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Topre Realforce 91U JIS Layout Keyboard

Topre Realforce 91U JIS Layout Keyboard


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Is anyone selling their 91U JIS ivory with dark gray mods? I would like to purchase it.
Messaging me on Reddit @ u/choobies is likely easier, too :)
If anyone is willing to sell their white keyset, or even just the 48 non-modifier keys, hit me up! ^__^
Let's create a poll to make this drop come back ! :)
What is the key to the right of the space bar and the two keys to the left of the space bar used for?
I cannot believe I missed another JIS tkl realforce drop. Why do I do this to myself.

Is it normal that some of my keys have no tactile bump and just feel linear? like the most outer letters feel like mushy letters. Q A Z P and L. The rest do have a little bumb
If someone owns those two keyboards (or maybe a Realforce 10th anniversary edition), is there a difference between the grey keycaps from the FC660C and the Realforce's (black/grey or 10th anniversary) ones. Thanks.
Would it be possible, if I got the right keycaps, to make the backspace bigger? IE reconfigure the keys
Check this out:
Its kinda similar
Does anyone know how it is to type on the 30gm ?
So far, it's a little weird to me. It's taken some getting used to in general for the layout, but the 30g domes have me holding down the shift key a little too long at times, or double tapping keys accidentally. Not that I do a huge amount of typing at work currently, but I seem to run across the same mistakes.
I got the uniform 55 gm. Prefer this to the 30gm. Found it way to light and does not allow me to rest my fingers on the keyboard. Also, the 55 gm bottoms out nicely...touch of bouncy feedback. Liking it so far
@Massdrop Are you going to have another drop for the US layout one?
From the pictures it looks like the black board and the gray cap board have English characters and the ivory caps have English/Japanese - can that be confirmed?
That is confirmed yes. That is the Topre Realforce JIS TKL lineup unfortunately. Thankfully there are good aftermarket sets that are direct replacements, albeit in other colors.
We really need a uniform version with 45g weight..
Ugh. That layout looks horrendous
I wish a 45g uniform weight version was offered. I don't like the variable weight Realforce (own one), while the 30g is gonna be way too light.
Wish there was 55g or even 45g. Could be variable between the two, but 30g just isn't going to work...
Totally agree. There would be more interest in a 45 or even 55g weight.