Topre Realforce 104U Keyboard with PBT Spacebarssearch

Topre Realforce 104U Keyboard with PBT Spacebars

Topre Realforce 104U Keyboard with PBT Spacebars

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PC only or is it Mac compatible?
They work with mac i don't think they have mac keycaps thought but I do know there is mac topre users
What weight are the keys? I have the 87UW55 and it's glorious to type on. I tried the 104U from Amazon and it was MUCH lighter to type on, to the point of resembling a standard $10 PC kit keyboard. I sent it back immediately.
Nevermind.. I somehow missed the numbers... scrolled too fast. So this is the same mushy impostor. No thanks.
From the description, "This standard flat keyboard is also equipped with LED lights embedded in the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys."

Where are these lights? I can't see them in the photographs.
The LED lights are only visible when the Caps Lock or Num lock keys are enabled. There's a tiny circular 'window' where it allows the light to shine through.

(i have the TKL version of this keyboard and the led lights up blue when either of these 2 keys are activated)
To answer my own question, since I just received mine, there are NOT any lights embedded in the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys, only the standard 3-light cluster at the top-right of the board.
Is it possible to add more white keyboards?
When is the JIS one coming back ? :(
Is it just me or is the cover picture spacebar a bit wonky.
You are not alone. I noticed that and went to the discussion page just to see if someone else pointed it out. And here we go...
Also available with cool keycaps
Do I get this or wait for the 87u to come back.
If you don't need the numpad I'd say wait!
It depends. Do you need the numpad?
" for the Realforce 104U in Black(XF01T0) or White (XF01T0) "

The black version is XF11T0 and not XF01T0, is this a typo? Also it would be 104UB for the black and not 104U as the title suggests.
Are the black and white versions identical in terms of feel?
Man I would be all over this thing if it weren't for the variable switches.
I imagine that would be a mess for any wasd based gaming.