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Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Oversize FP

Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Oversize FP

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Can you ship to FPO AP address?
Wrote to visconti asking if there was a place close by where I worked now. Doha, Qatar. Got a nice email back asking if I wanted to open shop here. Told them I'm interested in buying a pen only. Never heard from them again :) sent two reminders.

So I'm getting a mont blanc and pelican instead :)

This is my personal experience yours may vary. Each to his own.
it is unfortunate that the 1.3mm nib is not an option or I'd be heavily considering this. I only do Music nibs, stub nibs and italic nibs now days.
Great pen. This is my daily carry.

Pros: Great heft. Relatively easy to clean. Material feels great in the hand...not cold...not hot. I've dropped mine on hard surfaces (D'oh) with no damage.

Cons: The black on my clip started flaking off (one side only). Does not look good at this point. I'm thinking of just trying to remove the rest. does not bug me. Gives it a nice patina (at least, that's what I tell myself). Might bug some of you.

Neutrals: Very wet writer. I think this is what most people report. I had to try a lot of inks before I found one that didn't just pour onto the paper (not literally). I found several that were simply unusable in this pen. Finally settled on Iroshuzuku inks. They all work quiet least...for my tastes. I have a medium nib. Writes like a broad. Others can chime in...but my feeling is these write wetter and broader than you would expect. If I wanted a traditional medium (which I did)...I probably would have been happier with a fine.

I paid about this price at an authorized dealer...FYI. So...not a bad price...but it would be better if it were in the low $500s.
The wetness is what concerns me as a 'lefty'
Sold out of the broad nibs already.
Have had one for about 3 years, also 2 van goghs. Never had a problem, med nib. This is still my go to pen. Also have the pencil, but it is standard size. Did not pay this price.
I don't think I've ever seen a Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age for the "original price" listed on this drop, $775. $600-$700 is about what I've seen them for, with websites tending to offer closer to the $600 side and brick and mortar stores being closer to the $700 side.

This isn't a deal.
Its 50$ cheaper than the prices you said (except the extra fine nib) and 100$ cheaper than the online prices you quoted. How is this not a deal? Its 50$.
I actually picked up this pen several months back from a very reputable eBay dealer and paid $400 for it.

That being said you have to know the person you’re dealing with if you’re going to purchase a company like eBay there are several vendors that I use that are extremely reputable so if you want to spend the time to research an item like this and get it at a really good price you might try that.

I love this pen can use it frequently but to be honest I wouldn’t pay $700 for this I have several other Visconti’s that arethtype of money
I'd say wait for a sale and get a pen this expensive from an authorized dealer. I got one two weeks ago for $531.
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Those issues were resolved by Visconti. The leaking issues they had for a bit. Picked mine up at a Show and ive loved it ever since. Def a daily carry for me.
That’s the way to do it. Buying from a professional at a show. The pen and nib can be inspected, and adjusted to your hand right there while you wait.
Attending pen shows is not always possible, but does make for the best outcome.
As a warning, make sure you have a warranty or a good pen repair shop nearby when buying Visconti.

I have not had great luck with Visconti quality control and my experience with them doesn't seem to be unique based on internet reviews. I do find their designs to be beautiful however. The upside is that their US warranty service is pretty good, if you do have issues!
I need to not buy this. It is like I have a pen addiction I cannot shake. MUST NOT BUY THIS!
the validity of the deal is irrelevant to me. Price is way out of my league. I'm perfectly happy with my M800 and custom 823
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I think it's more of a name thing vs the material used.

It's like buying a name brand, like Nike, vs an off brand for a similar pair of shoes. I agree with you that having more companies creating unique materials would be awesome. I know the process is more complicated than the plastic and wood pens we see. Still, even really good wood pens can be really expensive (like my Pilot Icchi Wood pen, which goes for about $550 and has to be imported from Japan).

I think this manufacturer is trying to get into more cheaper pens, but nothing they make is mass produced. To my knowledge, everything is made by hand, in a smaller shop.
got you. Although I've spent on FPs more than I should have, I'm definitely not willing to pay a premium just for "handmade" pens. The sentimental value of a pen is priceless, leaving the owner to justify the price. I'd rather value items handmade by my loved ones than some artisans I can never relate to :)
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