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Uncommon Carry Transformer Toothpick Crossbow

Uncommon Carry Transformer Toothpick Crossbow

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Just a warning: almost every drop from this company has been shit. Missing parts and inaccurate descriptions are a common theme. Customer service is completely unresponsive. Buy at your own risk.
The description has two inaccuracies in it: the grips are cheap plastic, not wood; and it does not come with any extra parts.

Mine was actually missing a single screw for the grip.

Besides these three disappointments, the crossbow is pretty solid and fires cotton swabs or toothpicks pretty far.
I got mine just now. It looks quite just enough for my expectation. Building quality is not perfect but not that bad either. Transluscent acryl parts are OK, but I am a bit afraid it can be not so durable if you drop it on a hard surface. The grip would be perfect if it is made of real wood... but fine DIY tunig will be fun for this steampunk bow :-) Trajectory speed is fater than I expected. Longer arrow like a long q-tip flies better FYI
This one really disappointed me. A lot of the parts are made to look like metal, but they are actually plastic. Mine was missing an acorn nut. The package didn't come with any instructions, or even a packing slip.

Also, why doesn't it come with any toothpicks!? This is maddening! It sat on my shelf for a week before I happened to order a sandwich that came with toothpicks.
I'm hesitant to buy anymore of these. The one I bought cant fit anything in it to fire. Have they been improved recently?
I'm not sure about the other models you may have, but the top piece on this one is adjustable. You can lift it upwards to fit pretty much anything and press it down to hold it. Also, I found the toothpicks with the flat backs work best.
These designs keep getting more and more absurd. Can't wait to see what they come up with next. :P
This little beast is awesome! I've been using 5" skewers and qtips dipped in alcohol - awesome!
Aim is pitiful with toothpicks, but the larger skewers are dead straight.

I also did not get any additional hardware or spare parts, but am still quite satisfied.

What are you all shooting with?
Received this today. Like it, but it didn't include any extra hardware as described. I previously purchased the bowman toothpick crossbow, which did include extras.
I received mine today. It looks very nice and works well.

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Did you get any extra hardware? I did not.
No extra hardware here either.
so how do i get one? did they sell out or something?
When did mass drop get flooded with prudes? Can't wait for mine!
I'll say it if nobody else will. This is just plain wrong Massdrop! "Common Sense" dictates this ad & offering be pulled.
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Ok, I'm sorry. It's obviously wrong to threaten anyone in any circumstance especially a workplace. And it's reckless to advertise an item to be used to shoot people at your office. Fair.
From my very first post I've only been trying to say you may be overestimating the power of this crossbow. I got in on a previous drop, the one that holds multiple picks, it doesn't pierce cardboard from 2 feet away. If you want to hurt someone with this you need to shoot them point blank in the eye, and even then they likely wont go blind. It'll be equivalent to shooting someone in the eye at point blank with a nerf gun. Unpleasant, but, not lethal.
Pulled? Dude, they sell knifes on this site...
To dangerous for my 12 year old kid?
I'd say probably less dangerous than a BB gun, but similar enough perhaps. Do you trust your kid with a BB gun? It all depends on how responsible you think your kid is and how well you can teach them "gun" safety. If you give it to them I'd make it very clear that they are not to shoot people or animals with it under any circumstances and that it is dangerous but you trust them because they are responsible. Then make a big deal of teaching them the four rules of gun safety (just treat it like a gun as far as safety goes). They should also probably be taught not to dry fire it. In a normal bow or crossbow this can cause damage. If they want to uncock it, they should either load it and fire at a target or pull the string up and ease it forward slowly. It should also not be stored loaded or cocked or it could weaken the bow.