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Anyone wants to sell their new Circuit (medium torso, large hipbelt)?
Received my pack yesterday.
Where is your unboxing video? :-)
Happy Hiking!
No video but looks like a very nice pack that will fill a particular niche well. I'm looking forward to getting it out on the trail.
Mine shipped today.
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I would think they ship them in bulk as they make them. I also got a shipping email from Massdrop today saying it shipped, which it has based on my tracking number on shipping. Here's the massdrop email: Your ULA Equipment Circuit Pack has shipped with tracking number..........
I'm just really happy to get my pack so fast and load it up. I'm coming from a 20+ year old Lowe Alpine that was almost 5 pounds so I cut a lot of weight and am down to just over 14 pounds base weight now. Here's my i'm working on a few things but i'm happy where i'm at right now.
Got mine last Friday, 2/2/18 and i'm very happy about getting it.
I got a tracking number from UPS already, hasn't shipped yet though.
How did you get the transaction number?
A UPS tracking number is not a transaction number. My transaction number was given to me when I bought the pack. And no, it still hasn't shipped yet.
Will this pack still have the full ULA warranty?
Just called ULA, confirm these packs still qualify for warranty.
and can the bag carry 18-20kg without tearing or breakage? 15kg for a 60litre pack is quite low for my purposes as there is typically no water access points along the trek.
I don't know if the material/stitching is capable of sustaining that amount of weight, but 40+ pounds is more than a frameless pack is designed to carry comfortably. Most packs in this category are going to max out at close to 30 pounds for comfort.
will the small waist belt expand to 36"? I am sharing the pack and one guy is 32" and the other is 36". help.

All your answers are there. Fyi this does not look like the pack for you.
You may want to look at
You would still have to buy a couple different belts and maybe should straps. But the pack is a mule and you can switch the bag portion on the frame to suit the trip. $$$ be warned.
Worst case you could always buy another hipbelt and swap between a small and medium size. $39.00 for a new one.
Can someone ask the manufacturer whether the kid's adjustable torso length is possible with this drop? Or should I call them about it? Not sure how this would work in the context of this drop. FWIW I bought a large Circuit directly from the company last summer and love it. This one is for my 10 year old son. Thanks!
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Thanks! Hoping to have matching black on black bags though. It's a Like Father Like Son thing...
I have an 17.5" torso and thought about it but needed my blaze orange and stretch mesh pocket over the non-stretch.