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Have these shipped? Can’t wait to give them a try.
I have found that they pair well with Comply Tsx-400 tips.

Good to know - I'm using Complys with Samsung Level U BT 'phones with my Galaxy S7 with good results. The Tin Audio IEMs will get used most with my MBP and iPod Classic.
I'm not going to review them, but I do have a couple comments. The left side of the cable worked for maybe a few minutes after I took them out of the box, then the audio would come and go if I wiggled the cable or twisted the MMCX connector, then I stopped hearing audio at all out of the left side. I confirmed it was the cable as both the left and right ear phones worked when attached to the right side of the cable. It was a bummer, but not exactly unexpected considering how many other reports of cable problems there have been.
My other comment is more of a personal fit preference and not a fault with the product, but it might be instructional for others looking to purchase these. My daily drivers are Shure SE425 which are a very different physical design than the T2. I find the SE's very comfortable and they fit in my ears very securely because the "sound nozzle" that the soft tips attach to is very narrow which allows me to push the tips into my ear canal where they create a good seal and stay secure. The nozzles on the T2's are much larger diameter and don't fit in my ear canal with any of the provided tips. I was able to get a decent seal with the blue foam and the medium rubber tips, but the fit was not at all secure since the tip was basically just pressed up against the outside of my ear canal and there wasn't much ear out there for the tips to grip onto. They would fall right out if I moved my head much.
For the short period of time that I was getting stereo sound out of them, I thought they sounded good, with much better bass than my SE425's. I just don't think I could make the T2's work from a fit perspective in my particular ears. I contacted Massdrop support about the bad cable and got a quick response saying that they don't have individual parts to send me a replacement cable, but they offered to send me a whole new set or give me a full refund, so that was a great customer experience. I went with the refund and Massdrop sent me a prepaid return label. So really, other than this particular product not being what I was looking for, this was the best possible experience I could've hoped for in ordering earphones online. Thank you Massdrop!
Can these be worn wire down and not around ear?
Yes, they can be worn either way. If wearing wire-down, they probably fit best with the buds reversed (blue on right side, red on left).
I still haven't received mine from the last time they dropped. I've only had positive experiences with Massdrop in the past, but this is a little disappointing. Still looking forward to them finally coming in though.
Well, not to downplay your issue, but after Massdrop has shipped the item, it's not their fault if it's late. I ordered my pair on the start of September. It shipped right on time, on the 3rd of October, as stated. So Massdrop did right by me. However, I still haven't received my pair because a) DHL took their sweet time in Germany and b) the package got stuck in Greece's awful customs office. I'll probably have them tomorrow though. Still, Massdrop isn't to blame for any of this, I knew I might have had issues with customs at some point. At least I didn't get those with my HD 58x.
I’m just gonna send it
Interesting these are up so soon after the new version drop ends. Glad i ordered the others.
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What's the difference?
The T2 pro is mostly the same, the cable is apparently better and has less QC issues. The biggest change is in the treble from everything i have seen its been pushed a little more forward and the detail and quality o the treble is noticeably better. I have seen one person claim the bass on the older model is better but from everyone else it seems to be about the same, plus you can just mod the vents too increase bass. The mids also seem to not have changed. So pretty much Better cable and better treble.
I've heard a bunch of IEMs in this price range, from KZ to TRN. The Tin T2s are still my favorite. OK, I do prefer the new T2 Pro, BUT I think some people might prefer the originals. Here's why:
The T2 Pro has more treble, and with silicone tips I think it's overly sibilant. The sibilance is solved with foam tips, but if you don't like foam tips (they need replacing more often), I think the T2 Pro is not a good option. I also think the silicone tips give a better seal and so the original T2s feel bassier than my T2 Pro. Not a big difference in the bass, but noticeable.

Also, I think the T2's "lack of bass" is pretty overstated. The bass isn't as emphasized as on similar headphones in this price (KZ, TRN, Final), BUT it's still pretty solid bass. Headphones like Grado SR80, AKG K1000, and even Sennheiser HD600s are legit light on bass. The T2 has more bass than all of them. They're just not bass cannons like some other cheap IEMs.
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mr sallee i like your reviews a lot if i can compare u r as good as unbox therapy ...keep up the good work subs are on the way
Has anyone found what kind of tips these come with to buy more? They're so soft, but the stock tips were a little big for me.
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You can buy comply t400 for replacement
Generic comply-like foam tips work like a charm, unlike most silicon tips which simply don't work well with the T2, at least for me. I tend to prefer silicon, since it's easy to plug in and out, but for the T2 foam tips are a MUST, at least for me.
wand placement . Well I could of order a pizza from best buy as it would of been delivered faster. No big deal.
