Viotek 32" 1800R Curved 1440p 144hz Gaming Monitorsearch

Viotek 32" 1800R Curved 1440p 144hz Gaming Monitor

Viotek 32" 1800R Curved 1440p 144hz Gaming Monitor

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I was looking at this to use with a N 1080.
I have looked a lot at 35 UW and 32 monitors and G-Sync is just too damn high.
A LOT of people and reviews say this resolution at 32" just has one problem...desktop
their description was just not as crisp, clear etc one even said down right fuzzy or out of focus because of low pixel density. This was a review on the LG 850 that people rave about.
Whats your opinion for desktop as well as gamin.

ps does this monitor use pwm for backlight?
If so I thought almost all manufactures quit using it.

Why don't they show its price in AU dollars so i can see how much it really is!
As an alternative, you might check out the Pixio PXC32 or one of their other similar monitors. I don't have one, but they seem like a great deal, and (some) are cheaper and have comparable specs to this monitor.
Except pixio products are riddled with problems . Viotek seems to have a better quality control in place.
oh. that's too bad. Like I said, I don't have any of their products, I just thought they seemed like a good deal.
Is this in Canadian dollars? (449$) or will I actually be paying more since it’s american? I have never bought anything from Massdrop so idk what to expect. Will I have to pay border fees too? Thanks!
The price listed is always in USD. Shipping and exchange rate mean that most drops don't offer any sort of discount for Canadians compared to Amazon or the likes.
Is this monitor compatible with VESA mounts?
Says 100x100 VESA in the description.
Oh duh...Thanks.
*** Comments on the color-reproduction / accuracy ***
I purchased a Spyder5express just for this monitor. Out of the box, the color profile looks bad- you can just tell.
However, with the Spyder & DisplayCal software, you can get a much better result.
I do not know how to share the ICC profile but I will try. Do not expect any factory-calibrated IPS display level but you can get the best out of the panel. Hope this helps!
B.Hutch The GN32LD has VESA-C75 (75mm x 75mm VESA mounts)

The specifications state 100mm.

I'm in Australia...... Still free shipping?
It SPECIFICALLY said free US shipping
Truly a Mort aren't you.
Samsung LC32HG70QQNXZA 32" 2560 x 1440 HDR QLED Curved (144Hz / 1ms) $499 free shipping depending on where you live maybe no tax too.
Display Type - VA
Curvature - 1800R
not sure but I might rather have that. Personally I don't think anything on this site is discount heavily enough.
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Literally bought this for $424.99 with no tax and no shipping on the May the 4th Ebay sale. As much as I would like to give Massdrop my business, their price cut on most items in the tech community simply isn't deep enough to make it worth the purchase as of late.
Had to return this monitor :-( The PWM was giving me crazy headaches. I wish I would have tested it first at a store. :-( But, just wanted to say thanks again for the heads up. Also, the text on the monitor was blurry to me. Felt really odd using it for daily tasks (could be the PWM just causing the eye strain and thus blurring the text)
I see this monitor on sale for 499 from Amazon Prime regularly. Do Massdrop buyers have to pay shipping? If so, how much? Trying to decide if it's worth it to wait for the next drop for the $449 price tag!
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You also have to take into account the tax that goes with it on Amazon
Managed to score it on eBay for $424.99 without tax or shipping. Worth every penny!