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Vivo Aluminum Single Gas Spring Monitor Desk Arm

Vivo Aluminum Single Gas Spring Monitor Desk Arm

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This took me longer than I'd like to admit to find, but yes it does come with a grommet base Vivo product page The reach and design are VERY reminiscent of the Loctek D7 and D7L which I am a HUGE fan of, compared to a few other gas spring arms I've had before. I might pick a few of these Vivo arms up considering the fast price disparity between these products, and I do approve of the all-matte-black design, and the removable VESA mount is a nice upgrade, though I've dremel'd some channels in the top of my other mounts to make them nearly as hot-swappable already. For many of you asking about mounting monitors larger than the rated spec, there are many people doing this. The 2 things to consider are the weight and the VESA compatibility. You may have to pick up an adapter plate if you have a monitor that takes 200x100 or 200x200, even though the weight may be well within 20lbs. I'm using this adapter to mount a 40" 4k Samsung panel to my D7L. The last thing to consider is the bolt/nut that holds the vertical swivel in place. This is a problem with extremely tall monitors, or vertical mounting situations, because there is increased leverage weighing on the last joint on the monitor arm, especially if cables are providing additional tension on the lower-half. I do not yet own this monitor arm and cannot attest to the ability to tighten this bolt/nut to this effect, but the manual does show that it is a feature. I have, however, had an arm in the past that would not let me tighten enough to keep the necessary friction for large monitors. Keep in mind also that mounting large or vertical-mount monitors in this way will make it more difficult to accomplish this vertical swivel, if that's a feature you hope to utilize frequently. p.s. does anyone remember how much these were dropping for?
Can this arm support the Massdrop Ultrawide monitor that shipped earlier this year? It was 35" but only weighed 12 lbs without the stand. Here's the link to specs:
Can we anyone tell me how wide the plate on the clamp that actually makes contact with the underside of the desk is? Not sure if it will fit in between two cable channels that are permanently placed on the underside of the back end of my desk
Anyone tried 3 of these together on one big desk?
I have 3 arms on a 60"x30" uplift desk.

Perfect m8, thank you.
I just added this monitor arm to my desk and love it. This arm is actually sold by many companies and rebranded. I'm pretty sure Massdrop has the lowest price atm. Amazon was $18 more expensive.

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Is that a C64 on your desk? Awesome. Clean setup.
It's a vintage IBM 3278 thats been restored and converted to work via USB (IBM's first generation electronic capacitive-coupled keyboard). The engineering is really impressive, it's almost entirely made out of metal and feels amazing to type on. Here's a link to the restoration-

Is anyone else experiencing delays on their shipment for this item? I ordered two of these during the previous drop on September 5th, and the transaction info on Massdrop said that the estimated ship date would be Sept 18th. It's now a full two weeks later (Oct 2nd); the pending transaction still says drop status "Order placed with the vendor" and the estimated ship date is still the 18th of last month.
Contacted Massdrop twice about it but was given no additional info. Basically just "yes, the order is still pending, if this is a big problem for you then we can cancel and issue a refund." I understand that things happen, and the delay is probably more due to the vendor operating slowly and not Massdrop. Nobody can just snap their fingers and fix everything, but all I really want is some more information.
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Mine shipped
Yep, just got mine yesterday. Everything seems to be in good condition; just wish I was given more information prior to this.
anyone know if this would work with the acer Predator XB271HU 27. All of the specs lineup but the monitor has a weird vesa mount that is cut into the body.
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The width of the Vivo vesa mount is 4.5" x 4.5". So as long as your opening is wider than that you will be good.
thank you for the info
I was hoping this would ship to Canada :(
Would anyone happen to know how much of an overhang a desk would need to have in order to be compatible with this monitor mount? The top of my desk (a 63" Tribesigns from Amazon) only extends about 5/8" past the frame, and I'm concerned that there won't be enough of a lip for the clamp to attach to.
It requires about 3 inches. However the C-clamp opens to about 3 inches so if the table and the frame is less than that you should be able to mount it.
WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, this drop cannot be shipped to AU.
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It cost me $15 US to have a pair of scales for a Swiss Army Knife shipped from AUS to US, that's literally something the size of a tube of toothpaste.
Yep it's insane. People dont realize how much it cost to ship stuff there.
Can this turn on a 90 degree angle for the monitor
Yes, as long as the monitor is not above the specs listed on the drop.
Wish this could do 34-36 ultrawide monitors...
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It says it can only do up to 32, my assumption is that they can’t guarentee it can handle a 34-36 inch
It will have no problem as long as it's under the weight limit. You will just not be able to adjust it vertically.
I really wish this could be shipped to GB!
I ordered one from Amazon because I didn't want to wait for the drop to ship and really need a good monitor arm. The base didn't have the holes threaded for the hex screws to attach the bracket making it completely unusable. I do not recommend this product due to lack of quality control.
Anyone know if this arm can be used with the Vast?
The Vast has 100x100 VESA support so it should work. The monitor without stand is also 12 lb which is less than the 20 lb rating for this arm.
Can't stress this enough... Why can't this be shipped to Argentina?
Too far.
Shipping cost would be more than the price of the product itself... way more.
Anyone know what the max thickness of the desk that this can clamp on to?
On vivio website listed as half inch up to three inches maximum
Does massdrop ever sell this with dual monitor arms? I don't think I've seen any.
Could this be used with the Vast, if a person didn't care about rotating the monitor?
Says it can hold a 32 inch monitor up to 20 lbs. How about 32 inch at 20.83 lbs.?
It probably can, but they’ve only guaranteed up to 20 from testing is my assumption.
What model is this?
no international shipping.... anyone know where it can be found in the EU?
I found them on for a couple of USD more, which makes this not such a good deal actually. Amazon let's you pay extra for shipping and import taxes if you're an international buyer, but it's cheaper if you would buy it on Massdrop. However, I would like to know where to get them in Europe as well.
been using this since i received it with my Predator X34, holds it perfectly fine. Would assume the same could be said for other 20x9 monitors of similar size.
It can hold ultrawide monitors up to past the 32 in recommended, but that just means you can't rotate it vertically right?
I'm sorry due to how my area is set up, I can't test that for you myself. But I don't think it would have enough height in the arm travel, but again I could be mistaken seeing I've never tried it.
I just got mine and the dual mounting solutions are great. I used the grommet screw. It is holding my 27in Aoc Perfectly.
For anyone wondering - this unit is very sturdy (and surprisingly heavy for how small it is)
No international shipping? Anyone wanna buy one and ship it to canada?
I was over in Vancouver for the holidays and I picked up from these guys
Man I wish this was a dual monitor mount
I rent a house. This display mounting solution should do the trick. Its also capable of holding 20 lbs. Without being anchored to a stud. This is a clear winner in my book as far as articulation goes as well. Jumping on this
This Stand is Awesome! Holds my 32" MSI Optix AG32C with no problems.
Anyone know if it will hold a 34 inch ultra wide at 17 pounds?
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So the description is inaccurate?
The specs are from the manufacturer. The information that I am passing along in the discussion is what I have personally tested here at Massdrop.
Most single monitor arms will support larger displays as long as the total weight does not exceed the limit. The only drawback being that these larger displays, especially ultrawides would not be able to be flipped vertically.
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It's obviously not the same model.
True...but you'll wait longer more than likely. That's one of the biggest gripes I've had about Massdrop. Good to see they're not charging for shipping though. Very nice.