The Tin2 was ordered to be use as beaters. I'm hard on things. Not really I got up and walked away leaving behind my Westone um5.
Order in LZ 3a iem that was flagship model few years ago. https://www.audiophileon.com/news/lz-a3-review-iem
Need some OTG iem as I wasn't going to use Grado PS 500 cans.
Pull off the cable from LZ 3a to replace the Tin2 cable. It did open up the sound with a little mellow down the top end a tat, on female vocals ie. Rick Lee Jones Easy Money
Added Comply foam tips. Again I really like those instead of the blue tips. I think it was Comply had the ear wax that when over the nozzle barrow like a speaker grill.
New from box listen bass was light. Did tape mod. Even volume level on 2. Just to much pressure on ear drum, with bass heavy music. Useing FX eq. Bring the low end down a few dB.
LZ a3 offers so much more of everything. ( see review above) They better as they was the flagship in 2016 Tin2 is $39 US LZ a3 was $79 US two years ago. Because LZ came out with new flagship models. I'm in Canada can find LZ a3 new for $109 cdn. Beware you might need new tips, as stock one's way to small.
These are great. I don't think they can be beat for the price. I like a bit of bass in my music and these offered way more than I expected. The highs are high, not muffled and controllable. The vocals are also great. The stock tips don't fit me though so I had to get third party tips. The quality is great though. Note that I came from the Jaybird X2s (I'm still new to the world of audiophile headphones) and the bass on these are definitely not as punchy, although they are a lot clearer unlike the X2s, and the mids and highs are really clear.
EDIT: The cable leaves a bit to be desired. The right ear sometimes disconnect randomly, so I had to get some aftermarket cables to fix it. Although it adds about $20 to the cost it's still worth it in my opinion.
My pair came a few weeks ago. I really like the sound. It's very lively, dynamic and energetic throughout. There's plenty of bass, haven't done the mod thing yet.

I did get audio cutting out whenever the cable moved around. Apparently that is not that unusual and there have been multiple observations noted when I searched up the Internet. I got these replacement cables on Amazon. Https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07F1JRKTC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They are a bit pricey, but I'll can move the cable to other IEMs. BTW, the cable is really well made, and its seems durable. We will see after some time has gone by.

Most importantly, the audio cutting out is gone and the T2 sound great
Had the same issue. Massdrop gave me a partial refund which I used to get the same cable, but in copper (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CJPHB9W/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). They sound great now.
I am now trying to find some foam tips that are as nice as the ones it comes with, just in different colors. I bought some on amazon, but would not recommend them (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G5V5T72/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1). It would appear that I bought 4.5mm instead of 5mm by mistake, but the foam quality is not as good as what the T2 came with.
Out of curiosity, is there any reason why the plug extends out so much and is so thick? Is it just an aesthetic choice, or is there a functional reason?
The plug and solder connections are under the plug so I guess it's functional? Pretty sure they could have made the plug shorter but considering the price I guess they had to cut corners somewhere to make a pair of awesome IEMs for this cheep :)
I got these on aliexpress a long time ago when they were or 26.74€ which is 30.94$. Recently they were on sale on the 22 August for 28€.
And the stem size was too big for me. It just hurt wearing them. Wouldn't recommend.
it is possible to use it for audio mixing ?
I'm hoping so... I bought a pair. A lot of people said they're really flat. Of course if you DON'T have studio monitors, the next best thing would be a pair of open-back headphones (Like the M220's) I'm personally of the opinion though, that ANY decent pair of cans or speakers can be mixed on as long as the user learns them thoroughly.
I got these from the last drop, and have used it for about 2 days now. Good sounding IEM with very good build quality. Tonality is fairly balanced, it is just the sub bass extension is a bit shy. Bass in general is good, clean and punchy, but doesn't have enough low end rumble for me. I would like to have more sub bass. But for some recordings, the bass is quite sufficient, not anemic. Mids if very nice, probably the strength of this IEM. Smooth, neutral, just mildly warm, excellent with vocal. Treble is also smooth and never sounded harsh, but upper treble extension a bit lacking to create the sense of airiness to the music. For this price, I'm very happy with it. Not many IEMs at this price range can sound better than T2. One thing that I think ergonomically not correct the is Red and Blue ring indicator. I think it is ergonomically better if the Red and Blue indicator are swapped. Meaning, left driver should be on the right, vice versa. For over the ear, it ergonomically better when it is swapped.
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Cool Tx!
I still haven't got mine XD
Anyone recommend a replacement cable for these? I've been hearing that the stock cable isn't too good.
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One of the silly things that bugged me about the Tin Audio T2 is that it comes with two blue foam tips.
I think it would have been more functional and pleasing to the eye if the right one was red. So I did it on my own pair.
