Tree Ring Natural History Fountain Pensearch

Tree Ring Natural History Fountain Pen

Tree Ring Natural History Fountain Pen

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Nice pen--worth about $25.
Yet another rip-off pen from your good buddies at MD. If you know pens, you know better than to buy 'em here!
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I have used Rakuten which is great.
What other sources do you have? anywhere is fine
Anderson Pens
Fountain Pen Hospital
Jet Pens
...more later.
Where are these made?
Pens are made in Missoula, Montana.
Is the pen heavy? I'm really bad at conceptualizing weight measurements, so I'd love a comparison with, say, a pilot metropolitan. I've got pretty gnarly hand pain, so I need to know if this pen is too heavy before I spend that much on it.
I wouldn't say it's too heavy, once you get into the 50+ grams is when it get's heavy, but I wouldn't say it's very light either.
Beautiful... I can't justify buying it this month... but since the drop extends into next month that may be a loophole... ūüíł
This is an absolutely gorgeous pen. Love that it has a JoWo nib, too. And comes with a converter.
Any way to see samples of fine vs. medium nib?
Can the nib be changed? Does it follow a particular size?
Yes, the nib is #5 JoWo so there are lot of good options (e.g., Franklin Christoph's #5 nibs) to swap in other nibs.
beautiful... Just got into fountain pens, so I can't put the money on this yet... a shame, because it is so pretty.
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Here's a video that touches on it somewhat. But what bailey says is true. I'm still new to this myself, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.
I probably would trade any of my western gold-nibbed FP for a steel-nibbed Diplomat. It's THAT good.
I know nothing about pens. Would this be OK for a daily carry/use pen?
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Would you say it's suitable for people with abnormally large hands and fingers? I have massive hands and find a lot of pens (granted, I've never used a fountain oen) too small.
Not sure on that. I have never received a return or complaint about the grip not working well with large hands so you are probably good. I think it depends more on how you tend to grip the pen versus the size of your hands. The pen has a reasonable diameter at just over 1/2" so I don't think you would face the problem of it being too thin.
Bulk order shipped! The vendor informed us that the group's order was picked up and is on its way to our warehouse in New Jersey. Based on the tracking provided, the order is scheduled to arrive on 1/6.

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