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19 suckers so far..
They're not suckers if they know what they're buying. I'm someone who knows full well that cables are insignificant to sound but if a cable is well made (as in won't wear out easily) I'll gladly fork over cash to have someone do the labor of making a cable for me. Edit: so maybe they are if the build quality is as bad as other commenters are saying

Last time I bought this cable for my Sennheiser HD600. Worse quality cable I ever seen. The soldering were broken within a week. Anyway the connectors they actually used were different from the ones on the pictures. They wanted to keep the connectors in place by putting a heat-shrink on them (LOL). Horrible quality. Actually useless because mostly noise comes from my cones. Obviously I would be able to fix it if I buy some new connectors and do the soldering myself but why should I do that with an expensive cable? If I would build this from scratch then it would cost $20-30 max, anyway...

I complained at Massdrop customer service. They refused my complaints because "there is no warranty on this product". (???) I don't even understand how can they sell anything without warranty. On the other hand warranty is covering unintentional problems arising randomly. But in my case they shipped a different product than I ordered. With no chance for proper functionality. That is not labelled with the term of warranty but rather fraud.

I also asked Massdrop to tell me the name of the producer of the cable. They refused to answer. They are saying that their contract disallowing them to tell the manufacturer's name. So the manufacturer knows the quality of the product and don't want to have a negative reputation.

Buy it only if you have too much money and you want some adventures.

On the more technical and less heated side... The cable is very heavy. It is inconvenient to wear. And your high-impedance headphone does not really require a very special cable. Braided, shielded, ultra low impedance cables are nice to have but not really affecting the sound quality. So such balanced cables are rather an optical tuning than anything else. Balanced cables (three-pole ones) have real advantages between pre-amps and power amplifiers. But four-pole headphone cables don't have noise cancelling effect at all. Invest this money to a bit better headphone or amplifier - much better off.

Unstripped, unbraided quad-core cable sautered to a nickel-plated Neutrik xlr.... not even sleeved, so with 4 wires, shielding and a rubber coat it's gonna be mega heavy. y split heatshrink... 90 dollars lmao post split not braided, at least it's sleeved hd650 connectors chinese Just so you know guys, taking a 4 core cable and making this is legitimately 20 minutes of work or less, with under 12 dollars of material per cable excluding the hd800 one (because those connectors cost a bit). You're paying for lazy and ugly work. For 90 dollars each of these cables and cores should be separately sleeved and braided, it's going to be massively heavy and it's going to be microphonic. Not to mention.... the nickel Neutrik connectors cost less than the black, gold ones that you actually want on there, more signs of cost-cutting though i'm sure they'll say it's for ascetic. And actual Darwin GG to whomever's wallet suffers this purchase
PET sleeve for the split OMG!! THE MICROPHONICS!!!!!! Looks so heavy too..
These look attractive enough but for $90-180 I'd expect a more sophisticated Y-split than ordinary heatshrink which is what a beginner DIY-er would do.
they don't look attractive at all.
Word to the wise: anyone considering this drop should absolutely, positively, read all of the comments below and click on every external LINK provided, before punching that BUY button. Also worth noting the curious absence of a Review Tab on this drop--coincidence?
Yeah, I can tell the build quality alone by looking at these cheap cables, scroll down and see for yourself you guys. This is highway robbery for the uninformed.
Thank you MD community for the excellent advice here. I’ll return the favor with more reviews in the future. Skipping this one. Massdrop absolutely should own vendor quality given the lack of warranty/replacement options that say Amazon provides, which make spending a bit more on Amazon better in the long run after a few big losses here. Luckily I haven’t had any expensive fails...just a way too-tiny belt, and some really shitty pairs of earbuds.
Anyone considering these - you should know that Van Damme Blue is *heavy*. I made a cable for my HE400is with it and while it performs great, you can feel the weight of the cable tugging on you when you have the cans on your head. Just something to bear in mind.

