Violet Nights PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

Violet Nights PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Violet Nights PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

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please have Nordic layout
Just for reference, the drop on this for 11 Sept 2017 arrived to me in Australia on 21 Oct 2017! Hope everyone got their beautiful keycaps~ The feel of the caps is slightly matte and the image does have a slight blurriness to it.
can u add Vietnam in so i can buy it?
What keyboard is this?
No shinethrough...
Totally interested until I saw the F-row! Now I'm on the fence espes without backlit...
I ended up getting the blanks to get away from the F-Row. Also my keyboards LEDs do show through the keycap a fair bit.
This is a neat color scheme, but its too bad there isn't a shine-through/RGB compliant version available? For those without backlit keyboards its neat, but it would be nice to have a version meant for those with backlighting as well. Looking at the site there seems to be a ton of nice looking keycaps there, but if they just added a shine-through legends version to their other options I'd definitely be buying a few of them.
I'm the first user of massdrop. I'm very disappointed. I do not speak English well but I want my anger to be delivered. The Shift keys, Enter key, and Space key are loosely pulled out. Are you kidding me now? I am really surprised that you thought of selling this. I respect you. It is loose even when I put two sheet of Scotch tape on it. But the big problem is that I bought another product from the same manufacturer.
You should be contacting Pheilcia, the maker of the caps. Massdrop does not control the quality or production.
Mine just arrived today so I'll pick them up from my friend's house and see how they are on my keyboard. Edit: Caps fit perfectly and look great. Sadly the blue back light on my keyboard drowns out the colour when the lights are turned off so there is no cool backlit effect on the keys for me since I can't see the pattern
what's going on??
I got this mail.....
Drop status update.
Hi there. We are reaching out to let you know that although this shipment has made it to our warehouse, it has been brought to our attention that a large number of keycap sets sustained significant water damage in transit. Unfortunately, your order is one of those that arrived at the warehouse in unsellable condition. As replacement units would take several months to produce and ship, we have made the difficult decision to cancel and refund your order in-full. You can expect to see your full refund reflected on your payment method in the next 2-3 business days. We understand that this experience is not ideal and we take these matters seriously. As a token of our apologies, we have added a $10 Massdrop coupon to your account that will automatically apply as a discount the next time you join a drop. Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions or concerns.
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The Violet Nights is not the same color scheme as Violet Cloud.
I swear to god I read that as 'Violent Nights' and I was like '...whaaaa?' :D
Would this keycap set fit Ajazz AK33 keyboard? I purchased milky way @ first but my shipment got water damaged q-q . I fux with this Violet Night tho
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Does that mean, the main typing keys ?
yes, your main typing area.
Why can't shit like this be in ISO. Come on, its like 2 more molds.
I'm curious how you arrange the blank keycaps, is there any indication of where they should be placed? Or does lining up caps of the same profile not affect the intended design?
You'd have to be careful when unboxing them because they'd come in the right "order" so when you install the keycaps, the picture looks right. But if you don't really care if the picture looks right, then you could totally use any key cap for any key (that are the same size of course).
EDIT: Without knowing the right "positions" of the keycaps, it'd be like doing a complex puzzle picture ;D
Thanks! I'm still debating if I'm capable of opening keysets without completely ruining the original order intended.
If they did these so they didn't light up but had clear legends in doubleshot I would jump on them in a heartbeat. Please do ;-)
I'm waiting for Milkyway Keycap again... :( It doesn't sell on This seems almost likely Milkyway. But, Some of a bit difference.
The Milkyway keycap set that dropped here is called Galaxy A on Pheilcia :)
Hi, I'm not familiar to the mechanical keyboard so kind of need some advice about this key cap, I'm using Ducky Premier, and I want to buy this for my keyboard, but I don't know what profile my keyboard is, what profile should I order this?
I could be wrong, but Ducky generally uses OEM profile. OEM profile is taller than Cherry profile. Profile is only really an issue if you're mixing different keycap sets on one board and want everything to look even.
Thanks, you're right. I checked it and it should be OEM.
I am considering using these on my black keyboard. Here's a quick Photoshop of what it would look like, in case anyone else was wondering.
Looks better on white imo
im seartching for a very clean design full size keyboard. i really like the one they use in this example... whats the name of this model?
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Ah fair enough then. Good luck! ;P
Same. The one they use in their older images is Filco, but I don't know about this one and the Filco's aren't as clean.
Are these translucent? The last picture looks like it is but I'm not sure. Thinking about putting it on my Ducky Shine 6
How do these look in real life? Could you guys post pics of your Pheilicia caps?
Would these fit on a Pok3r keyboard?
wow these are nice! But it appears no one has extra info on these... And the F keys and lower modifiers are... Well. They're something else.
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I wish I knew too.... I wish I knew too...
It's... seriously so... I don't even have words for it.
I just realized F7 is Fandango. Still can't make any sense of the fractions though.
This keycap set is beautiful
I currently have a Razer Blackwidow X Tournament edition Chroma (not by choice, spilled coffee on my ducky a while back). Would this set fit well on that board? I wasn't sure how cherry caps would work on a board with Razer switches
The problem would not be with the switches as Razer switches are Cherry MX clones but Razer keyboards have a non-standard bottom row.
"Would this set fit well on that board?" Yes, supported in this set and almost every other replacement keycap set out there. The Blackwidow X TE Chroma has a Standard keyboard layout.
"I wasn't sure how cherry caps would work on a board with Razer switches" Razer switches are just like any other Cherry MX clone out there. Keycap compatibility won't have any problems with it because it has an MX stem. Cherry profile or any other keycap profile with an MX stem will be compatible. Do go through this:

@semsara Correct, but the X TE has a standard layout and it is the only keyboard in Razer's product line to spec a standard layout.
Im kind of torn over choosing the Galax C kaps after seeing these
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It depends on the look you are going for I guess. I picked the violet nights caps over the galaxy c because the I wanted a more "stargazing" look rather than an "outer space" look. This might not help you make a pick, but whichever one you choose just know they are going to look amazing.
i know other people don't really like the font but honestly it seems good to me. the one part i downright hate is the lettering on tne F keys row at the top. what the hell is all this bussiness with the 1/2 and 3/4 and shite
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I contacted Pheilcia about the F keys and font and this was their response: "There letters are design by our designer by DIN cond. We made an interest check in some forums. Most of the members like this one. I've told our designer about this, She said it's tought to change this letters. Because is will destory the layout. Really sorry for that. But there are three choices in printing . I recommend you choose the blank which looks much better on backlight. "
Im guessing they mean DIN condensed, but i don't understand what that has to do with 1/2 and ¾ ...
Pics of cherry profile?
I looked through all the photos and they seem like OEM profile. Cherry profile keys don't have the "skirt" of vertical wall at the base of the keycap and have an overall sharper shape.
You're right. I was mainly going by the side angle and seeing the shortness, forgot to take in account of the bezel of the case adjusted to avoid confusion.
That font choice is just tragic :(
Agreed, won't be buying. Been waiting for a 'galaxy' dysesub set that I liked the image of but the font kills it.
Congrats MD for another starry nights set option and for showing the caps underside. And with the LEDs on. Fantastic!
Sadly you know me. What happened to Breaking out the bubbly? So.. Can you please take a quick shot of the caps with LEDs on in the dark? This would help tremendously.

Thank you! Especially on a Friday.

a BrainF easteregg
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Why am I still awake? Waiting for those pictures. JOKE