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TEC Accessories Isotope Triode Glow Fob

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

I was looking at fyrfytr's numbers. Key fob in Ti, $40.00. 6 colors of tritium vials $60.00. So I get to ask myself a question, "Would I rather have $100 in my pocket or hanging (in a rather non-negotiable fashion) on my keychain.?" I don't need to ask the audience. I don't need to make a phone call. (50:50 is out because there are only two answers.) I'm keeping my money. It's quite a fascinating item, however. Money can't buy happiness, but it sure could get you one of these.
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thank you for saving me time, money, and effort
No Problem. I was really bummed to come to my desicion honestly. I love the idea and presentation if some of these, but it's just not there for the price IMO. If there is a new/brighter one coming as I saw soemone say, I will happily buy one if the price is comparable (+30% for "new tech"), and they are noticeably brighter.
Anyone know a good place to buy vials in Canada?
I purchased mine from mixglo in Taiwan. Shipping can be expensive, so make sure you bundle as many markers as you can. I got mine before the CBSA became dicks and I didnt have any problems with duties or inspections... these days, they seem to inspect everything. You won't find them for sale in Canada
Well, this would have been pretty cool, but without the tubes.... Not worth it, for me at least. Ahh, well.
I believe it would be an awesome idea to offer the vials as an add on.
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Due to the radioactive nature of tritium, it is classified as a controlled substance. Pretty ridiculous, as other countries such as the UK have no issue with selling it over the counter
Again the government overstepping into something trivial.it's not as if you can buy enough to do anything lethal with it. :-( I guess I'll have to find them else where hopefully not for an arm and a leg.Thank you for the feedback
Will 22.5mm tubes work or do they need to be exactly 23?
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I get mine from mixglo.com. I've done a few orders there and they've always done a good job packing and shipping quickly.
thanks for the information, I appreciate it.
I just don't get this drop...gonna have to google this one...
What’s to get? It’s a small fob that you can attach to your keys, that will take either three or six tritium vials, small glass tubes that glow in the dark without needing to be exposed to any light source, enabling you to easily find your keys in the dark. I’ve seen comments about these fobs being sold with the vials, but that is hopelessly complicated, there are, I believe, six different colours, in two different lengths to fit, so an enormous number of options. Far easier to buy them separately, either all in one go, or one at a time to spread the cost. I’ve got one, had two from the last drop, but one was stolen from my keys when I misplaced them, so I’m getting a couple more. They are very bright, and make finding my keys on dark mornings dead easy without needing to turn main lights on.
how long the 23 mm tritium vial will glow?
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Roughly ten years, they’ll gradually dim over time. Means you can keep the fob for many, many years, just replacing vials as they wear out.
I never received mine.
I received the Isotope Triode Glow Fob today, but how should I know is it a titanium version or stainless steel ?
Btw, the key ring that come together with it, is it stainless steel or titanium as well?
Stainless Steel will feel relatively heavy, whereas Titanium will feel relatively light - almost as light as Aluminum.
Seems like the color is different in some pictures, but I cannot find a custom color when checking out. Are all of these the same color of glow? Also which one is the stainless steel and titanium versions?
The colored tritium vials are NOT included with this product. Tritium is a controlled substance in the US and cannot be sold without a special license which is next to impossible to obtain. You must buy tritium from a source outside the US, there are at least a couple mentioned here in this discussion. The difference in color between the stainless steel and the titanium is very little, the images are of the titanium version. They may look different but that is due to the lighting in the photos.
Well....I had requested this drop, hoping they'd include the Tritium vials. Nope. I wasn't aware Tritium has restrictions on it in US. Well.... back to my search for a LEGIT tritium keychain.
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Daniel- we have the MOST Draconanian Gun Laws on the books, so, I can honestly say I HOPE they're done with anti gun legislation!
WTF does that have to do with this drop? Criminals do not obey gun laws (which makes then beyond worthless). And the last time I checked my guns hadn't killed anyone yet. Keep your agenda to yourself.
I think these look AWESOME. I just have a hard time with $28 for a key chain, and then either $40.50 for 3 colors or $57 for six colors.

