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TOPS Knives B.O.B. Fieldcraft Series Knives

TOPS Knives B.O.B. Fieldcraft Series Knives

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I don’t get the comments arguing for BattlBox. You have to pay 150 PLUS shipping and handling (this drop has free shipping). For B.B., You have to sign up for a revolving monthly subscription (which you’d have to cancel later if you’re comparing apples to apples here- read, more work). Just give me my Massdrop deal please! I’m here for a deal, not a subscription.
This is the best price for this knife anywhere I could find, including Amazon. Even with the 35 extra for different steel.
$25 more gets you the BattlBox welcome kit, which has this knife (in exclusive natural scales) and a hord of survival gear. Just sayin’....
I got dropped off in a state park last year and survived 3 days with nothing but this knife and the cloths on my back. The bow drill divot works great (as long as you lube it somehow). The knife stayed sharp enough and was robust enough to baton through enough wood to make a waterproof shelter. Its a beast of a bushcraft knife. Its definitly not the flashiest blade, but it beat the hell out of my fallkniven A1. Im still always on the lookout for the next best thing, but new knives I buy never leave the backyard. My BOB is the knife that goes into the sticks with me.
Guys check Amazon, You looking at hardly a difference in price if any. Some models even cheaper on amazon.
This does look nice. Wonder if it's legal for EDC without a CC.
Check your state knife laws:

Where I am, I can EDC any blade that I want, as long as it's primary use isn't maiming or killing.
Cheaper online and some with free shipping. Not much mass is dropping here.
I bought a BOB knife from Tops at the NRA annual meeting 2 years ago. I really like it. Robust construction, comfortable handle design, and tough steel made this the perfect choice for my camping and bushcraft adventures.
I have not yet used the bow drill divot for starting fires but I feel better knowing it is there if I need it.
Interesting - I didn't know that TOPS offered anything in stainless. For the price though, I think I'd go with the ESEE 4 in 440C.

Having bowdrill dimples in the handle is an interesting option. Given a little time though, its easier to just whittle a little mouthbit with a dimple and then you can push down with your mouth and have both hands free for the drill.
Careful, my mom always says, "teeth are jewels, not tools."
Lol I've never heard that saying, but it gave me a good chuckle.
Smart woman
You can get the welcome box from Battlbox and it’s $150. Includesthis knife and a bunch of gear. Ijs
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Mission 34
Lol, had literally just joined Battlbox 3 minutes ago, then saw this here.
Would be great to see a drop for the new folding version of this.
They make a folding version of this? Seems counter intuitive to me. Why make a knife designed and marketed towards Bushcraft that folds? All they've done is add an additional point of failure. Not something I would trust for an extended period of survival use.
Yep, everything you say is true; I see it as filling that "the best knife you have is the one you are carrying" niche. A fixed blade will always be better, but I will only be carrying one when I know I will need it. I envision the folder sitting in the vehicle glove box, ready to be grabbed and slipped in a pocket on inpromptu/unplanned adventures. Something that won't take up too much space on weekend backpacking trips where I might not need it. It would also be a great addition to a compact survival kit or go bag where it might function as a back up to your primary knife. In 'PC' NZ it is a knife you could discretely carry through public areas without getting arrested.
Are the belt clip and ferro rod holder reversible on the sheath for proper left hand carry?
No- Ive seen vids of some people who drill out the hardware and convert it to left hand, but it was not easy. best bet it have someone who works in kydex make a new sheath
A very cool looking knife.
Almost makes me want to go outside or something.