Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef's Knifesearch

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef's Knife

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I'd recommend the CKTG 210mm gyuto for $30 over this if you want a sharp general purpose chef knife. Better steel than the victorinox. The fibrox has that thick molded handle right next to the blade that makes it difficult to sharpen at a shallow angle. That being said, I have far more expensive knives with elite steels but still keep one of these victorinox around as a beater knife for chopping through chicken bones and hard squash, melons, gourds, etc. Higher end steels are typically more brittle and will chip during such a task, so you want a beater knife for that type of abuse.
Check Amazon Prime; better price, assuming free shipping on Amazon.
Is there any difference betw this and the Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8 inch Chef Knife? I see this knife selling for more.
There's only one Fibrox line, so Fibrox and 'Fibrox Pro' are just two different names for the same knives. As long as the other knives you've seen are also the same blade height, the knives will be the same although the packaging may differ.
Here is the problem I see with this offer. Beyond price--and it beats Amazon's price for the identical knife on Amazon at this moment by only 50 cents--is something no one's mentioning: Delivery time frame, and most importantly, the fact that Massdrop buys are final sale, no returns. For the 50-cent premium on Amazon, I get free two-day Prime delivery and return privileges. That makes it a better deal.

IMO, when Massdrop is offering something readily available elsewhere, it really has to offset the long delivery time frame and failure to meet current standards in post-sale service (i.e., accepting returns) by having spectacular, legitimate discounts.
Currently $44.99 on Amazon.
I've owned one of these for 7 years and it continues to serve me well even though I have more expensive knives in the block. I especially use this for tasks involving bones, such as splitting chickens, when I might not want to subject my other knives with thinner edge profiles to that task. It balances well in the hand and the textured fibrox handle provides nice grip even with oils or animal fat on my hands. Current price is the same as what I paid 7 years ago on another website, so the lack of inflation adjustments means it's an even better buy today. I'm struggling to think of a better first/only chef's knife for a beginner that isn't significantly more expensive. Many people who are more experienced (or more moneyed) still keep these around, which I think speaks well of their quality and durability.
Everyone should try this knife once — it’s a great knife for a low price. I’ve since moved on to Global but still use this as a second knife or a loaner and it still holds up over a decade later.
I got this knife for Christmas. It's simply amazing. It holds and edge great. Is very well blanaxed. And so easy to use. Atthis cost it's a steal. I highly recommend it.
Same price as Amazon Prime, no point in dealing with a Massdrop drop for it. $3 cheaper than non-prime.
Just checked as well and it periodically dips to this price on Amazon. Agreed no point in going through Massdrop if you have prime.
I really don't like posts like the one I'm about to write but i'm starting to wonder if is watching Massdrop. They now have this knife for the same price with free shipping, and obviously no waiting, but before this drop their price was the regular $44.99. This is the 3rd product I've noticed this with now. It makes it almost impossible to justify buying anything here anymore unless it's Massdrop made.
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For a time, then like local hardware stores, and butchers the big box store comes to town puts them out of business then choice goes down, and price goes back up. Don't believe for a second they are in it to give you a good deal.
The Amazon price on a *lot* of products bounces around pretty continually. You can view some price history on CamelCamelCamel ( This knife has dropped down to $30 at least half a dozen times just in 2018.
Everyone who cooks should own this knife.
These knives are DOPE AF. This was the first Victorinox (also called Forschner) Fibrox handled knife I got and it's been my main workhorse in the kitchen. I've since filled out my collection of their knives with a slicing knife, pairing knives (not Fibrox sadly), a utility knife and a filleting knife.

These knives are sharp as hell and the handle has great grip dry or wet and is comfortable while doing it. Sure they don't have the flash of a Shun or Wusthof but they cut great and you won't be a sad sack if something happens to it.

I would get this knife if you like to cook or want to start cooking, even if you already have a chef's knife as it will either be better than the knife you have or be an inexpensive backup to your fancy knife.
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