Would any of these cables work for the Emu Teak's?
What length ?
Remember folks, there is no warranty on this drop.......
How many core is this cable? and is it silver or copper? btw this company makes very high quality cable for low price:
Hey everyone - I emailed Massdrop and they said it looks like it’s the same manufacturer as last time - just wanted to relay that info...
Thanks for the update, buyer beware <<shudders>>. At least with the Veclan cables, most people weren't expecting much.
I think what happens here is some guy decided he could buy van damme cable and then make some headphone cables with them. I read another headphone cable thread on this site where the manufacturer (some guy) said he could only make so many cables at a time. I got the impression he was doing it out of his home. This site serves many kinds of manufacturers, some of whom are better then others. I wish massdrop did a better job of owning up to the problems that arise from time to time. Instead of a wall of silence. Transparency helps assure your customer base you care and are paying attention. Issues like this erode trust and cause people to leave, some immediately, some over time. I would point to the discoloration of the koss kph beige headphones, and the AKG M220 Pro. The photos posted by massdrop don't match what folks are receiving, colorwise.
I would say this is probably the same items, same manufacturer, but because the prices have changed, and the ordering options changed, they started a new listing/thread.
The previous VanDamme cables definitely looked like a DIY built in someone’s basement. I think what’s very misleading, is that Massdrop advertises products with photos that don’t remotely match the final product. I’d like to know who built the cables in the photos! Where’s that guy?
DON'T JOIN THIS DROP!!! I joined the last time, and it turned out a pure tragedy.
100 $ cables with shitty build quality ?
Thanks for the warning !
I like massdrop drops but not this one BUYER BEWARE of this cable company
My basic question is that do we have different sound quality between the full balanced headphone cable and the unbalanced cable with the adapter like this?

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the most common xlr connection is 3 pin for mics and speakers just sending 1 channel signal level. It's definitely still balanced and uses all 3 wires. Well 1 is ground if thats what you meant by unused.
In a three pin XLR, there are two hot lines and the third is the ground and it carries on channel. One hot wire carries the signal and the other carries a flipped version of the signal. At the end of the run, the inverted signal is flipped again and added to the original signal. Since any noise that is picked up along the run of the cable would be almost identical in the two hot wires, when the negative signal is flipped at the end the noise will mostly cancel out.
I just joined this drop to get 2 of these and have done so. To stay in the drop, I really need to know: 1. If they are manufactured by the same manufacturer as the prior drop discussed at 2. How the quality of cables in this drop differs from the others, i.e., what was done to address the complaints in the earlier drop for this drop? 3. What is the length of each cable 4. Are the XLR minis compatible with Audeze LCD series (e.g., LCD-X, and LCD-3)
FYI: the other headphone will be a Massdrop HD 650
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If I were you, I would buy the cable from eBay. The series number is 268-202-060, under $5 per meter. Connecters can all found in aliexpress, then finding someone to do the welding job, no way to cost you over $99.
@xx0x0 - Thanks, I'm out and no longer considering going back.
For a Senn 6XX set up, they’re $30 more than last time - maybe a diff manufacturer?
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Yeah but is it actually Van Damme finishing these cables, or is there someone else just using VanDamme cables and slapping these things together?
I assume it's them--can't imagine anyone wanting to use their name after the last fiasco. I suspect the category manager or vendor will jump on here soon to clear things up--I think they need to!
Is it just me, or does it look like about a thousand comments from the last Van Damme cable drop are missing from this one? Was that done intentionally? One hopes not, since most of us rely on the experiences of others when making a purchase decision for items we may not be familiar with.
This is especially concerning on this drop, because last time, these cables turned out to be wretched pieces of shite and most of them were retuned due to Van Damme's horrendous quality control problems. I know--I returned mine--and I uploaded photos of the problems I found with them, as did others, and I ain't see'n 'em now!
So, while these may not be the exact cables as last drop, it still sounds like it's the exact same manufacturer.
Buyer beware!
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@RayF - I appreciate your "awakening". Thanks.
Your welcome; but don't tell anyone you heard it from me!
Sure would like to know the length.
After reading the description all I could surmise was that they're 2.5mm. LOL
Oy, these things are back? The previous run from earlier this year had terrible workmanship, There were many complaints about them not working and the photos misrepresented what was actually received.
Is this new run going to be better?
Specifying the length would be useful.
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No... this IS Mass Drop! Sadly.
Very sad--seems the folks who are responsible for writing the copy and the specs aren't familiar with, or users of, the products they're trying to sell us. I've made the point many times but I don't see much progress being made. The most expedient solution is to find the stuff on an alternate site and see what they've put together. You'd think MD would have at least learned that trick by now--coppying off their neighbors work--christ, didn't any of 'em ever take a science class?!
Would these fit TRX00?