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Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro Universal Fit IEMs

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Got my shipping notification!
Received them today 6/8. Estimated ship date was June 26 so these actually shipped 3 weeks early. Aces!
I opted for the black faceplate version. On first inspection under light, I thought there were marks on the faceplate as I noticed very fine striations, barely noticeable, but this just looks to be a normal part of the 3d printing process; I'm just anal like that.
I love that these come with the Linum G2 SuperBax cable! I have the Linum G2 SuperBax MMCX Cable for my Westone UM Pro 30 IEM's, and it seriously takes them to a whole nother level IMO! I also have a Linum G2 Bax MMCX Cable, and it's also very impressive! But the SuperBax cable is the cat's meow and you definitely can't go wrong with it!!!!!!!

Do be aware there is no balanced cable compatible with this version of the UE line on the market yet. It feels way more durable than MMCX and UE previous 2pin
Curious how these compare to the previous generation UE 18+ with non-plus True Tone drivers. The linked Sound & Vision review is for the previous gen not the 3rd gen offered in this drop. The True Tone Plus drivers were only announced just a little over a month ago. I haven't been able to find any comparisons yet.
Also, wish there were more faceplate choices available.
When I asked about it when I was at UE HQ I was told it that it's just louder because musicians are going deaf :/
I love the walnut burl on my UE 18+. Really bummed other faceplate options weren't offered.
The pinnacle of non-electrostatic IEMs. It would be an opportunity to listen to these in length.
How about compared with Nobel k10
Yes, an objective in depth comparison comparing the two would be great.
Here's one: https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2014/11/22/flagship-custom-in-ear-monitors-from-noble-audio-ultimate-ears-and-jh-audio/ and another https://www.theverge.com/2016/7/28/12309948/noble-audio-k10-ultimate-ears-18-pro-in-ear-monitors-review.
In general, they're saying the Noble was preferred as it was just a smidgen better in detail and more dynamic. However, it's not night and day and will still really boil down to personal preference as you can't really go wrong with either.
What a huge ripoff.
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Why would you be crazy to use IEMs for long periods of time? They're discrete, isolate well and are very comfortable. I think you're projecting your preferences here, we use IEMs for hours and hours at our work for the isolation and we don't find them uncomfortable at all. For a lot of people. they're better than headphones since they don't mess up your hair.
You can use "mid-fi" closed backed headphones in the office but a lot of people don't see the justification to carry a pair around nor do they isolate as well as IEMs that seal properly. I'm not carrying a pair of closed backs *and* a pair of Etymotics whenever I go to work, the sort of "audiophile" that carries multiple pieces of audio hardware are not common.
Yup. Had to look again but it was in the Noble k10 thread just a couple months ago:
Uzuzu - "Iems cause me pain because my left ear was ruptured. I sparingly use a pair called the philips tx2, they're like 30 bucks otherwise I use some vintage earbuds, used to own westone um-p 3. I've demo'd 64's best and the shure 846, I know there is better but, difference wasn't worth it not even close. Right now I've been using the Monoprice Retro as an over-ear and they cost 18 dollars, 23 dollars shipped to my door. I put dampening in the housing and modded it to have a detachable cable for the cost of approximately 2 dollars. I'm enjoying it a lot more than my Ether Flow C's I happened to sell off and have used it almost exclusively for 2 weeks. It stomps on the 598cs, easily. I know that isn't IEM talk, but detail isn't everything or worth it, always. I just happen to enjoy the music when it sounds good, not when it costs the most. IEMs hit the wall much quicker than headphones do. Personally my favorite headphone I've heard is the Amiron, unrelated but I can't not mention that gem."
I dunno, I guess I can understand it from his perspective that if he has a physical issue that prevents him from using a certain piece of equipment. But all the hate and generalizations is what seems rather misguided to me. It would be easy to say, they're just not for me, but he constantly denigrates the item and users as if it's their shortcoming as well. That projection just rubs me the wrong way.
Nothing like these baby. I heard them one in a Convention change the way I tough what music was. Too bad I will never be able to afford a pair. But if you are lucky enough buy them!
Steal them for the love of music
I would accept donations lol. But I wouldn't steal them.
Any chance of getting custom version of this drop?
Probably not happening. IMO the uni shell is a little too big and long. The CIEM shell of it is much, much better (I'm using it right now as we speak), and it sits much more flush, and hecking comfy as well
I have UE 18+ custom. I wouldn't get these in universal. As a matter of fact, after I went custom, I don't want to go back to universal and deal with less than ideal fit and foam tips (silicone just doesn't cut it, especially when you're using a $1,200 a pair IEM?!) BUT I can say my 18+ is awesome. I have a pair of 90S (?) and that convinced me to go big. I love the UE sound. Natural, resolving, detailed. If you're bass head, look elsewhere, though. I think their new hybrid should give plenty of bass. I'm not really liking hybrids or dynamic drivers in IEMs.
