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Tin Audio T2 IEM

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If i press request will i get an email when it comes back? Missed the last one :(
Any amp suggestions? Im currently running the Schiit Modi DAC. Would the Magni be a good pair with these IEMs?
How's the bass on these? Currently looking for the bassiest earphones I can find for under $150ish. Had some Sony MDRXB50APs but they ripped so I need some new ones. The I paid $30 for those and the Bass is pretty good, but hoping to find something with similiar bass but better Mids. (Casual Listener, I just wanna hear bass basically)
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Thanks, I'll look into them
According to AudioBudget, " While the front bass vents are exposed, the bass is quite thin and uninteresting, thus I urge you to seal them with Blu-Tack glue. When sealed, these earphones are bass cannons. Not as deep and overwhelming as Xiaomi Hybrid Pro's bass, but sounds just about right - very fun and not fatiguing at the same time. " https://audiobudget.com/product/TinHiFi/T2
seems worth it just for the MMCX cable.
Get these or Koss Porta Pros for portable use?
these are way more comfortable than portapros and I prefer the sound of these more. PP are rolled off more down low and up high.
Great IEM! Really enjoy the sound signature.
I've a friend who recommended pairing Madarine Symbio eartips with them. Anyone tried those?
I have them but havent tried it. Foam works well with them though. Very well.
Jumped on these with the last drop. They showed up today. Can't attest to the audio quality yet but I will say they are packaged very nicely and build quality seems/feels great.
What an unfortunate name for an audio company.
At least it isn't a Schiit name.
Nice sounding IEM's for the price; building quality is fantastic as well. Unfortunately, they're completely missing a chin cinch.
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Yea, it's an easy fix. I was just throwing it out there. It would have been nice if they had included it (the original cables came with a decent little chin cinch, but I guess they changed it along the way). I've always used heat shrink tubing in the past, but I'll give your suggestion of a twist tie a shot.
I use small hair rubber bands, works pretty well.
The same tin audio t2 on aliexpress for $34.93 with free shipping.
I am seeing them on there for $50 now.
I highly recommend this budget iem. I’ve used many other expensive and budget iems and this one is very good for the price if you like accurate neutral sound signature. I’d take this over any KZ offering any day of the week. For under $50, this and the FAD E2000 are my two favorites.

The FAD is a Fad

Sorry for the bad pun
Apology not accepted