Ultra Pro Pro-Matte Sleeves (6 x 50-Pack)search

Ultra Pro Pro-Matte Sleeves (6 x 50-Pack)

Ultra Pro Pro-Matte Sleeves (6 x 50-Pack)

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This is overpriced, should not even be on here. Thier official site sells these for way less.

its currently at $6.54 for 100pcs, comes out as USD 21.15 for 300 sleeves with tax and shipping.

I don't recommend purchasing these - the price point is far above what you should be aiming for with these sleeves (~3 cents per sleeve) even at the lower price. If you're in the US, there are distributors who can get you wholesale or near-wholesale pricing, and these sleeves are also subject to manufacturing defects that make sets of larger than 50 (60, 75, 100, etc.) unsuitable for tournament play.
UltraPro sleeves are pretty terrible, do yourself a favor and buy Dragon Mattes.
I really think this depends on the batch you get. I've had friends who have them split almost immediately; myself, I have had nothing but good experience with these, and I have a ton of these, and most of them are YEARS old and seen a ton of play.

That being said, on Amazon right now, they have 600 (instead of 300) sleeves for $10 more with free shipping (for U.S. anyway)...
I love Pro Matte's... they're the perfect combo of cheap and good.

Eclipse are better (be aware of the old versions ruining the backs of cards with the black back, the new version don't do this)
Dragon Shields are almost the best, but they start getting sticky after shuffling a lot, whereas the Eclipse maintain the smooth shuffle after heavy use.

For tournament decks, I use Eclipse or Dragonshields. For everything else (casual play, etc) I just use these Pro Mattes.
As far as split sleeves, I've used the crap out of mine and maybe only have 1-2 over the past year that split. I have 100's in all colors across many various games (MTG, Starwars Destiny, Munchkin CCG, board games with cards that get handled a lot, etc).

Also, these Pro Matte 50 packs are $3.49 at CoolStuff, only $6 flat rate shipping under $100... makes 6 of these packs $27 total shipped in the US.
Cheaper on Amazon with free shipping.
Not in Canada
Unless something has changed drastically in the past year, these are the worst sleeves I've ever used. Some of them even split after just a few rounds of shuffling on the same day I got them. I bought them because I was sleeving quite a few cards, and immediately switched to a different brand after they ran out and have been slowly replacing the Ultra Pros.

I don't want to plug the other brand I use because I don't think that's fair in this forum, and there are also other new brands out that I haven't tried. I will say that matte sleeves are the way to go, regardless, just for how well they shuffle. If these work for you then that's great, just sharing what I dealt with - split sleeves almost immediately.

Edit: The Ultra Pro Eclipse line appears to be pretty solid, and *far* superior to these which appear to be their bottom tier sleeves. I can't speak to the Eclipses as I haven't used them.
Yeah I have these and I have a bunch of split sleeves now but they typically do the job and they're cheap enough
These are also the old version of their basic sleeves, so the silver symbol at the bottom is opaque, which arguably makes it uglier.
Literally not any savings when you can get 600 on Amazon for 30 shipped prime.
I should have looked at the estimate ship date. One month is a long time to wait for 12 packs of sleeves :(

Estimated ship date is June 20, 2017.
More and more I'm finding that ordering through Massdrop is just not worth the wait. I'd rather pay 5 more dollars and get my products before I die of old age.
Right . It wasn't critical or anything, just seems like a bad policy for something like this. (An existing product that's just putting 12 packs in an envelope). I understand the time for extra labor if this was a pre-order/Kickstarter or if this was a custom grab bag but this wasn't anything special.

I wish these dates were more visible at checkout. At least I got a shipping label today, maybe I'll get it shipped soon.
Are these sleeves specifically sized for Magic cards or can we use them for other tcg sets like Yugioh or Pokemon?
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Thank you for the info.
They work for my Pokemon cards
Ultra Pro Eclipse or nothing.
These (Pro Matte's) are excellent sleeves (all I buy)... except when I got my hands on a pack of Eclipse... now those are the only ones I'll buy.

Good price too! $41 at my LGS