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I am running bench test on this monitor and it running at 72 hz.. How do I fix this?
You need to update your adapter settings to 144hz. Windows will not default refresh rate to 144hz on your monitor for you.
Does anyone have any experience with shipping from this company? I would be replacing a display that I'm selling with this, so I'd need it ASAP - the Massdrop price is $100 less than anywhere else, but in the past I have experienced up to a month of waiting for Massdrop products. With the two week lead time on shipping for this I'm a little hesitant... thoughts?
Howdy Everyone,

We have extended this drop through the weekend. This will not effect the expected shipping times.

So it's like Viotek is the manufacturer for ASUS?
Want this monitor with no curve and GSYNC
...and for $150-200 more?
I'd love to get in on that but no international shipping sucks :( I know about forwarders but that would explode the price by like $150+

It just sucks I learned about MD a few weeks before it removed international shipping on monitors/TV =[
I returned a ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR and bought this instead and I'm so much happier. Especially if you care about color and image quality.
This monitor is 3ms RT, despite the description. Great stand, mountable. Easy 1440p and 144hz with a Display Port. Nice subtle curve with a 32" display. The only thing that might be weird for some is the standard 16:9 resolution.
Fantastic monitor and a very fair price. Just make sure your rig can handle it!
As a buyer of the $400 frameless version, I can confirm that Viotek makes great displays. I'd bite at this one if I were you.
i wish this had Gsync
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It isn't. The response time is actually 3ms, which is fantastic for a 1440P VA Panel.
The "6ms" is an option you can turn on or off when not gaming. But it doesn't make a difference.
Are you sure? It's pretty specific in the specs, but I'm completely aware the specs could be wrong. That's a huge plus for me if that's true!

From Newegg today 2/20/2018. Just sayin'
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Hey, I have no skin in this, enjoy your monitor.
You are ignoring the 144 hz which is not a simple spec but a huge difference in performance.
6ms? lmfao nope
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I’d say for sake of the argument, looking at only pure gaming performance, good VA or IPS monitors should outperform TN today. Was not always the case but monitor tech has come a long way in the past 3 or 5 years.
MacroPower and sugaShane great stuff, thank you for the help.
I was impatient and bought this on amazon a few weeks back. Curses!! I could have saved $100 here.
I am having a weird problem with the monitor though. When I set the refresh to over 60hz, after a while it will start going black for maybe a second or two before resetting.
So, I set a higher refresh rate in either the desktop or a game like Battlefield and everything seems fine. Then after a while (sometimes a few minutes, sometimes an hour) the screen just goes blank for a second or two, then it starts doing this once every minute or two.
This is not awesome when playing a FPS game.
Anyone have an Idea what the problem might be? (I'm running my desktop through a DP cable from my nvidia GTX 970, but my laptop has the same problem at higher refresh rates through its DP interface)

Other than that, this monitor is GLORIOUS!!!! Fantastic in literally every (other) way, (ok, the OSD could be better... whatever)
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Yep, it's likely my KVM.

I tried a good DP cable directly and no issues at all.

This means your monitor is absolutely perfect. (okay, the OSD could use work, but still... fantastic monitor!!)
Yes, we are working on new hardware that will improve our OSD.

We certainly could cut down 2 (or more ) button clicks for changing inputs as well as streamlining some of the other features.

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