Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Hybrid Wireless Gaming Mousesearch

Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Hybrid Wireless Gaming Mouse

Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Hybrid Wireless Gaming Mouse

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who let a transformer out of hollywood? tf?
There is way to much going on with this mouse. I really dont like how it looks at all.
mmmm laser sensors.

That's an instant no-buy for anyone who plays FPS.
Is it?
" Ergonomically designed to mirror the contours of a sports car "

Are sports cars known for being easy to grasp?
wtf, its 69,99 if you buy it retail...
the one for $69 (on amazon) has 6 programmable buttons, this one has 9 and costs 78$
garbage sensor

no thanks, will pass

good design though
This is my fav mouse. Feels like a million bucks in the hand and is precise and quick. Highly recommend. They also have a non wireless variant that is legit and cheaper too I think...
"BMW-Inspired Performance" I don't know if I want a mouse that is constantly needing to go into the shop for repair.
I'm a web developer with large hands and use this mouse heavily on a daily basis. Combine this guy with a cushioned mouse pad and you can comfortably go for hours with minimal strain. The ability to customize the x,y,z axis to a T is legendary.
Don't buy ThermalTake Electronics.
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They are all crappy knockoffs of better brands.
what is this a knockoff of?
Does it come factory shipped with the signal lights disabled?
Same price plus free shipping on Amazon. Plus you can add a warranty for like $7.

If you don't care about the wireless option, you can get it for $5-10 cheaper and color options.

wait no, look at the D and C buttons. This hybrid one doesn't have those and I'll tell you why. I own this mouse, the D and C buttons are so far back and the right side grip is laughably useless, I'm glad to see that they replaced the grip on the right but it still looks like it might be too far back. I strongly recommend going to a microcenter or frys or something and trying this mouse out before you buy it. I have large hands but the way this mouse (the original wired one/one you linked) is setup is pretty bad
Doesn't work with Windows 10?
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