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Vivo Dual|Triple|Quad LCD Heavy Duty Desk Mounts

Vivo Dual|Triple|Quad LCD Heavy Duty Desk Mounts

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Dual-mount version is cheaper on Amazon
Does Vivo have a heavy duty 1 over 3 monitor mount for large format displays? I have 3 32" panels that I'd like to mount to my desk. All the other solutions I've come across are either outrageously expensive (like $350+ USD) or sub par quality.
So you get to pay $5 more than Amazon? That's not much of a discount...
With my North Bayou dual monitor mount you can rotate *and* adjust individually the height of each monitor. It's more expensive but much (much) versatile. Cable managements are visible. This is so ugly! I'm waiting for a triple monitor mount but not like that...
Can't ship to the philippines? what's d reason?
Neither to Peru, so sad :(.
Top picture shows tripple wide, but when you go to look on the options, there's no tripple wide option… What gives?
That is what I was looking for as well.
Yeah that's lame. That is the whole reason I was going to get it.
This is cheaper on Amazon
Can anyone tell me max supported width for a monitor please? I have a 27 inch but that only measures the screen portion and diagonally. My screen is 25.4 inches horizontally will a triple horizontal setup work?
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I have the dual monitor mount from Vivo being used for 2 27“ Asus monitors. Great mount, BUT the 2 monitor’s at that size really push the limits of the mount. Possible you may experience some monitor drooping/ sagging as the arms may begin to stress over the weight. It won’t break though. In hindsight I wish I had gotten the vertical version of the dual monitor mount instead of the side by side version. It’s the swinging arms that can’t take the weight of my 27,” not the pole.
Edit: oops didn't realize I was replying to a 3m old post.
I bought one off Amazon a few years back, and could not fit a 27 in the center with two 23s on the wings. Some of the 23s had to go behind the 27. I ended up buying one of ones that's just a curved rail and that fits them perfectly
Bummer. Would join for sure if there was across the pond shipping possible...
Is there a chance that they will drop their V004Y someday?
Howdy Everyone,
Just wanted to flag everyone that this drop will be ending today at 6PM. If your thinking about joining this drop dont wait as it will only be live until 6PM PST.
I hope everyone has had a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!
See you in 2018! Cheers!
Why is there never any free shipping to Canada in items I want? Bummer...
Does anyone know if this can support a PLP setup? (21/34/21)
I'm having no luck finding a stand that will support a 34 ultra wide with 2 smaller portrait monitors.
No it will not as I have tried it. I eventually just had to purchase two of these stands, combine the bars together to extend the arms out as far as I needed them to be.
Thanks for the response!
Would one of the arms be removable from the triple mount because I want 3 monitors in the future but for now I have 2
overseas shipping would be great
I've been looking for V004C for sooooo long. Shame it's no shipping to GB :'(
I have 3 24in monitors and 1 34in monitor, all max at 1080h, would my 34in fit on top?
Ignorantly ordered the V003 without seeing that it only supported 24" monitors. Needless to say, my 27" monitors likely wont fit. Anyone who was too late to order contact me and Ill let you have it for slightly cheaper!
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Would 38 be fair? Thats another 10 bucks off for you.
If you can hold it for a couple days then yea.. sorry, I'm preparing to pack up everything and leave FL because of the storm but I'd definitely buy it off ya
Does not ship internationally and the only equivalent I could find was nearly 5 times the price. Makes me wonder about the quality of this one.
The dual monitor mount (V002) is $29.99 on Amazon right now, while the massdrop offer is $38.
Really wish one of these drops would include the V012 variant for dual monitors with a tall pole.
While I wanted this drop to come I checked amazon and this exact 2 monitor stand goes for 69 Canadian regular price. Now it shows msrp as 69 usd. On sale at 52 usd at maximum drop. This isn't a better deal then I can get already on amazon. At current pricing amazon is cheaper to order from then here Especially with the exchange. A bit of a disappointment. Might be different if I required a stand that was more then 2 monitors.
3x 27" curved samsung panels for surround + 24" asus panel up top. I have the regular stand instead of the desk mount but thats the only difference.
How did you do this? Because it only supports up to 24. Is it a extension plate or something like that
I dug through my amazon shopping history and the one that I bought supports up to 27" monitors, its about $10 cheaper now than when i bought mine too.
I have the

V004C trying to sell it as well because it cannot hold 4 24" monitors, possibly can hold 22" in the pyramid formation, but even 3 24" monitors along the bottom row will not fit.

Hi, Does any one know how much weight it can handle total? i am interested in the V004C - Quad Mount so 4 times 22 lb = 88 lb total ?
For Canadians, it is half the price to order the same exact model off of Amazon, with free shipping or Prime shipping.
I know it says up to 27 in, but would a ultrawide monitor + a regular 24 in monitor work?
They sent me the wrong item, purchasers beware I received a horizontal (side by side) monitor mounting device for 2 monitors I ordered (and the package even says,) a vertical mount for 2 monitors.
I'm going to see if I have room for horizontal monitors but if not I'm requesting a refund
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What size monitors are those? I've got two 32" monitors that I'd want to mount in the same configuration. Also, can the mount be adjusted vertically along the post?
Were they not offering to just replace it? I want to get the quad but your setup but with quad :)
So...about how long does it take for the company to place the order and get tracking numbers sent?
Awesome product, sadly no shipping to the netherlands