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I've received the Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro Universal Fit IEMs. It was scheduled to be shipped out March 30, 2018. But was shipped out March 12, 2018. Excellent by Ultimate Ears.

The universal fit To Go is really done well. It really fits very well and is quite comfortable. Another outstanding accomplishment by Ultimate Ears. The nozzle is quite deep so that it goes into the ear canal and stays there comfortably.

The audio on first few listens was impressive. Brings out lots of details. The sound stage has good width and slightly deep. Layering is decent. I will have to do more listening for another 7-10 days to get acquainted with this IEM. But the initial impressions points to a long term relationship with it. :-)

Even though it is a 2 pin iem, Ultimate ears went with a proprietary version. It would have been better if they had used the normal 2 pin version. However the replacement cables from Ultimate Ears are the most economical of all the cables out there.

Since this is the Top of the line IEM of Ultimate Ears, I wish that this came with the 2.5mm balanced termination cable for this iem as well for the price. It comes only with the 3.5mm single ended terminated cable.

So I had to order the 2.5mm balanced cable from Ultimate Ears. They shipped next day UPS Air free of cost. That's another plus with Ultimate Ears.
Dear Massdrop, Despite giving feedback on how slow and useless fedex smart post is, why do you keep using that as your shipping option? USPS priority mail delivers in 2days (with tracking) from west coast to east coast. And you keep ignoring that option and keep using Fedex smart post. Just from Edison, New Jersey to DC, FedEX smart post takes 4 days. Doesn't make sense. If you keep using this as an option, you're going to lose customers.

Best Regards!
Agreed, not happy about this shipping service. I would have paid extra for priority mail if I had the chance.
Im just wondering, if you were to pay this amount. Wouldn't make more sense to get custom fitted IEM's?
Some people aims for the resale value, so there's that. Having it in universal form gives it an option for people wanting a different soundsig and selling their current one at a lesser loss than with CIEM (with CIEMs you're lucky if you get 50% back)
Don’t buy it must be a sign they’re gonna release new versions soon. It happened in the last drop.
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I'm going to take Mark Twain's advice and bow out of this exchange... gonna assume you don't get the reference so:

"Never argue with an idiot, they will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience"
Tbh, this thing is TOTL enough and at its current state, it fights with TOTLs at a much more expensive price. Cohesion and the honest-to-god presentation is top notch and it's probably the top 1 or 2 there for me for slightly warm, neutral soundsig.

Personally owned mine since last November, and been loving every second of it

At this pricing, it's a really good deal. Still can't beat UE's black friday deal tho
Can massdrop just add a paid upgrade option to go for customized version? UE had my molds.
I completely agree and would join the drop if Massdrop would offer this upgrade. UE also has my molds on file too. I'm local and could even will call.
I know UE's and was littarly blown away by a $100 pair long before (probably 8 years ago) they we're taken over by Logitech. $1,200 for a pair of IEM's is insane for anyone to pay through Massdrop. Especially, without hearing them first hand or being fitted. I don't care what your budget might be but this price tag is just silly for unheard IEM's. Go get fitted!
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I don't know if I would compare the UE over ears to their IEM line... before logitech bought them they didn't make over ear headphones, IEM's are UE's strong point/core competency. More than likely that wasn't designed by anyone that is involved in the IEM side of the business.
Ultimate Ears the consumer brand and Ultimate Ears Pro the IEM maker pretty much function indepently from each other even if they're both owned by Logitech
Wish they could allow the option to switch to custom for those that want it. I would take the custom rote if Ultimate ears are flexible. Also the option of the switching the single-ended 3.5mm cable to a 2.5mm balanced.
Really want to go in on this but seems silly to buy universal when customs are the norm.
Honestly, if I were buying without being able to listen first I would much prefer the universal as they are easier to flip if you are disatisified
l’m sure these would be super nice.
I‘ve spent way too much on iems and gear recently though.
I guess I was lucky, because I'm pretty sure the CIEM drop for the 18s was under a thousand. Molds cost 50 bucks as I recall. Also don't get why MSRP on these universal IEMs is the same as buying CIEMs. That said, the CIEM version are nice (though I could never get the fit tight enough to exercise or walk around with them). I use them mostly when I travel.
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The ue 18 drop was rather dishonest. They didn’t inform the context of what was going to release the plus
You're obviously quite unfamiliar with product life cycles in the audio (and other markets)