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Vivo Dual Monitor Gas Spring Mount

Vivo Dual Monitor Gas Spring Mount

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Add a comment...'s on Amazon for 49$ Unless this is a different model or something? Why are there so many models that look the same...
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In case any of ya'll are curious, the 32" works! The size range must before the full swivel and tilt functions but otherwise it handles the thing like a champ.
Is this the same model that has the USB 3.0 ports?
Got mine yesterday. Happy with the shipping, since the cost was included and it arrived less than a week after the drop ended.

Pretty happy with the mount overall. Cable management leaves a bit to be desired - the bottom part is fine but the upper cable guide just has a plastic clip to hold the cables in place. It's not secure enough so if the cables try to move as you adjust the monitors they pop right off. Not too bad though, if you really want the cables attached you can strap them to it, though it doesn't look as clean. The pivot adjustment also isn't notched, so outside of using a level for perfect adjustment you are likely only going to get the monitors almost straight.

Construction feels solid and it does a good job holding the monitors in place once you it all adjusted. All the joints are adjustable, not just the gas springs, and you want to get all of them to your liking. My hinges on the VESA mounts were too loose out of the box so the monitors drooped and angled downwards, but a twist of the allen wrench was all it took to fix it.
I was about to order, but they don't ship to anywhere other than the US, not even Canada... Massdrop lost another customer
This is on amazon for another 2 dollars
Extremely disappointed in this mount... The "hub" is not a hub. The "hub" is two USB extension cables. The USB ports are installed upside down. There isn't as much movement as you would expect from something so large, and I am just overall disappointed in the fit an finish. I bought it mainly for the USB hub, not for extensions...
Could you post some pics? I'm not personally worried about the USB but more the fit & finish. I take it the stand performs well in regards to holding up the monitors?
Mine arrived yesterday.
This is cool, but Amazon has it w/ Prime shipping for $69.
Huh, so if two 29" UW's fit, I should be able to run a 34" UW and a 23/24" screen, yes?
I have one (from amazon) and I use an UW 34 and a 24, it fits, but it takes a bit of work to get them setup just right.
If only it supported 35inch ultrawides
this! 29" utrawide is a pretty tiny viewing area.
even 35 feels a tad small to me but that's the largest you can really get.
Would these arms allow you to swing the monitors towards the rear? I have trouble with screens being too close and it would be great to have them 'hover' past the back edge of my desk.
I've been looking at this product for quite some time now, but they don't ship to Europe. Any specific reason for that?
I can't order it :(
we just have to suffer :(
Shipping price is too expensive I guess
I have a rather deep desk and like my monitors kinda close to me. How far forward can these reach while still allowing two 24" monitors side by side?
Same question?
Kinda specific question. Let my ask my boy Pythagoras!