Visconti Michelangelo Ballpoint Pensearch

Visconti Michelangelo Ballpoint Pen

Visconti Michelangelo Ballpoint Pen

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Oh man no green is left...
I like how the enamel hasn't been applied properly to the S of Visconti on the examples pocket clip. Apparently fairly typical of Visconti's quality control so worth keeping an eye out for those that have ordered.
It is indeed very poorly applied on both side of the pocket clip.the S on one side and on the other side,over Visconti as whole. Very poor quality control .
Had bought the green color version, hopefully this drop will appear again at similar price , will buy again for gift.
Interested in this, miss out on this pen drop
I have uploaded some pics.but can't capture the beauty of have to see it in person to admire it.
This is my first purchase on the site. How accrate is the ship by date?
Unfortunately the green is gone by the time I got moving... Pity.
Pictures do not do justice to this magnificent ball pen. I received my royal green and bronze trim today. It surpassed my expectations. Very beautiful. Packaging is excellent. The box is beautifully built and sturdy. In my humble opinion it give mb a run for its money.
Would it be possible for you to share some pictures with us? I have ordered one of each colour and am curious as to how they look when not under professional lighting. Thanks in advance.


Nice looking pen, although the glue underneath the white leather pen holder in the case didn't stick and came up with the pen as I tried lifting it out, and the included cartridge is a piece of crap, so get different refills.
i wish there were some photos from previous buyers.. read some reviews of these pens not really well represented in terms of colour when you actually receive the product.. was thinking of getting the green one... doubt ill get a photo that is not for marketing for that pen before drop ends..
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Go for it. You wil be surprised how beautiful the royal green and bronze trim is in will not regret
I've never been a fan of their ballpoints or rollerballs. They put pretty heavy emphasis on their fountain pen lines, but to get one of those its a "go big or go home" kinda situation, even for their least expensive FP
Is it made in Italy?
Wasnt this more expensive last time?
Looks like a painters colour mix.
Wooot wooot mine arrived today in a massively long box 👍OMG what a beautiful pen. Feels so good in my hand and the blue ink refill that comes with it is such a deep free flowing writing experience - weighted just right to feel substantial. I'm thinking this was an absolute bargain at USD $70 here. I will buy more as gifts next time it drops again if its at this price. Gonna give the Mont Blanc a run for its money when it arrives so I can compare them ☺
Hi Folks, so here's my opinionated comments on both pens - Visconti Michaelangelo bp and Mont Blanc Classique bp. To be upfront - now that I have used both pens as dailies - I love them both but for different reasons. I guess as they say horses for courses 😂 Right lets get into it ...
As I have said earlier - the Visconti blue ink is the thickest and brightest free flowing blue and that in itself says a lot about the company in their high standards for their pens. Its better than the scratchy black (can see paper through letter widths) of the Mont Blanc refill (looks like times are tough hey MB ...).
The weight of the Visconti is heavier than the Mont Blanc and its thicker than the Mont Blanc - so the Visconti would suit larger hands and possibly most male hands from a wrist and hand muscle point of view. From a practical aspect - the Mont Blanc is easier to scribble fast notes if trying to record what someone is saying. So if I'm mostly listening the Mont Blanc is my scribes tool but if I'm planning a preso on paper or just putting my To Do list down - its the Visconti for best aesthetics on paper.


The spring clip on the Visconti is a nice touch. I've never owned a pen with that mechanism. Beats the boring everyday clip on the Mont Blanc even with its micro serial number and Made in Germany engraved on it. The Visvonti does say Made in Italy on its end cap which I guess balances the country of origins chest beating LOL.

What I do think is impressive is the engravings on both pen centre rings. Stands out alot. I've had waitresses look on starry eyed as I signed my bills with my Visconti ha ha ha. The Mont Blanc has that world recognized sign of luxury on its end cap - Mont Blanc star. That I reckon impresses in business meetings and one of the reasons I swap it into my Cambridge Satchel A5 notebook. So the Mont Blanc ooses prestige - its like wearing Calvin Klein underwear instead of Bonds (an Australian brand of underwear) except people can see your pen and you only imagine their envy of your underwear 🤣
The Visconti is something special to twist - there is a firm click when engaging the bp. The Mont Blanc does feel a bit like a cheap plastic pen when twisting it. Not that I'd user them (would stick to their branded refills) but the Visconti also takes regular Parker format refills. May influence some towards the Visconti ...
Initially though I thought where the business end of the pen hits the jacket was to abrupt on the Mont Blanc versus the smooth transition of the Visconti - which made me wonder why so many people liked to write with the Mont Blanc. But having used the Mont Blanc a bit now - I find I naturally hold it up a bit higher so it doesn't worry me anymore (like a small stone in a shoe would if you know what I mean) ...

So all up - both look good on my A5 folder. I use the Visconti for life's writing pleasure and my Mont Blanc so I can afford the pleasures of life 👍

Received pen and... WOW!!! Looks fantastic many great comments. Pen writes smooth and feels great in hand. Great deal!!!
This will be my first Visconti and I can't wait. I finally get to treat myself to something nice, considering I sign papers all day every day it will be a solid upgrade from my Pilot G2 lmao.
Why is an extra one more than individual?
Wow, so far 73 people joined and not a single comment :-)
So - since this lovely pen takes Parker compatible refills, I will put some Schneider Viscoglide 755 XB refills in it. One of the best refills I can think off, so smooth and incredible well made. That should be a great fusion of Italian elegance and German engineering.
Awesome. Schneider XB's are my favorite. I'll still load some pens with Parker and Monteverde just so I know what's going on with them. I think I'll join this drop now...just because of that last sentence.