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Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro Universal Fit IEMs

Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro Universal Fit IEMs

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Got my shipping notification!

Received them today 6/8. Estimated ship date was June 26 so these actually shipped 3 weeks early. Aces!

I opted for the black faceplate version. On first inspection under light, I thought there were marks on the faceplate as I noticed very fine striations, barely noticeable, but this just looks to be a normal part of the 3d printing process; I'm just anal like that.
I love that these come with the Linum G2 SuperBax cable! I have the Linum G2 SuperBax MMCX Cable for my Westone UM Pro 30 IEM's, and it seriously takes them to a whole nother level IMO! I also have a Linum G2 Bax MMCX Cable, and it's also very impressive! But the SuperBax cable is the cat's meow and you definitely can't go wrong with it!!!!!!!

Do be aware there is no balanced cable compatible with this version of the UE line on the market yet. It feels way more durable than MMCX and UE previous 2pin
Curious how these compare to the previous generation UE 18+ with non-plus True Tone drivers. The linked Sound & Vision review is for the previous gen not the 3rd gen offered in this drop. The True Tone Plus drivers were only announced just a little over a month ago. I haven't been able to find any comparisons yet.

Also, wish there were more faceplate choices available.
When I asked about it when I was at UE HQ I was told it that it's just louder because musicians are going deaf :/
I love the walnut burl on my UE 18+. Really bummed other faceplate options weren't offered.
The pinnacle of non-electrostatic IEMs. It would be an opportunity to listen to these in length.
How about compared with Nobel k10
Yes, an objective in depth comparison comparing the two would be great.
Here's one: https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2014/11/22/flagship-custom-in-ear-monitors-from-noble-audio-ultimate-ears-and-jh-audio/ and another https://www.theverge.com/2016/7/28/12309948/noble-audio-k10-ultimate-ears-18-pro-in-ear-monitors-review.

In general, they're saying the Noble was preferred as it was just a smidgen better in detail and more dynamic. However, it's not night and day and will still really boil down to personal preference as you can't really go wrong with either.
What a huge ripoff.
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Why would you be crazy to use IEMs for long periods of time? They're discrete, isolate well and are very comfortable. I think you're projecting your preferences here, we use IEMs for hours and hours at our work for the isolation and we don't find them uncomfortable at all. For a lot of people. they're better than headphones since they don't mess up your hair.

You can use "mid-fi" closed backed headphones in the office but a lot of people don't see the justification to carry a pair around nor do they isolate as well as IEMs that seal properly. I'm not carrying a pair of closed backs *and* a pair of Etymotics whenever I go to work, the sort of "audiophile" that carries multiple pieces of audio hardware are not common.
Yup. Had to look again but it was in the Noble k10 thread just a couple months ago:

Uzuzu - "Iems cause me pain because my left ear was ruptured. I sparingly use a pair called the philips tx2, they're like 30 bucks otherwise I use some vintage earbuds, used to own westone um-p 3. I've demo'd 64's best and the shure 846, I know there is better but, difference wasn't worth it not even close. Right now I've been using the Monoprice Retro as an over-ear and they cost 18 dollars, 23 dollars shipped to my door. I put dampening in the housing and modded it to have a detachable cable for the cost of approximately 2 dollars. I'm enjoying it a lot more than my Ether Flow C's I happened to sell off and have used it almost exclusively for 2 weeks. It stomps on the 598cs, easily. I know that isn't IEM talk, but detail isn't everything or worth it, always.
I just happen to enjoy the music when it sounds good, not when it costs the most. IEMs hit the wall much quicker than headphones do.
Personally my favorite headphone I've heard is the Amiron, unrelated but I can't not mention that gem."

I dunno, I guess I can understand it from his perspective that if he has a physical issue that prevents him from using a certain piece of equipment. But all the hate and generalizations is what seems rather misguided to me. It would be easy to say, they're just not for me, but he constantly denigrates the item and users as if it's their shortcoming as well. That projection just rubs me the wrong way.
Nothing like these baby. I heard them one in a Convention change the way I tough what music was. Too bad I will never be able to afford a pair. But if you are lucky enough buy them!
Steal them for the love of music
I would accept donations lol. But I wouldn't steal them.
Any chance of getting custom version of this drop?
Probably not happening. IMO the uni shell is a little too big and long. The CIEM shell of it is much, much better (I'm using it right now as we speak), and it sits much more flush, and hecking comfy as well
I have UE 18+ custom. I wouldn't get these in universal. As a matter of fact, after I went custom, I don't want to go back to universal and deal with less than ideal fit and foam tips (silicone just doesn't cut it, especially when you're using a $1,200 a pair IEM?!) BUT I can say my 18+ is awesome. I have a pair of 90S (?) and that convinced me to go big. I love the UE sound. Natural, resolving, detailed. If you're bass head, look elsewhere, though. I think their new hybrid should give plenty of bass. I'm not really liking hybrids or dynamic drivers in IEMs.
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Well. I didn’t hear them that way. Thankfully my local UE dealer has all models as universals so essy to switch between them. I liked the UE11PRO the best. But again that is personal preference. They have the UE6 as universal now too. So I shall give it a try soon. i guess the one that comes closest for me to the UE11PRO from an enjoyment standpoint would be the Live.....
I also have UE11Pro and I like their bass. Also have JHA Roxanne customs with adjustable bass. And while Roxanne overall sounds better, I couldn't tune it to match UE11's bass - adjustable band is just too wide.