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can anyone remember for how much did they it?
When can I order this keybord next time ?
this keyboard paired with Tobii Eye-X works wonderfully
Hi , All guys ! Thanks for support TEX Yoda II ,

This is fully programmable keyboard ,you can check this link :
follow these step

# Login can save your config

1. Choose your layout
2. Define key value
3. Set macro function ( if you need )
4. Download your config ( .TEX file )
5. Dip switch port 6 = ON ( keyboard bottom side )
6. Plug keyboard to PC-Host ( need to reconnect ) , you will see USB Mass Storage
7. Copy file into USB mass storage
8. Dip switch port 6 = OFF , and re-plug keyboard again
9. TEST all your function

Join our facebook link :

Enjoy this keyboard !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have the original yoda and always wanted a programmable version. Still looks like the firmware isn't very open.
does anyone know what the differences are between the 1 & 2?
is it a complete redesign or just a new controller?
It's significantly redesigned in both mechanics and electronics. The original Yoda seems to have had a USB hub and USB Mini B connector nestled underneath, whereas this has USB C on the back and can be set flat on the table as the downstream USB A ports are no longer there. Look at the drop for the original Yoda and see the various differences in the photos.
This looks very cool, but I don't have a drill press to make a good looking set of keycaps usable with this board. As is, the keycaps are a deal-breaker.
$200 for a nipple?
How dare you, gondola! The technical term for that design feature is the ThinkNip™.
I've got this keyboard directly from Tex. My main motivation was to get mechanical keyboard with the track-point. This is why this keyboard for this price is just plain rubbish,
- Track-point sensitivity is beyond usable, very, very sensitive
- Track-point broke from the motherboard after just few weeks
- Poor quality key-caps
- Keyboard uses two different key-caps types
- Firmware limited to Windows
- Missing led under the mouse left/right/middle click
- Poor USB-C cable quality
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Thanks for your interests. Group buy for that page is over unfotunately. You may initiate a GB by KBDFans. Here is the page
BTW, you are right, this is a special version made only for yoda2. My pcb only match yoda case due to track point module reason
Doesn't look like a discount to me:,34924.html
I really really want this keyboard. I've been waiting for it to come back onto Massdrop for DECADES (jk, but for like 3 years it feels like). Just wish it had the option for assembled instead of kit. Also wish they let you pick different switches for the mouse buttons like greens and clears for everything else. Dang.
NICE and The tracepoint is great!
I love it, the build is nice, wish it have a 1800layout or sk8855 variant in the future

Egad! I could buy a used ThinkPad for that kind of money.
How's the ergonomics on this when using the trackpoint?
It feels nice, your hand posture doesn't change much.
You can try the posture hovering your right index finger on G H and B while both your thumbs place below the spacebar for the left/right and function key.