Ultimate Guard Flip'n'Tray 160+ (2-Pack)search

Ultimate Guard Flip'n'Tray 160+ (2-Pack)

Ultimate Guard Flip'n'Tray 160+ (2-Pack)

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Not sure if this one is worth it anymore. It’s 30.00 on amazon and you won’t have to pay for 2 day shipping. Just sayin.
Anyone wanna trade for a purple one? 😁
If you order the larger 200+ version, i am in.
this is not a deal anymore... these used to be 21$ and I even got it for less the 1st time It was sold in massdrop...

I can find the same box for 26 in other stores...
Any chance you guys can get these in the white black or grey options?
I want to know if they have black so Im tagging along
A few comments about this box...

1) Single sleeved EDH deck will fit in one side. Nothing more. If you have tokens, don't expect them to fit. I may get another smaller UG box for tokens for my commander decks. Kind of annoying, as noted by another poster, these will not fit more than 100 single sleeved on other side of the box.

2) Magnets are strong and the construction feels pretty sturdy overall. The Zenoskin material is the same as their 100+ boxes. I have high confidence that the finish will last a while in a backpack on the way to many EDH games.

When I have enough decks to justify it, I'll participate in this drop again, albeit with the promise that the vendor delivery / shipping will be a little better.
I personally put the tokens unsleeved in the middle tray which fits fine with room for my countdowns.
From personal experience mine that I got definitely cannot hold 160+ double sleeved, and is a very tight fit with 200 single sleeved.
well, mine hold 83 very tight double sleeved cards with dragon shield+KMC Perfect fit in each side (deck + side + token) and a few more cards if I double sleeve with UP Eclipse + KMC Perfect fit.
I'd love to order one of these, but I showed up too late and cant get it in black. Maybe next time
Can we get the Flip n Tray 200+ ? I can't be the only one playing Commander :P
Great price but horrid international shipping (1.5x the price!).

I remember I got this drop long ago for 26 including shipping... too bad was the 1st and last time they did it with low shipping cost...
I'd love to have the 200 one in stead. I have one already, and it's fantastic for commander + counters and tokens!
If it wasn't for the $7 shipping (1/3 the product price!) I'd buy multiples. Shipping costs on this drop are excessive.
Last drop of same item was free shipping. Did vendor take a bath on it last time?
Considering buying several for cheaper shipping, but each one beyond the first is still $6 shipping? Thats ridiculous
What does the "Redesigned" bit in the title mean? It looks just like all the other Flip'n'Tray boxes they have.
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But that's not a redesign, that's a new one. "Redesign" implies there was something seriously wrong with the first model.
the 1st model have a big problem with the no-detachable compartment... usually cards stuck there and was really hard to pull them out and sometimes it even damage them...