Topre Realforce 104UG Keyboard With M-Duo IEMssearch

Topre Realforce 104UG Keyboard With M-Duo IEMs

Topre Realforce 104UG Keyboard With M-Duo IEMs

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Topre keys are fabulous to type all-day on, business or personal.
Having used top mech keyboards from Corsair, DAS and others; the Topre Realforce keys just feel effortless. This particular model in picture is the 104U-S. Deluxe feel and nearly noise-free.

This is a magnificent keyboard. I bought one independently. For a Mac user there is one problem which is that if you wake a connected Mac with it the keyboard then goes dead until it is unplugged and plugged. If you wake it with a mouse the keyboard is fine.

Moving from a mechanical there really isn't a comparison. It's a very different experience with different feel and sound. The high spherical keycaps are exactly what I like (using SA profile on Cherrys, normally) so it wasn't hard to adjust and that's the reason this is my easy choice among boards with Topre switches.

Of all the keyboards I own this feels like the most high quality, a very solid and heavy product. I think it is worth the money, but if it is for you or not I don't know - I would have liked to be able to try before buying but happy I took the risk.

As for this deal, hmm. Free headphones to compensate for long shipping delays...
How does this keyboard compare to the Realforce RGB?
Topre, check.
Hi-Pro, check.
Grey theme, check.
US-ANSI layout, check.


*flips table*
Can anyone tell me why Realforce products are expensive? Thank you.
Made in Japan - Super high quality control.
I wish RealForce would make some more interesting small designs like the Plum/NiZ boards.

I have a Plum nano75 45g RGB and it's astoundingly awesome.

Would love to have the even higher quality builds of RealForce in some more modern and smaller layouts, including wireless (which is awesome). Typing wirelessly on my iPad with a Topre clone is out of this world awesome.
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The hhkb, unlike the realforces and leopolds, lacks a steel backplate. This makes it feel flimsy/toylike to some people.
Check out the realforce 87u.
On a scale from one to budget how budget are those earphones?
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So does that mean they are expensive but worth it? (on a scale of one to budget)
I'd put a real value of ~~30$ on the ts02
the 104UG is about 279 and the earphones about 35 elsewhere. FYI
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Thanks, you saved me some money
Sweet deal. Looks like the price shot up now. I am interested in the realforce silenced boards. But I don't like full size.
what does this earphone has to do with topre keyboard....?
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If it's a no brainer, did you buy one? lol
No one seems to be interested in this crappy bundle.
I already own one. If I didn't this would be a no-brainer. You literally can't buy this keyboard cheaper, and you get free earbuds.

It's already 8% sold out. They only sell these in small batches.
Would there be any issues in transferring those HiPro caps onto an FC660C?
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But the HiPro housings can be transplanted, right?
I just want to make sure people know it's not as easy as swapping MX OEM profile to SA.

@livingspeedbump has a writeup on moving them to a realforce 87U, some of the keys needed to be rotate due to the way the keyboard deals with under key LED placement, not sure if the FC660C has the same design.

Also looks like he left the housings alone, not sure what effect the short standard housing has on Hi-Pro cap stability. Maybe it's ok because the plunger is still the same height (or at least similar).