gaming TKL from their website. For less than 10 dollars more you get everything listed above minus the switches and keycaps and a much, much, much better product. Both of my Team Wolf TKLs are now dying in less than a year of owning them and I just can't justify telling you guys to buy this product. I'd be happy to go over more specifics if you want to know. Thanks
Good to know. I just got one off of Amazon and it seems fine so far, despite not being programmable. I didn't know a "naked" GMMK was so cheap. That's what I'll get when this one dies for sure.
This is price gouging at its finest
Indeed it is. You can buy the same keyboard for literally the same price from AliExpress, and there you'd get a 15-25 day shipping time, incl. in price.
This is murder.
Yet corporations are still lifting prices. Let's hope these investigations go well. I would love to order new hardware at a more fair price.
PSA for those in Canada, this is 39.99 CAD *Shipped* on, prime eligible. Got mine there and really like it.
Yup I got mine on Amazon for $45usd and I waited 2 days to get it.. Not 3 months.
> bought mine here
> okay 75$ aint bad for an all white mech
> couple days go by
> check ship date because im excited
>mother fucker doesnt ship until march
> cancel order
PSA for everyone: any mx style switch will work with the Zhuque i.e. -Kaihl, Gateron, Outemu, Cherry, Zelios, Greetech, Razer, Mod etc.. some may be a tighter fit than others but they should all work (the board uses plate mount switches but PCB switches work as well if you clip off the plastic legs). Most of the other supposedly hot-swappable keyboards on Amazon use holtite sockets that generally will only work with the same brand of switches that are included (usually outemu) and often times they only work with a specific type of that brand’s switches. The Zhuque uses special pcb sockets that require a specific type of pcb board to work like these made by Kailh:
Also, the pcb uses SMD leds so not all switches will allow the light to come up through the keys but personally I think that can actually be advantage if you’re like me and think rainbow led boards are rather corny.. in that case you can block nearly all of the light coming through by using non-SMD compatible switches.. I’d much rather the LEDs all be one solid color or else pay more for full rgb..

This is a great starter mechanical keyboard especially if you want to try a bunch of different switch brands and switch types before committing to a specific switch on a more expensive keyboard.

Can you use kailh box burnt orange switches on these?
Does this work with kailh switches?
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It is a green with a weaker click
After using it on a keyswitch tester it did not sound or feel bad at all it's a clicky switch that doesn't give you a headache
It's an MX Green with a softer and lower pitched click, much less rattle and a high rate of inconsistency
Somehow I dislike Rainbow RGB, If the LEDs are either RGB or white, this would be a great buy.
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nnnoo.....? the LEDs are in the board, and gateron and outemu are two completely different switch manufacturers
subadanus sry for misinfo then :(