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Introducing GMK Triumph Adler

This drop is your chance to own a piece of keyboard history—an authentic replica of the 1989 Triumph Adler Dario 286 Cherry MX keyset. The original Dario 286 keyboard is what collectors call a “unicorn”—a board so rare it’s almost a myth; so beautiful that it’s a legend.

Triumph Adler GMK Keyset


Originally manufactured in Germany in 1989, the TA Dario keyboard was only sold for a few months in Europe with a 286 PC/AT mail-order bundle. It was destined for obscurity; by 1989, 286 systems were already on their way out, and moreover, 1990 brought the fall of the USSR and the political reshaping of Germany and Eastern Europe, the exact regions into which the Dario 286 was sold. Of the few units produced, nearly all were lost to history. Today, fewer than 10 TA Dario keyboards are believed to exist.

Triumph Adler GMK Keyset


Even more interesting is that the iconic teal and gray colorway was actually a complete accident. TA Dario 286 keyboards originally had bright blue modifier keys—not teal. But over time, the blue keys on the few remaining boards slowly turned to teal thanks to a flaw in the plastic’s chemical composition, serendipitously creating the beautiful teal/gray combo seen today.

Triumph Adler GMK Keyset

A Triumphant Return

Until now, the few remaining TA Dario keyboards have traded hands only among privileged collectors. But thanks to nearly half a year of negotiation and planning, Massdrop and KeyChatter are now proud to present the GMK Triumph Adler Replica drop. We’ve secured an agreement with GMK, the German electronic design firm responsible for sets like GMK Dolch and GMK Hyperfuse, to reproduce the TA Dario 286 keyset using original Cherry machinery and bespoke plastic mixtures to perfectly replicate the understated aged teal and gray colorway. Simply put, this is a set for keyboardists who appreciate simple beauty, minimalism, and classic design. If you have a taste for subtlety and an appreciation for history, you need this keyset.

Triumph Adler GMK Keyset


The set includes a full modern 104-key ANSI layout, plus a meticulously curated selection of add-on keys to ensure compatibility with all common Cherry MX and Cherry MX clone keyboard layouts, including ISO. The keys will come pre-packed by GMK in individual plastic storage trays, to ensure a professional presentation and to guarantee your set isn’t missing a single keycap.

Triumph Adler GMK Keyset

German Quality

Like all GMK keysets (and like the original TA Dario 286), these caps will be made from double-shot, thick, premium German ABS in Cherry profile. Don’t ever confuse GMK ABS keycaps with cheap, thin ABS keycaps that you may be familiar with. It’s like comparing a GON or KMAC to a soda can. These are authentic Cherry—the real deal—and cost even more to manufacture than the PBT keycaps on the market today.

Triumph Adler GMK Keyset

What's In the Box

Triumph Adler GMK Keyset


  • GMK
  • Triumph Adler Dario 286 Replica
  • Double-shot thick ABS
  • Cherry profile
  • Compatible with Cherry MX and MX clone keyboards


All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is June 12, 2015 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.