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Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Board Game

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Board Game

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Villagers Beware . . .

Stakes are high as flesh-hungry beasts run rampant among villagers in Ultimate Werewolf. A game for up to 16, it allots players secret roles, who are then asked to find the werewolves among them by deducing their actions. In this version, your immediate actions affect future gameplay: If you gain a special power or team up with another player, you can carry over those ties to the next time you play. The players aren’t the only thing that change over time, either. The village itself will change based on the outcomes of the previous game—so you can play the same campaign over and over with different sets of rules and outcomes. Guiding the game forward is the 80-page diary, which is structured with five distinct chapters with three game sessions in each. Play one session at a time, or knock out a whole chapter in a night: It’s up to you to choose your fate in this overrun village.

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  • Designed by Ted Alspach and Rob Daviau
  • Artwork by Stephanie Gustafsson
  • Players: 9–16
  • Game time: 60 minutes
  • Recommended for ages 14 and up


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