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Mine's still going strong after almost 2 years! I've worn them a good amount during warmer months in the Bay Area (so pretty much all the time?) and have taken them through rainstorms in China.

These are pretty sweet and they are definitely a bit more substantial than your regular TOMS. I got them wet a few times and the jute has held up well.

There is definitely a little bit of fraying on some parts (especially where my big toes are!) from wear and tear but overall I'm pretty impressed with the quality and would happily buy a second pair.
I bought the Navy Viscata Portbou Espadrilles, from a previous drop, in 12 US / 45 EU that were too big for me (and so never worn apart from initially trying it on) if anyone is interested. Here is a link from the previous drop:
Interested. Will you send them? I actually bought the 44 in Denim and they are too tight. Haven’t been able to use them at all.
By sending them, I'm guessing you're asking if I can take care of shipping? If so, I get cheap shipping from work so I can take care of that. Email me at; I'll dig up the shoes from my closet and send you pictures of them.
I was hesitant buying these as it's a new style to me and have never tried them on, but they are insanely comfortable. Quick and easy to put on and go to the store or a walk. I requested another drop for more colors!

Also, somehow they don't really smell yet, which is pretty astounding. My sandals on the other hand...
I usually buy EU 45, and the EU 44 was uncomfortably tight the first day--bent toes, squeezed metatarsals--then after two nights using a shoe tree they were much better, and after a couple weeks of wear the shoes gave in all the right places for a glove-like fit. Had they stretched like this after having started looser, the heel would probably be flopping. Would buy EU 44 again.
I am really confused on the sizes...
What are these in inches?
I'm trying to get 9 US (43 EU), since I wear US 8.5 shoes.

But from my research, 43 EU is 10.4375" which seems lot longer than my US 8.5 sized shoes.

Should I get 8 US (42 EU)? Thank you in advance.
I agree the sizing is confusing especially since their website shows other espadrilles like the Sitges as 9US (42EU) which is what I would expect. I am a 9US so that is what I ordered trusting that the 9US sizing is correct.
Am I missing the obvious? Are the sizes for women or men?
Relaunch update: US Sizing should be correctly listed now, plus we're offering 47 EU (12.5 US) as a Massdrop exclusive since many of our members have requested bigger sizes.
If anyone is a US size 9.5-10, my size 44 will fit you. Let me know. Sell them to you at the same price Massdrop offered them. Or trade for a larger size.
Here's your sizing problem. Massdrop incorrectly listed the sizes. This screenshot is the Viscata website.
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Well.. I hope whoever at Massdrop made that massive error gets a solid reprimand. If they have kids... don't fire them. Make them clean the bathrooms for a month, and NO SMOKE BREAKS. If they have no dependants, fire them! Horrible error that likely cost the company thousands and thousands of dollars.
I kind of love when these slip ups happen and the company has good customer service. I got my money back and a pair of good espadrilles to give to my friend. I am in no hurry to wear espadrilles, so I'm not too bothered.

I once bought $150 worth of parts on Amazon that got lost in shipping and they resent the stuff. Four months later, the first package somehow managed to find its way to me. Sweet!

On the other hand, I'll never buy a Gigabyte product ever again in my life for how they've screwed me. Global warranties are only as good as the authorized repair centers that service them - and uh, Gigabyte's don't. The worst part is that I would send in the laptop to be repaired and they would hold on to it for over 30 days. More than once.
Just like everyone else, the sizing is horrible. I ordered an 11 and aside from being far shorter than a regular 11, they are suuuuuuper narrow. I can't even get my foot in them, my girlfriend thinks they sent over women's size 11, plus Massdrop using DHL is getting us north of the border scammed by rediculous overcharges on duty and shipping. I ended up paying over $45 just to receive these faulty things.
I honestly feel a bit scammed about the size. Every time I look down I think, "These would have been great if they fit."

Really bummed out. These are the sorts of drops that make people averse to online shopping and Massdrop shouldn't carry Viscata as long as they have disingenuous sizing.
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Okay, seems like you went with the right size judging from your information. And the size EU 44 / US 11 should have worked out.

The one thing I'll say about espadrilles (as it's also noted in the main page for the event, and i think it's been discussed before on this thread) is that they're always built to stretch; being able to get your foot in there and having it bulge the canvas as it pushes through is part of the break-in process that takes a couple of wears to losen up the fabric and start molding the shoe to your foot.

When folks size up too much and expect a comfortable fit from the get-go, they end up with a loose fitting espadrille that comes in and out of their foot as they step -- since there's no lacing system on these styles besides the inner elastic band, the main thing holding your foot onto the shoe is a tighter right fit.

Great informative post that is also dead wrong.
Turned out Massdrop screwed up the sizing charts and EU 44 / US 11 was in reality EU 44 / US 10.

But the big problem with your post is that people would have listened to your advice, "Don't worry! The canvas will stretch!" and then buy a shoe that was poorly sized by the company or distributor and suffer through it thinking "Maybe it's supposed to be tight and uncomfortable..." This is disingenuous PR designed to limit returns.

I've been that sucker before. The floor seller will say this often in the shoe stores to get rid of the smaller sizes that don't sell as fast. The companies should provide adequate sizing charts and information from the get go.

These espadrilles are super good looking and qualitywise the best I've seen. Insole also seems very comfortable. Sizing is a major issue though like people are writing. I'm a size 43.5 EU and ordered a size 44 but they are too tight and too short lengthwise as toes get bent. So far I've worn them for two half days and not achieved a comfortable fit. Will give them another day or two before trying to pass them on to someone with a size 42.5 - 43 EU foot.
Arrived. They look great, but I ordered two pairs true to size and I can't even fit in them to stretch them out...