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Victorinox Chrono Classic Quartz Watch

Victorinox Chrono Classic Quartz Watch

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What's the expected shipping time to Australia?

DHL tracking says it has been in Frankfurt, Germany for 1 week "processed at transit facility"
It arrived today (11 July) after being shipped 25 June.
... but ... no blue face?
Best swiss chrono on the market under 200. Construction, quality, and bracelet are top notch
Bought on last drop for $199. How do I get $30 price difference
Anyone know if I can get refunded on the price difference? I joined the previous drop but am not too pleased this is $30 cheaper only a month later.
Is it really made in swiss ?
Just received mine, the chronograph second hand is not centered, that's a serious QC problem. Vendor did not check watches before shipping or is using MD to clear unsaleable stock.
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An online search will show you how to center the Chrono second hand. It's a common issue. Give it a go and get back to us!
That's what I did, I even gave the procedure in the comment above.
" Additional Design Elements: Lumed Arabic numerals mark the hour positions, save for the 2 and 10 o’clock positions, which are marked by luminous pips. "

This doesn't seem to agree with the photo in the description. Exactly which watch is this a drop for?
Oh now they added 1 year MD warranty gz
Got mine yesterday weary satisfied
Here are some pics
241656 | Gray Dial, Stainless Steel Bracelet

I also have 241493 form couple years ago and weary satisfied with Victorinox. For watches and pocket knifes I go to them.
Watch just arrived. Looks good! Very Happy!!
Beautiful, I would take one, but, thirty minute timer isn't practical, need longer.
Chrono on watches isn't practical in general...
Thinking of joining this drop for the gray with black strap. Anyone currently have one from the previous drop and willing to show some real world pics? I'm really curious about what shade the gray is.
Really, no warranty?!...
Does the large second hand activate with the stop watch, and the small subdial runs all the time? I really want a Chrono watch, but I can't wrap my head around why they all seem to be made this way.
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Get a chronograph with a VD53 movement. It’s a Japanese Movement but it has a big second hand and small chrono hand.
All the chronos I have function this way.