Vivo V001L Ergonomic Laptop Desk Mountsearch

Vivo V001L Ergonomic Laptop Desk Mount

Vivo V001L Ergonomic Laptop Desk Mount

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Does anyone know if the individual components are available separately? For example, can I just buy a longer pole individually? Or just an arm?

I bought this exact thing at goodwill and I later bought a new dual monitor stand on Amazon. All the parts are interchangeable. Seems like you ought to be able to mix and match.

BTW, I'm pretty happy with this item. I don't type directly on the laptop very often, though. I use an external keyboard. But it's pretty solid.
It works alright. Its not the one pictured in the drop photo. If you want to be able to swing it around freely, you'll have to loosen the joints -- BUT that will introduce some 'play' in it.

Having said that, I bang it around and its fine. Also, its higher than the desk, but I use synergy to share my desktop mouse and keyboard so its not really an issue for me.
I really like this one. Few of my lab-mates want to purchase this one also ;-)
way too weak and floppy to type on. I will end up using it to hold a monitor and it will be fine
Weak. In more than one and concept. The result is rather unstable.
I got mine yesterday.
Gotta say I'm not happy with it at all. Several things could be done better about it's design.
But the biggest issue is, the top half of my C bracket came in with a slight bend, causing the arm to in turn be at an angle, leading to my laptop also being at an angle. Not enough to be a problem, but just enough to annoy me to the point that I can't use it.
Another thing I hadn't considered, not at fault of the product. The way this is designed, the laptop will always be a few inches taller than my desktop, meaning my keyboard and my laptop will never be at the same height, leading to comfort issues.
I think this will be fine as a monitor mount, since I can adjust the monitor to compensate for the angle. But I can't do that for the laptop stand the way I have it setup.
In summary. I got what I paid for.
I'm confused. The item in the photo looks nothing like the Vivo V001L pictured elsewhere (including their own website). The dual clamps indicate it's really a NavePoint laptop stand, which is $37.99 on new egg with free shipping in the US. Some of the other comments mention the item they got had a single clamp and not the dual clamps pictured, indicating they are actually getting the Vivo V001L. What's going on here? Why are you showing the picture for the wrong product?
Ship to canada!!
60$ on amazon canada, 2 day shipping, at 38$ USD here, after taxes and shipping, wait time, ect. you'll be paying the same and waiting longer.
Can you Ship to United Arab Emirates?
Great price
"Cannot ship to Canada"
Apparently this item is too difficult for our border to understand.
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Hahaha... That was a great comment
That is steep! Some of the gaming community host giveaways that I am a part of. Lots of things happen because of customs and international shipping.
Estimated ship date is Nov 28, 2017 PT.
Does anyone have an update on why it still hasn't shipped?
+1, and at least an approximate shipment date
Estimated ship date is Nov 28, 2017 PT.
On my "Description." Ordered on 11.7.17.
This can easily be built from amazon components for roughly the same price if not cheaper
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There are other options that will hold both a monitor and the laptop for about $47.00 shipped with prime. I plan on going that route as soon as I sell my iMac since I never use it.
That setup is exactly what I'm typing on rn