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TEC Accessories Inchworm & Centipede

TEC Accessories Inchworm & Centipede

Where's the price?
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Amazon is a better deal for 1-2 of these if less than 60 people pledge.

At the 60 participant level, the total price shipped to the US is about a dollar less than Amazon's total price shipped. A matching set of one inchworm and one centipede requires two separate orders AFAICT, and therefore two shipping charges.
Do I need this? No.
Do I want this? Yes.
Should I buy this? No.
Will I buy this? Maybe.
This is one of the neatest things that I have absolutely no use for.
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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This is a cool, tooled to perfection, item. But like someone stated, it appears to be a solution looking for a problem. And, like someone else also stated, you an 'score' almost anything and have a ruler on hand, e.g., use a permanent marker on a keychain. So, I will pass on this one.
I would like to see one with both cm and inch markings on each half side of the stick.
It's a titanium Kubaton disguised as a ruler...
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I disagree.
*hat tip*
Sir. Fair enough.
I think I might pick up one of each. I've been looking to get one for a while and now that I'm a drafting design major in college I think it could be useful for roughly estimating things I'm measuring when I'm not lugging around my micrometer and calipers
I see it more like a cool keychain with some added functionality. I don't hate it.
This looks like a $20 solution looking for a problem. So many items come scored with measurements on them, I can't see needing something extra to carry that can give me a slightly more accurate estimate to the length of something that I wouldn't need a proper instrument for. You can also score your own gear so you have a quick and easy measuring tool on the gear you are already carrying. Makes sense if you are fishing or doing something where measuring is a matter of law or importance; but 3", give me a break, this is purely another 'toy'..... and I love it!
You're focusing on the ruler and missing the actual function...
Which is?

I kinda like the idea behind this... but, in my situation, I'm just not figuring out how I would get much use out of it in daily life. Hmmm... Hmmm...
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