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Hi guys. was wondering if there was a way to change the type of switches my order was placed with. From mx browns to blue
V60 Type R with MQC switches and blank vintage beige pbt key caps is my endgame
Dang, only the clicky BOX switches. Would've liked just regular tactile, but nice options nonetheless.
Nice to see KBP giving new options.

KBP provide Kailh Box Pale Blue and Box White Switch optional at list.
For the firmware update it is not even properly uploaded (left and e off the exe) but it is for the type R and not the Plus. The one they uploaded will change the lighting. this is their link to the proper firmware. For the plus this is its link :
Good day everyone! I would like to verify one thing: Is there no option of "Cherry MX Blue and Blue+Red LED" for the current drop only OR has it always been this way? I have been eyeing this mech keyboard for a while now and I'm really saddened that the option I want isn't available :(
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You could get a Pok3r. I have the pok3r with MX Clears which, unfortunately, doesn't have the option for RGB but the other switch types do.
Would still like confirmation on whether or not this drop has always had these options or the options change per drop instance. As much as I appreciate the suggestion, I am not planning to get a Pok3r since I've been eyeing this specific keyboard for a long time now.
Wow, nice price compared to 111$ + shipping I've payed for V60 with Matias Clicky without any LED ligthing.
KBParadise V60 Mini - Olivette / MX Blue's / original box
I bought it for a cross-country LAN party due to its size and used a hand full of times. Message me or reply here:
Received my today and now typing this message with it. This baby is really hot, I am very satisfied <3 . Still w8ting for aluminum casing for it, though, should arrive in several weeks, yay!
Why isn't there any Gateron switch-based drops? I'm in love with Gateron Clear thx to massdrop, but I can't find the switch anymore!
Thanks! I thought Gateron is bankrupt or something. Looks like I can wait for another bigger-size keyboard drop with Gateron later. :)
Anywhere I can find shine through keycaps with the macros? Btw I'm on the clear switches, feels great
No, as far as I know you are either stuck with the stock keys or you could get a custom set through WASD (which I would not recommend). Frankly, once I learned to touch type I only ever referenced the keymap for specific keys every once in a while and basically never these days.
Getting in on this since it isn't possible to remap the Poker 3's ESC key, but the v60 has my preferred config (`/~) by default.

Game changer for 60%, I'm pumped.
Shipping to Brazil would be nice
use a mail forward service
Utilize o Shipito para enviar...