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TEC Accessories Isotope Triode Glow Fob

TEC Accessories Isotope Triode Glow Fob

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I believe it would be an awesome idea to offer the vials as an add on.
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Due to the radioactive nature of tritium, it is classified as a controlled substance. Pretty ridiculous, as other countries such as the UK have no issue with selling it over the counter
Again the government overstepping into something trivial.it's not as if you can buy enough to do anything lethal with it. :-( I guess I'll have to find them else where hopefully not for an arm and a leg.Thank you for the feedback
Will 22.5mm tubes work or do they need to be exactly 23?
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I get mine from mixglo.com. I've done a few orders there and they've always done a good job packing and shipping quickly.
thanks for the information, I appreciate it.
I just don't get this drop...gonna have to google this one...
how long the 23 mm tritium vial will glow?
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You can't sell in the US but you can still buy I believe.
I never received mine.
I received the Isotope Triode Glow Fob today, but how should I know is it a titanium version or stainless steel ?

Btw, the key ring that come together with it, is it stainless steel or titanium as well?

Stainless Steel will feel relatively heavy, whereas Titanium will feel relatively light - almost as light as Aluminum.
Seems like the color is different in some pictures, but I cannot find a custom color when checking out. Are all of these the same color of glow? Also which one is the stainless steel and titanium versions?
The colored tritium vials are NOT included with this product. Tritium is a controlled substance in the US and cannot be sold without a special license which is next to impossible to obtain. You must buy tritium from a source outside the US, there are at least a couple mentioned here in this discussion. The difference in color between the stainless steel and the titanium is very little, the images are of the titanium version. They may look different but that is due to the lighting in the photos.
Well....I had requested this drop, hoping they'd include the Tritium vials. Nope. I wasn't aware Tritium has restrictions on it in US. Well.... back to my search for a LEGIT tritium keychain.
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Daniel- we have the MOST Draconanian Gun Laws on the books, so, I can honestly say I HOPE they're done with anti gun legislation!
WTF does that have to do with this drop? Criminals do not obey gun laws (which makes then beyond worthless). And the last time I checked my guns hadn't killed anyone yet. Keep your agenda to yourself.
I think these look AWESOME. I just have a hard time with $28 for a key chain, and then either $40.50 for 3 colors or $57 for six colors.

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FYI, his website is back up. It was down since the night before and finally got it straightened out. All is good
thanks i was getting worried.