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Well. I didn’t hear them that way. Thankfully my local UE dealer has all models as universals so essy to switch between them. I liked the UE11PRO the best. But again that is personal preference. They have the UE6 as universal now too. So I shall give it a try soon. i guess the one that comes closest for me to the UE11PRO from an enjoyment standpoint would be the Live.....
I also have UE11Pro and I like their bass. Also have JHA Roxanne customs with adjustable bass. And while Roxanne overall sounds better, I couldn't tune it to match UE11's bass - adjustable band is just too wide.
Decisions, decisions. 😅
I already have U8s (love them, deep bass), I also purchased Custom Art Ei.XX (very sexy, great bass) and x Noble Kaiser 10 universals are comin soon (still waiting) but ...
I've always wanted to try UEs. I've read some many reviews about how great they sound but never actually heard one.
Some of these iems will be going to Ebay after I find out which one sounds the best. (Most Bass)
*Although, that Custom Art iem is too beautiful to part with. A work of art indeed.
But $1200? 🤔
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I have these two too In a drawer, thanks for remind8ng me of them, have to give them a spin again.
Totally worth it m8, IMO it sounds almost as close as a Focal Utopia
So, think of it as this, you're getting miniaturized Focal Utopia at a fraction of MSRP!
Anyone have this item shipped to Canada? Mine was shipped out March 12 (earlier than I expected), but still haven't received it :(
I've received the Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro Universal Fit IEMs. It was scheduled to be shipped out March 30, 2018. But was shipped out March 12, 2018. Excellent by Ultimate Ears.
The universal fit To Go is really done well. It really fits very well and is quite comfortable. Another outstanding accomplishment by Ultimate Ears. The nozzle is quite deep so that it goes into the ear canal and stays there comfortably.
The audio on first few listens was impressive. Brings out lots of details. The sound stage has good width and slightly deep. Layering is decent. I will have to do more listening for another 7-10 days to get acquainted with this IEM. But the initial impressions points to a long term relationship with it. :-)
Even though it is a 2 pin iem, Ultimate ears went with a proprietary version. It would have been better if they had used the normal 2 pin version. However the replacement cables from Ultimate Ears are the most economical of all the cables out there.
Since this is the Top of the line IEM of Ultimate Ears, I wish that this came with the 2.5mm balanced termination cable for this iem as well for the price. It comes only with the 3.5mm single ended terminated cable.
So I had to order the 2.5mm balanced cable from Ultimate Ears. They shipped next day UPS Air free of cost. That's another plus with Ultimate Ears.
Dear Massdrop, Despite giving feedback on how slow and useless fedex smart post is, why do you keep using that as your shipping option? USPS priority mail delivers in 2days (with tracking) from west coast to east coast. And you keep ignoring that option and keep using Fedex smart post. Just from Edison, New Jersey to DC, FedEX smart post takes 4 days. Doesn't make sense. If you keep using this as an option, you're going to lose customers.
Best Regards!
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TBH, they should offer multiple options with smartpost being free while priority is the extra cost.
I sure wouldn't mind paying extra depending on how much I am saving or if the item is worth to get it ASAP like their collab. series.
Im just wondering, if you were to pay this amount. Wouldn't make more sense to get custom fitted IEM's?
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I never buy custom iems. Overly expensive, too much hassle, It may not fit right, it may not sound good and most importantly very hard to resell. It's like trying to sell custom fitted, used underwear. 🤣 Universals all the way!
The 18+ really benefits from a custom shell though, the uni shell is a bit too long, a bit like wearing JH13v2 universals. It's not the best fit in the world
But I understand the situation. I suppose it's not as easy for you to demo wherever you are
Don’t buy it must be a sign they’re gonna release new versions soon. It happened in the last drop.
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All technology becomes "old" a few months after you buy it. Trying to chase the "newest hotness" dragon is futile.
Smart money.
You buy the 2017 model TV at a discount when the new 2018s are selling for maximum MSRP. Later you buy a 2018 and sell the 2017 for 50% when the new 2019s are out.
But...your PREMISES is flawed!!!
Can massdrop just add a paid upgrade option to go for customized version? UE had my molds.
I completely agree and would join the drop if Massdrop would offer this upgrade. UE also has my molds on file too. I'm local and could even will call.
