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Amusing...a tactical pen that is made of titanium that comes with a leather carrying case. 🤨
Not this crap again. To be clear, I'm fan of titanium pens and have 10+ of them, but this pen is dull and way overpriced. I wouldn't pay more than $30 for it since there are many cheaper alternatives out there on aliexpress and ebay.

For example, this one is more "tactical" and more ergonomic, and at the half price:
So this is what passes for “tactical” gear these days? Good god.
Because if there is a single item in your pocket that doesn't function as a weapon can you really feel safe?
But I need to be able to defend myself if they take away my multi-purpose golf tee shaving kit and camping stool!
can the lid be affixed on the end when writing?
If you have ever seen the titaner-store website, you'll know that this pen comes out far more earlier than Lypen.
It's more like the OEM issues.
The pen is so-so. The price is no-no.
I own 15+ titanium pens(few of them can be called tactical) and this one looks like a worst option among all of them. The right price point for this chinese dull barrel is below $30, for sure.

Consider this: recently, MD had a drop by "The Right Choice Painting Company" (https://www.massdrop.com/buy/54523) - this pen is more complex and made in USA (higher labor cost) and it was only $25. So buying Lypens/Titans at this price point makes no sense.
I have the RCPC titanium pen. If you don’t need a glass breaker etc it’s a more practical EDC, accepts a variety of refills, and is USA made.
Oh yeah? I have 3 of them! :D
I like RCPC design and prices. Got two here on MD, and 1 with clicky button on their site directly.
I'm curious as to how this is different from the Lypen?
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Yes, you are correct. I had previously backed the kickstarter for the Lypen. This pen does not post the cap, which is a major annoyance.
I believe we are better off with the LYPEN
I'd like to ask if the cap on the Titan Tactical Pen is postable? I'm sorry if this has already been asked, I skimmed the discussion and didn't see this question/answer..
Thanks In Advance
I struggle with "tactical" as it lacks all three of the primary traits of the tactical category.
1) Knurled grip
2) Black (preferrably matte black)
3) Some incorporation of nylon webbing or paracord

As exemplified by this link, not all 3 characteristics are required, but at least 2 are.
Ridiculous description: besides writing with it, it can also be used "Tactically" in the "boardroom" and also in the "workshop."
"If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, the bottom of the pen features a sharp, tungsten-reinforced glass breaker point that can be used for self-defense."....... that tiny tungsten point may break glass but will do nothing as far as "self defense".
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Believe me, I'm very familiar with them and their purpose/s.
I own several and carry two.
My point is the design of that particular pen would be more well suited to the "boardroom and in the bedroom" then in the dark parking lot on the way back to your car. The little tungsten tip on the cap would probably shatter a windshield, but not be very effective for striking someones face, as would a purposefully designed "tactical" pen.
Staged videos like that are unrealistic, what's real is when something actually goes down.
Additionally, unless you are in law enforcement you NEVER should strike the "eyes/head/throat" unless you're prepared to do serious jail time.
You got it.. Surefire "PROMO".
As stated by Mr. HEINEMAN, additional refill will be shipped.

I just received my pen refill today. It stated 2 pen refills on the package, but when I opened, I found only 1 pen refill. Did anyone had the same experience? What a terrible disappointment!

1. First the pen shipped with no refill.
2. 1 instead of 2 pen refill received as promised.
3. The pen is not precision machinced. I bought a Parker Roller Ball refill to use before the missing refill arrived. The refill is lose & when I write, the pen retract into the pen. I had to attached a blu-tag to the refill to correct the problem.

My confidence on Massdrop Pens dropped several notches. Either no QC at the factory or no QC at Massdrop. 😠😠😠
I'm having issues where the 2 refillswill leak at the bottom of the pen and I can't pin point the issue yet.
Was this issue ever resolved?