TT Toughpower DPS 80 PLUS Gold ATX Power Supplysearch

TT Toughpower DPS 80 PLUS Gold ATX Power Supply

TT Toughpower DPS 80 PLUS Gold ATX Power Supply

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$89.99. again a horrible drop by massdrop
If anyone is interested I have a brand new 750 W SeaSonic PSU 80+ gold non mod for sale.
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Hey sorry about that, I'm selling it for $75 usd. It was bought for me as a gift on sale so I'll sell it for the same price that was paid. It is brand new, unopened, and unused.
You can make me an offer. I have no need for it at this time.
Do yourself a favor and avoid ThemalTake products, not that they don't work, but because customer service is nonexistent, I have a TT RGB 600 PSU and the fan started making noise 1 month after i received it, i have sent 7 requests for help over 4 months now and no received a single reply
Oof, TT is really into rgb lighting... not sure why you would need it on a power supply.
They have a lot of open frame chassis models that give everyone a full view of the power supply intake, e.g.
Yeah, I guess it looks pretty cool like that.
No options for 850? 750 will barely run my rig....
I want to see higher wattage RGB PSU's also regardless of wattage I will refrain from this PSU as it will not work with the rest of my components as ALL my computer parts and peripherals that have RGB besides my Asus ROG Strix RX480 8GB GPU are made by Corsair (Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire, Corsair Void Wireless, Corsair M65 Pro RGB, Corsair MM800, Corsair Commander Pro with RGB Strips, Corsair H115i(non pro version which is last gen with stiff tubing) I also have Corsair LL120 triple pack with controller which I plan to use in a new PC as my case is not that good and RGB Strips/RGB fans were bought so I can use them in a tempered glass case which has a FRONT mounted tempered glass piece and it needs to have HIGH airflow in the front as well as 360 radiator support at the top that can be installed without removing the RAM/MOBO)
The ONLY components RGB should become more of a standard on are RAM, GPU/CPU cooler, MOBO, fans, RGB strips and RGB custom liquid cooling but anything other than that is overkill and not worth it. Things like RGB PSU’s and Storage is to much especially since people usually try to hide them
PSU's aren't always hidden and in all the cases you sited the PSU is generally visible just like the CPU, RAM, fans and all else... since it's likely a windowed PC. It's all overkill imo anyway. Bling doesn't a fast pc make....
Yep as stated, open air cases usually are where this type of PSU shines as well as fully transparent tempered glass windowed cases. This is not just for anybody.
after having to deal with thermaltake for warranty i will never buy anything from them again. besides seasonic, evga, corsair and others literally would be a
better choice every day all day then this one imo all of which have far better warranty depts
Am I the only who laughed out loud when reading the first line "tasteless chunk of metal."

I love a beautiful power supply (like Seasonic), but this is obviously not one of them. This screams "tacky poser" from the mountain tops.
Literally cheaper on amazon and even cheaper at Microcenter.
Or get a (probably better quality) Seasonic 850w for $30 less.
Oh right, no lights.
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Bruh EVGA...😂Gtfo
You have no clue about PSUs. EVGA doesn’t even manufacture their unit, they are rebranded ones from other OEMs. Take a look at Seasonic’s Prime Titanium lineup. They have been called the BEST consumer PSUs by multiple reputable reviewers.

I own a 750W G3 and wish I would’ve gone with a Seasonic unit.
This is why. 😃
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Look at my rig im about to cop
Wow. 😆