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Varmilo VA68M RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Varmilo VA68M RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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You know it's actually pretty ridiculous that this happened. I contacted a Varmilo rep months ago and they showed skepticism that Massdrop would be able to supply this item given that they did not have any aluminum cases of the shown color.

Is it really the case that Massdrop didn't even bother to contact Varmilo directly until now, when the drop was supposed to ship? If I could get the information as just a customer contacting Varmilo via email, surely Massdrop could have done more to ensure a successful drop.

Part of the reason I got on this drop is because of how hard it is to procure a va68m in a nice color and with switch options. I guess I should have trusted the rep and found a different source for my keyboard.
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I sent in a few support tickets to try to get MD to rectify the situation but I guess they have just decided to ignore me and continue being a garbage company.
I think I'm just gonna get a tada68 with Zealios from kbdfans.
I didn't want a refund. I would have waited longer. I finally was able to buy this keyboard. Feeling very let down and hoping this will become available again soon.
Mass drop just cancelled my order because it's on "backorder." Thanks for making me wait over two months for nothing. Don't think I'll ever purchase anything from Massdrop or Varmilo ever again.
The most annoying part is there were plenty of other boards I wanted available in drops but opted not to buy them because of this purchase
I'm pretty sure it's Massdrop's fault and not Varmilo's. I was told by a Varmilo rep the following:

"There is something wrong in Massdrop website. Because Varmilo as the manufacturer doesn't have any case for 60% keyboard. We don't think they have some."

I assumed there was something Massdrop knew that the rep (and I) didn't, or else of *course* they wouldn't run a drop for a product that doesn't exist... right?

Hey guys. I'm wondering how the shipping is for keyboards on massdrop. Would it ship early or late or what?
Not expecting it soon, just wondering.
Apparently they don't ship at all.
Does anyone have any experience/advice on how feasible it would be to program some media keys on this board? Varmilo offer an V87M Model (example that has dedicated keys on the function row. But the compact design of the 68M really appeals to me. Anyone know it would be possible to program media keys on a 68M? I've already seen the instructions linked previous below but couldn't see anything relevant. Thanks in advance!
Has anyone confirmed if this is a v1 or v2. Basically, is the case anodized aluminum or painted?

Also in the manual I see instructions for changing the backlight mode from breathing to "fix brightness" is this also how you change the backlight color pattern? I want to be able to set it to a fixed, plain white backlight or solid color backlight. Is that possible with this keyboard and if so, how?
Ok, I see the directions for the color settings in the manual. Still curious about the anodized vs painted case.
I purchased like 3 months ago a VA88M Greenery 2 and he is awsome. If you're curious about that brand hell yeah go for it such a great keyboard.
I just won't purchase it because i already have a varmilo keyboard + it has almost the same layout that the FC660C has that i want to purchase. And btw if you want an ISO, email varmilo and they can build you an ISO keyboard for no extra cost like they did for me, but you won't get the discount from massdrop in this case o/
HF guys ~
Does this keyboard have switches to change the keys?
e.g. caps lock -> control
control -> function
alt -> super (and vice versa)
and so on?

Does not seem like it has dip switches, but you can change some parts of it
this is my first mechanical keyboard and I do not know how to solder. Do we need to build it by ourselves?
I bought this keyboard during the last drop, it looks and feels pretty fookin great. However, if you're purchasing this expecting the RGB leds to be completely dazzling, you might wanna look elsewhere. The backlighting is not very strong compared to some other keyboards I own (Pok3r RGB, K-Type, Whitefox). With that said, the keeb is overall amazing. The stabilizers are especially incredible. They don't rattle at all..
I just bought a different board that has a split spacebar. If this had a split spacebar I would have jumped on this ages ago. this is hands down the most beautiful keeb for me. Not sure why but I'm always drawn to the aesthetics of this.
Z70 Pro?

This puppy. I got the ISO 2.0/2.25 split.