Vivo Height-Adjustable Children's Desk & Chair Setssearch

Vivo Height-Adjustable Children's Desk & Chair Sets

Vivo Height-Adjustable Children's Desk & Chair Sets

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My toddler is an accountant so this is perfect for him.
The deluxe model is 150.99 on Amazon. Which is $9.00 less than on here. Also sells for same price as amazon in addition if you buy more than one of the same color on they discount the price a little more.'s-Desk-and-Chair-Kids-Interactive-Station-Blue/e206db3d69074ad7997337b470d79450
This looks awesome. Make them for adults too!
According to the Q&A on amazon, this will accommodate a 6' adult.
For the benefit of new interest, here are some details from a post I made a good bit ago.

As another data point this was on Woot a little bit ago:
Discussion around the product:

We love ours, both children have been using them daily since they were delivered ~18 months ago. The Deluxe version wasn't offered back then so we just have the "standard" ones.
Hi, can you tell me how solid the top is? I'm thinking it would be a great size for my grand to learn to sew. But it needs to be solid enough not to bounce or vibrate when the machine is running.
I don't know why I have the urge to purchase this. I don't have any kids....
haha, I had the same reaction.
I am new to this. Would this item ship to Canada ? and where can I see the shipping cost ?

Easiest way is to click "join drop", enter your address, and it should calculate the shipping. We ship most things to Canada but I don't know the situation for this product given it's large dimensions (logistics companies charge you massively once you get beyond a certain set of dimensions, usually making it a waste of time to offer international shipping).
Whats the difference between standard and deluxe model?
My son loves this desk. We like that fact that it is adjustable and will grow with him.

My only gripe is that the Allen wrench that comes with this desk is trash. It became rounded over and unusable about halfway through assembly. So, if you get this, then make sure you have your own set of Allen wrenches made out of tool steel or something similar. I believe the included one was aluminum.
i would be interested in the deluxe version
May i know shipping (parcel) dimentions?
Is this compatible with the Vivo underdesk PC mount?
Questions about the Deluxe model:

For this drop we are unable to offer the Deluxe version of this desk but when we are able to do so it will be available at checkout.

We should have been clearer in the description in regards to it's availability and apologize for any confusion this caused.

SunshineAnnie , Aniad , Voyager17
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Excellent. Looking forward to it. Thanks for your efforts making it happen.
Hey, you did it. Great job! Everything I was asking for is being offered.
Where is the delux model? I see others have asked , is no one answering???