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been using this since i received it with my Predator X34, holds it perfectly fine. Would assume the same could be said for other 20x9 monitors of similar size.
I just got mine and the dual mounting solutions are great. I used the grommet screw. It is holding my 27in Aoc Perfectly.
For anyone wondering - this unit is very sturdy (and surprisingly heavy for how small it is)
No international shipping? Anyone wanna buy one and ship it to canada?
I was over in Vancouver for the holidays and I picked up from these guys
Man I wish this was a dual monitor mount
I rent a house. This display mounting solution should do the trick. Its also capable of holding 20 lbs. Without being anchored to a stud. This is a clear winner in my book as far as articulation goes as well. Jumping on this
This Stand is Awesome! Holds my 32" MSI Optix AG32C with no problems.
Anyone know if it will hold a 34 inch ultra wide at 17 pounds?
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have same question. But i think this will work, most 34inch monitors are under 20 pounds without stand
As long as the monitor is under 20lbs you will be good. However for a 34" you will not be able to turn in vertical with this arm, but it will support the monitor itself.
Why get this when its still $20 cheaper on Amazon?
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Ah ok.
The actual unit is only $5 more on Amazon though.
The description doesn't say whether it comes with the screws for mounting the monitor to the arm. Are the screws included? Thanks!
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So where would I find screws to mount the monitor to the arm?
Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace.
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