I know UE's and was littarly blown away by a $100 pair long before (probably 8 years ago) they we're taken over by Logitech. $1,200 for a pair of IEM's is insane for anyone to pay through Massdrop. Especially, without hearing them first hand or being fitted. I don't care what your budget might be but this price tag is just silly for unheard IEM's. Go get fitted!
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I don't know if I would compare the UE over ears to their IEM line... before logitech bought them they didn't make over ear headphones, IEM's are UE's strong point/core competency. More than likely that wasn't designed by anyone that is involved in the IEM side of the business.
Ultimate Ears the consumer brand and Ultimate Ears Pro the IEM maker pretty much function indepently from each other even if they're both owned by Logitech
Wish they could allow the option to switch to custom for those that want it. I would take the custom rote if Ultimate ears are flexible. Also the option of the switching the single-ended 3.5mm cable to a 2.5mm balanced.
Really want to go in on this but seems silly to buy universal when customs are the norm.
Honestly, if I were buying without being able to listen first I would much prefer the universal as they are easier to flip if you are disatisified
l’m sure these would be super nice. I‘ve spent way too much on iems and gear recently though.
I guess I was lucky, because I'm pretty sure the CIEM drop for the 18s was under a thousand. Molds cost 50 bucks as I recall. Also don't get why MSRP on these universal IEMs is the same as buying CIEMs. That said, the CIEM version are nice (though I could never get the fit tight enough to exercise or walk around with them). I use them mostly when I travel.
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You're obviously quite unfamiliar with product life cycles in the audio (and other markets)
Could you buy the newer model at THAT MOMENT? If not, your rant is dishonest.
Man I wish I could afford these
I would love to get these... (BTW: $1500 on Amazon) I still love my 10 year old Shure SCL5's (the top end model at the time) with the custom ear molds... And I am not sure about the curved connectors shown, could be an issue with some ears...
Those curved connectors might limit comfort and fit. The IEM can't be rotated.
They stick out pretty far? I notice they are pretty thick, probably due to the amount of drivers....
Ouch when your kid steps on these. Or maybe you don't buy these if you have kids. The WAF has to be pretty low on these guys! :)
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Wow, you must be really fun at parties... And clearly you've never had kids... They always find a way... Perhaps one could sell his first born to buy these, lowering the odds of destruction and the cost in a single sacrifice... (these are jokes, doofus)
I thought it would be 18 drivers per ear. 😍😃
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Nah, I'd get one with 21,995 drivers exactly on each side so that there's one driver dedicated to every single Hertz of frequency of sound. How else can I guarantee absolute accuracy of sound reproduction?
Well now you're just being silly... So silly it Hertz! :-D
Wow, Is this a special edition product? When looking at the UE website, I see only sell custom IEMs only.
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I asked UE before universal version can be ordered online too just mentioned you need universal fit at check out but only black color available
Thanks for the info, How much is it for direct purchase from UE?
I was just at the NYC CanJam hosted by Head-fi. I would never buy a high end IEM without hearing it first...Find a way to listen to them before you pull the $1000 trigger...


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That's the chocolate vs. vanilla ice cream argument. They're both equal and really boil down to whatever little nits you require. Yamaha tends to have better bluetooth, networking and app features so I tend to side with them over Denon and Onkyo. Also, YPAO and their customizable EQ is great. Their Aventage line is really value-packing for its price point.
About 10 years ago I was a Yamaha fan. Their recent offerings lack features that can be found on a Denon at the same price point. Denon and Marantz are sister companies. I would avoid Onkyo like the plague unless you need a cheap HTIB for the basement. (Too many issues for me). I still love Yamaha, i just don't want to pay $1200 for the basics.
Yo ! Vs Zeux or Kaiser Encore ?
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I'm looking for the best in classic and jazz music... Pop/rock if possible!
sorry late reply. I'd say go with the Zeus in that case. Noble iems are known to usually be more bassy and intimate and seem to please more of the hip-hop / pop / edm audience. they are also falling behind in the Iem game rn. Zeus (from what I read. I have little experience since I can't afford them but I can at least read them) will be more spacious, gritty and grungy for your rock music and also very accurate in timbre for your classical music. it's known to be a technical master. however if you can I'd contact one of the guys from EE and order something from their EP line, either the EVR, ESR or Phantom. they aim to be natural, accurate and reference iems but with improve clarity over their current line (will soon be called the legacy line) and bass as well. the phantom was a collaboration of EE with Flinkenick doing the tuning, it's their flagship in that new line