There, much better. :-)
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Oops, my photo was correct, but I meant to say right, not left. I fixed my original post
I'm going to get me a pair, that looks perdy. I'm not waiting for massdrop to save ten bucks.
Why is Massdrop so slow to ship things I ordered these from AliExpress and I'll probably get them quicker or around the same time also they were cheaper.
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I wasn't saying they don't have good deals just somethings especially IEMs are better bought off of AliExpress or other places.
I was just stating that because there's an ongoing sentiment here that Massdrop doesn't do much if you want to save money. It depends on what you're buying. Sure, chinese IEMs like the T2 may be cheaper to get on AliExpress, but good luck with that if you get a defective one or something. Go buy something like a pair of 1000$ Noble IEMs and you can save big time if you buy through MD.
I'm probably gonna be buying a pair of these on this drop. Been hearing raving reviews, so why not? 30-ish euros too, so no complaints there. My question is, what tips would you guys recommend to get the most out of these? I mean, judging from what people are saying online, these are a bit bass shy, so maybe I'd like a bit more warmth to the sound, more low end punch maybe. And before anyone says "Get Comply tips", which ones? I'm confused as to what the differences between the different tips are. Also, what about the Inairs? Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for your reply mate!
Well, reason I'm asking is mainly because I can alter the sound signature with different tips. The fact that it comes stock equipped with foam tips is great, don't get me wrong, but they can't be the be all and end all of tips. Pad rolling on headphones is a great deal of fun, so I want to try it on a smaller scale. That and, well, I've read from some people that they had their blue foam tips disintegrate after a few weeks and I plan on keeping those for more than that, so... Yeah.
I'm also waiting on a pair of Senfer XBA 6-in-1 from Massdrop that would also benefit from foam tips, so getting some would be killing two birds with one stone. I just have no idea which tips people buy. Earpads are easier. You pick size, shape, material, done. It either works or it doesn't. IEM tips confuse me because, well, they all look alike,
I'm new to this IEM thing Tbh
How do the Pinnacle P1/PX compare to these? I find the PX rolls off surprisingly early at 30+ hz and am wondering if this extends better. The bass quantity is lower on these, but I'm curious how extension compares.
Damn, I just grabbed the Nuforce EDC IEMs like 2 days ago, and these badboys were exactly what I was after. Killer price point too, the woes of Massdop.
great earphones for the price. It's got a very neutral sound and there are mods available to boost the bass. These are very tip sensitive, so experiencing with different tips will help with modifying the sound signature. got blown away by the sound quality for the price, and it's easily one of my favorite iems. The cable is great, really tough as well. The shipping may be delayed though (for me it was about a week) but it's worth the wait.
Anyone know how to open the housing on these?
The polarity on one side is reversed. I have to switch the cables on the connector.
Seems like you're better served trying to get a new pair, eh?
Why? I rather repair it instead of throwing them away.
its lower on other places in the web. go search reddit and there are occassionally times where it goes for around 30
It was like $30 this past week on Aliexpress, but the sales have ended and it's back to it's original price. I was slow so I didn't get it, though honestly I kinda feel safer buying from Massdrop than from some seller on Aliexpress.
still cheaper on aliexpress, plus the customer service that the larger stores that sell audiophile gear provide is way more consistent than massdrop.
Am I remembering this wrong, or was the price lower on the previous drop?
I was in the last drop (finally been shipped btw...) and I can confirm it's the same price.
Thanks! I was one who requested this comes back up. Have a bit of a taste for some especially nice-looking IEMs like these.
Few headphones impressed me as much as the Tin Audio T2. With a crystal clear, neutral and technically superb sound, the T2 surely sites atop my preferences for headphones below $100. Their neutral tuning with a hint of emphasis in the treble makes them perfect for any genre. At the price they're offered, these are really a steal. This is my full review: https://www.soundphilereview.com/reviews/tin-audio-t2-review-2446/
Thank you for the full review with comparison. It’s very helpful for me.
Already ordered one from Ali Express. It was an anniversary sale product, so it only costs 25,54 Euros incl. shipping. If I'd like to join the drop now it'll be ca. 38 Euros. I don't know, if the price of this drop is reasonable or not.
Guys, just got a mailer that these are delayed on shipping... worth the wait or should i look on? Not a fussy listener but have been waiting for these patiently and the bummer....
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@thecriterion just got an email, mine shipped today... check if yours is
@AyamGoreng Mine just shipped too! Thanks for the heads-up.
Is this the same one that is on Amazon for $48.00?? Is this cable pure silver or silver plated??
"1.2M 5N oxygen free copper silver-plated wire" (from PenonAudio).. The posting on Amazon is the same item.
Thank you for the great info!!!