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Topping NX2S DAC/Amp

Topping NX2S DAC/Amp

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I would have liked the 3.5mm cables to have an L-connector so it doesn't stick out so much and is less likely to break something. I hate having something sticking out of my phone when I carry it around, to many things have broken that way and it takes more space.
Can you clear up for me the following
I have been told that this model dac/amp
is ineffective with iOS devices like an iPhone 7
I was ready to make a purchase of this item a month ago and began looking at other similar products user friendly with
my iphone
So i just got my NX2S and when connected to iphone via included lightning to micro USB cable, iPhone shows error that it draws too much power
How do i make it work?
Those of you with the issue 'Bravo HD FW Update' or NX2S not detected, its because unit's firmware is lost(probly because of zero battery)
Topping suggested to try below, which resolved my issue
Download firmware from this link:
Connect NX2s to your PC
Turn NX2S on
Run NX4_USB(SA9226)_161215.exe, do nothing but click Write EEPROM and wait for finish
Turn off NX2s and turn it back on
Does anyone know if Sailfish OS supports USB dacs?(for thos of you who don't know what SFOS is: a GNU/Linux smartphone os)
NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/Amp Combo or this one? Mostly used with my MBP and AKG M220. Thanks!
is this product worth buying??? and what are the exact features???
If I said Yes would you buy it?
Planning to buy this dac, I have never bought a dac before so I don't know which one I need to buy that will fit my use.
I have headphones not expensive more then 120$, my main use is music from dextop computer and sometimes from my galaxy S6.
I use mp3 320KBPS, I can get all my music on flac from the cd's I own.

So would you recommend this dac as first one?
If not what would you recommend for me?

I have never owned a dac or an amp, so I know nothing about them.
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Schiit fulla 2
iFi audio makes quality gear. I use their nano iDSD Black Label since it handles very sensitive IEMs very well and doesn't introduce noise/hiss into the music. It also powers my full size cans and planars with ease and supports every boutique file format you could think of as well as MQA:

Planning to upgrade to the Micro Black Label once my 6XX/58X get here in the mail.
would you recommend it for using with galaxy s6 and dextop pc?

I have akg m220
Senhhiezer urbanite
What do you guys listen to through the phone? Is it like spotify or something?
I, personally, just sync ALAC files through iTunes.
flacs and sadly some mp3s (there were no flac versions available and i only realized it after i bought them) i store localy.
I'm looking at both this and the XDuoo XD-05. Can someone give me their opinion of one versus the ? (Or any other portablt dac/amps in the $100-200 range)
I have both the sennheiser 6XX and the AKG K7XX
I Looked through both of these and decided to buy a Topping NX4 DSD. Seemed like a good buy at $159. There are not many reviews available online, but seemed like a risk worth taking as NX4 has good reviews, and this is one of very few implementations of ES9038 I could find. Maybe some fine folk on Massdrop would have their experiences to share.
IPhone 7 user here. Perhaps someone can explain why I would need a DAC/Amp that a directly connected set of headphones can’t provide? And is there a benefit to users of Bluetooth headphones? Thanks!
The dac/amp would enhance the music or help you with those that are considered hard to drive headphones, and no this will not help with bluetooth, so if you are using earpods this will in no way help
First of all, you aren't directly connecting a set of 3.5mm headphones to your iPhone 7. You'd be using the Lighting adapter plug. The Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter has a DAC and headphone amp inside it.

If you aren't able to drive low sensitivity or high impedance headphones with the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter, a separate amp would help. That's generally the main practical benefit, most other advantages people would point out about an upgraded DAC/AMP (better sound quality, better stereo separation/imaging, better instrument separation, etc), are subjective.

Bluetooth headphones contain a DAC/amp of their own which processes the digital sound stream from the bluetooth chip, and generally can't use an external analog source (some cheaper models do have 3.5mm inputs, but I wouldn't pair them with an external DAC/amp).