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FYI, his website is back up. It was down since the night before and finally got it straightened out. All is good
thanks i was getting worried.
Very slow shipping why the wait?
On the latest isotope triode it states you can use three 3x23 vials. I can't find any this size. Can we use three 3x22.5 vials?
Yes, those sizes are pretty much used interchangeably
I received my replacement TEC Isotope in titanium today. Massdrop is responsible, and TEC products are great. For sure I will continue to support both companies!!
Hi folks, I received my replacement Titanium Triodes yesterday from TEC and may I say that after purchasing many UFOs, keychain danglers, gate hooks, triodes and even the Orbiter over the years, it is my pleasure to see an AZ-based company be at the top of their game. In an age where it seems like customer service is only given on threat of a poor review for many companies, you have TEC with absolutely stellar, up-front customer service. Honestly, even if they would have not done a reorder, I would still keep buying from them. They pick up their phone when you call. Their machining is amazing. If they combine in-house with OEM items, their designs are amazing and fulfillment is transparent to their customers. TEC, thank you for being great.
Any news about It? No one in TEC contacted me...
Please see update below
Thanks, great to know. TEC does things right.
Vials came in a few days ago, I'm holding out on the steel one until my replacement comes in. Big ups for making right on this. A+ move, much appreciated.
To all Massdrop Customers: I was hoping to get an action plan put together before I posted, but it looks like we are not quite there yet. However questions are being raised and I want to address any concerns that might arise. The last production run of Triode parts that were delivered to us were fabricated from 303 stainless steel (instead of the specified titanium) due to an apparent miscommunication issue, and we were unaware of the mix up when we received the parts. This is the same machine shop we have been using for these parts since day one, so there was no reason to suspect any issue with the parts. We just now found out about the problem several days ago, and have been determining the impact of this error.
After checking our records, the stainless steel units were shipped to Massdrop in the last two campaigns. This covers the most recent event which ended late July, and the prior event which ended at the end of March. We immediately issued a new production run of titanium parts with a rush delivery, and hope to receive them sometime in mid-September from the machine shop. We will then need to get them finished and packaged. We have made Massdrop aware of this situation, and have proposed that we obtain contact info of the customers who participated in the drops so we can take corrective action directly without Massdrop acting as a go-between.
This decision is entirely up to them, it is their platform and we are waiting on a response to determine the next course of action. I ask that you please be patient, as something like this has never occurred before and we are all trying to determine the best way to handle the logistics. Regardless, new parts will not be available for at least 2-3 weeks. I apologize for this situation, we are very concerned as to how this has been allowed to happen, and are taking corrective steps to ensure it will not happen again. But please understand we will make sure everyone who has purchased one of the stainless steel versions will be contacted and be offered a means to have the mistake corrected with minimal effort. We appreciate your understanding, and hope this does not reflect poorly on Massdrop as it was not their error.
Thank you
Tom Clawges Owner, TEC Accessories, Inc.
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Final (?) update (10/10/17): All replacement Triodes have been shipped as of yesterday, whichcovers the two previous drops that were effected. We are exporting the tracking info to Massdrop's list today, so you should be getting tracking info soon. I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding, and apologize once again for the error. We appreciate Massdrop's cooperation in this issue, and hope to continue offering Triodes in both material versions moving foreward.
Outstanding service on this and greatly appreciated. I got my replacements yesterday. Thank you very much for handling this replacement in this manner. Kudos to both TEC and Massdrop.
I understand TEC accessories has contacted Massdrop regarding the buyers receiving stainless steel items in place of what should have been Titanium. When can we expect an official statement on plan of action from Massdrop on the correction of this incident?
Ummm, got a dumb question. Why is my Triode drawn strongly to a magnet? I thought Titanium was NONmagnetic; I researched on the 6al4v titanium and the web says it's nonmagnetic. Sooooo, what's going on with mine?
Got my tritium vials that I ordered from mixglo. Can't wait to light this tri fob up with em.
Did you receive your Triode yet? Hold yours up to a strong magnet; is it drawn to it? Mine is. Titanium is not reactive to a magnet....
Light up with this keychain after mass drop triggers the dreaded customs fees. Don't buy outside America. [moderated] when you can't pay the %300 customs charges.
Might be more enticing with those plastic glow in the dark tubes as a placeholder
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I mean to sell them. Otherwise I'm just getting a dark fob
I didn't understand were you were talking about until I realized they don't come with the vials; it's just the metal cage. I was trying to figure out what the hell you meant. Now I get it. Use the plastic glow in the dark tubes for shipping, and those can be removed when the trits come in.
I have this, and used mixglo.com for the source for tubes. Great guy, and he ships fast.
So, you can use either 3 tubes, or 6 shorter ones. I used the 6 shorter ones for more of a rainbow effect, but either are cool.
A bit expensive for what it is, but honestly, the tubes will last around 10 years or so, and you can replace them easily. Just don't lose the fob!
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Hi, thanks for the good source to get tubes! I if I might ask, what's the approximate shipping time to the U.S.?
If he has what you want in stock, usually around 2 weeks
For those who are annoyed that there's no tritium vials included: It's illegal to sell tritium (radioactive material) in the United States for "trivial" purposes. It isn't illegal to BUY it in the US, though. Therefore you have to order it from overseas. I'll leave it as a exercise for the reader to determine why a watch hand isn't trivial, but an equipment marker is.
Must.... Resist....
I relented and got on the drop... But then realized that the tritium tubes would cost more than the fob itself, when I visited the Mixglo store. 😳😔
So I canceled my drop.
I would strongly recommend against it.
From the pictures it looks like there are two color options but I am not able to choose one if I go to join the drop. Would love the black version if possible, let me know!

Thanks, Josh
It's not black, just too much shadowing in the first image and a bit of reflection in the second. The item is bead blasted titanium, only one "color"
Shame... it looks awesome in black