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Howdy folks,

This is a pretty exciting drop for us. A few weeks ago, we created a poll for 'Top Kitchen Knives Under $150' and the Victorinox 8-inch Chef Knife won handily. Our buying team was able to source the entire series to make it available now. We want to give a big thanks to everyone who voted in the poll, and to all that have joined the discussion about it to make it happen.

It's always in our interest to bring in products that the community wants, and we often use polls to let us know what products those are. So if you see a poll that's gaining traction, make sure to vote. We were able to make it available during our Kitchen Knives Discussion going on in the Cooking community right now so make sure to hop in and check it out.
(Check out the Talk Post & related poll here:

Thanks again and happy cooking!
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I respect your honesty. If you end up getting this somewhere else let me know. Or even if you end up getting different knives feel free to share what you end up doing. đź‘Ť
It looks like the shipping only adds on the first two knives, if you're buying a set or going in with someone else, it may still be worth it.
Bought this knife (8" Chef) elsewhere (as I've mentioned elsewhere) and after using for a week or so, I now know precisely who this knife was created for: people who like to sharpen their knives--a lot!

This thing holds it's edge like a Daniel Steele romance novel holds my attention (as in: not at all). Great knife otherwise, and as the guy in video suggests, it's definitely a beater!
If you want a Victorinox paring knife but also want the Fibrox handle instead of the smooth plastic they normally have, check out their 4" Rabbit knife. It's short enough to use as a paring knife and I like the Fibrox when your hands get messy or wet.

Ooooo thank you for this, I just ordered some Victorinox knives a couple weeks ago and didn't see this! May add it or return the paring knife. Thanks again!
Why no international shipping again?
Got my 7” Santoku today and it’s diferent from the pictures and the other Victoriox knives I have.
Don’t come with the bird logo engraved and the NSF seal’s missing! Total Bummer
Ordered from France. Never received it. Everybody is blaming other people for it.
I have the 8’ chef knife and I love it!
should've bought a broad sword
Don’t poke the bear!
This is about the price I got for an international model 8" chef knife off ebay a year ago, only I didn't pay $6USD for tax and shipping.
Seems like a solid workhorse, although I gave it as a gift. Good value. I wouldn't throw away that $6 though.
I want it to deliver in India. Can I?
Just a note, if you've got a good stone, like a King 1k/6k and steady hand to sharpen these, or a guided sharpening system, a 20 degree edge on the chef's knife is definitely a sweet spot for the steel.
agrees that 19-20 degree preside is good for 4110 type steel. This steel is way too soft to take a good edge. Get it beyond 15 degrees and it just rolls. but it does NOT chip so it's great for cutting hard squash, separating lobster, etc. A preety good knife for a barbque or a picnic!

If you get a chance you should try a wusthof pro. Better steel, better ergonomics, better handle material. MUCH better knife and LESS money. Less likely to be stolen at a pot luck because of that stupid Americas test Kitchen video!
And of course getting better steel or forged knives is better, but a fiberox makes a GREAT "beater" knife
Yeah I had it at 17 degrees for a month before backing off to 20 degrees. Just degraded too quick, but the 20 is keeping. And yeah, not a chip in sight.
For once, I am not disapointed about the lack of international shipping. We can buy these at any Migros supermarket here in Switzerland ;)
sorry, but you can get these knives on Amazon for the same price or cheaper, and get it faster with Prime shipping.
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Except prices on Amazon are constantly variable and I'm sure by the time this drop ends and knives are in people's hands, this knife will have been available at a more reasonable price quite often. $43 is highway robbery for this knife, honestly $30 is a stretch, I'm sure its an inventory issue.
Fair point.