Ultra Pro Matte Eclipse Sleeves (6-Pack)search

Ultra Pro Matte Eclipse Sleeves (6-Pack)

Ultra Pro Matte Eclipse Sleeves (6-Pack)


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Colors I want already sold out. :/ Think I'll hold out until the 100 ct packs are here.
You can get these for 5.99 each on coolstuffinc. What is the point of this drop?
Shipping will make it more expensive there than this drop.

Thought they have 100 ct. packs, a bigger selection of colors, and I guess you don't have to wait until the end of May to get it shipped.
Just a word of warning to everyone. I loved the Eclipse sleeves until recently when I found they have been splitting at the top corners at a high rate. I have now switched back to Dragon Shields exclusively. The original Eclipse sleeves were great. New ones are much worse.
No red or green this time around unfortunately, but it's still a better price than I can find anywhere else, even with shipping.
I did the drop bc i was saving almost 2.50 (after tax) my only issue was i wanted all black for my cube but 1 of the 6 choices was sold out of black, and the rest had it which was weird . That being said the baby blue are sweet as hell anyway.
this was almost a good deal... but the shipping cost totally destroy it (if you're not in the US)...
I wanted to pick this up since it would have worked well with the battle box im doing but since there are only 5 colors to choose from I think ill pass. This means ill have to double up a color and since im only saving about 1 buck a back vs my lgs Id rather just get it from there.
gotta agree with hulsville. I would have picked up this drop but there isn't any orange or green.
This is a pretty good deal, but no green, orange, pink, or dark blue? What's up with that?
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