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This 2.0 frame is bomber. I broke two of the TiArc versions. I married a rucksack to this frame and suspension. It rides like a dream. I've carried it over 1,000 miles Northbound this year from Springer to Harpers Ferry. I'm flipping to Maine for the remaining 1200 AT miles, wouldn't trade my pack for any other. My pack weight is 30-40 pounds depending upon food/water. I fell hard last week, the frame developed a small kink but is strong as ever; I'm even more confident in its longevity now. I've had to reinforce the back/ bottom of the waist belt from abrasions at 750 miles. Broke a load lifter strap at about 300 miles. Just broke the sternum buckle. Again, wouldn't trade this setup for any other.
What is the maximum weight that can be comfortably carried on this frame,? Maybe I missed it, my biggest issue with the original was the low weight limit.
My request is specifically being thrown in for the AR2. Massdrop make sure Vargo allows you to sell at LEAST a dozen this time?!
What’s up with the pack cover option? I requested it along with the pack (AR-2) but didn’t see an upcharge.
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A few days ago. Normally, when you add stuff onto your order, the additional charges / options are shown.
I was not charged for it, but did select it and it was in my cart. Hope it is in the box with the backpack when we all receive our packs.
11 purchased and already no AR2 packs left? Would've gotten one...guess I'll have to wait until the next drop?
Any women have this pack? If so, what's the fit like? Seriously thinking about buying the AR2.
I have some more pictures of the AR2 and additional thoughts over on my website.

And here are some pictures of the "BOG", with all of the different pieces:

Hopefully they can help answer some of the questions that some of you have!
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Awesome, good to know. Thanks for sharing! Not let's see how I justify this $240 credit purchase to myself...

(FYI: I feel like the Atmos AG didn't fit me the same way kinda -- it just felt... off. Like it doesn't sit close enough to your lower back or something. I felt like I was carrying all the weight on my shoulders and that the hip belt was kind of the same. I've never considered that I might not have hips, so who knows. It was funny cause when I put it on empty originally I thought it felt great. Loading it out later when I was prepping for my next trip is when I discovered my incompatibility with it

I know my Kelty Trekker 65 fits me great, and the Osprey Exos 38 also fits me pretty darn well. I think it's just the AG system. I read a lot more accounts of people saying it just doesn't fit everyone well, which is understandable. I just wish I had discovered that before I dropped $125 on a season-end clearance deal that was an impulse buy.)
Osprey didn't change the 65 as much as they did the 50, you should be able to get most off your $ back.
A slightly more thorough description of the BOG's removable dry bag, and its potential uses/advantages: "The ExoTi™ BOG aims at increasing pack versatility while also simplifying overall pack design. A removable 40 liter roll top dry bag provides plenty of pack space and protection from the elements while also being able to serve as a bear bag, emergency lower leg bivy, pillow, etc. By separating from the frame, the ExoTi™ BOG makes it easier to haul gear inside a shelter without the need to bring in the frame as well. The cradle in which the dry bag sits has dual water bottle pockets and a large front mesh pocket for additional gear storage and has room to store wet gear for added protection."

I own the original Ti-Arc, this is the most comfortable pack I have ever had. I have owned an external frame REI (old school) and Carson 90. Also, Osprey Atmos AG 50 and AG 65, Exos 48, Stratos 50, Talon 44 and Kestrel 48. Loved the Atmos AGs but I have no hips and the packs kept slipping down on me putting too much pressure on my shoulders (gave the 65 to my son and the 50 to my son-in-law). The lumbar plate makes it for me. Pack stays put on my waist and my right shoulder (with a slight labrum tear) is happy. I like the space under the pack to connect my BV500 (fits perfect between the two vertical rails, almost as if Vargo spaced them out like this on purpose). Looked at the REI Flash 65 that also has a generous lumbar pad but ended up buying the Ti-Arc for the lower weight and ability to strap things to the external frame. I'm going to pull the trigger on the AR2 for the extra features. Hope the minimum qouta is met. BTW this is an excellent price for these packs and as an owner of the original and avid back packer you won't be disappointed with the comfort and quality. I really don't have an axe to grind, if this drop fails i'll pick it up somewhere else later. I just wanted to get my view out there since there are alot of folks that poo poo external frame packs and in some cases without acually owing one. This pack worked for me. Thanks.
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Yeah this pack looks really nifty. Sad thing I just bought a Gregory Zulu 55 :(
I bought an Atmos 65 AG, and when I first got it I went "wow! this is really comfortable". However, when I fully loaded it out to try and take it on my last trip, it just felt.. off. I couldn't seem to make it fit me well. I ended up using the Exos 38 again. So now I have this Atmos that I'm afraid I just need to sell one day, lol. I really love the frame on my Trekker, so this is tempting. However... $230 is something I don't need to spend!
It would be really helpful to see what the BOG looks like with the drybag detached. What exactly is the "cradle"?
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I have no desire to answer all those questions about the weight of every single little piece, and the other stuff, but here are some pictures of the BOG that I just took... not exactly the best quality, I realize that... I just snapped them with my iphone for you guys... I just, honestly, did not feel like setting up the lightbox at 1am. Hope you can understand. Good enough to see the different parts though.
Thanks a lot! Very very helpful! Have good night's rest!
What is that thing?
Guess we'll see them on clearance soon if this drop was any indication.