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The canvass is really stiff and the fit of the shoe is small and narrow. You cant wear them with a no show socks or low cut socks because it will peel off the skin of your achilles heel as you walk.
Did anyone join this drop? I'd like an update on how the look, feel, etc. I'm really interested in them but the past comments say otherwise
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I did size up... I wouldn't recommend buying this particular model of shoe unless you're in-store and try them on.
Thanks for the heads up
Do they make big sizes of this shoe? Like size 15 US? Asking for a friend :-)
Has anyone who skates tried these? They look rad, but I'm guessing that if you skate them, they wont last long at all. Wanting to get a nice midtop skate shoe, but can't imagine canvas holding up well to grip tape. Anyone been there?
I would also be interested in the skate-ability of these shoes..
These will not hold up to the grind.
Nothing available in the good colors above size 12 :(
Hoping for the grey/white colorway but doesn’t seem to be part of the drop. Maybe next time. :)
+1 for this color combination. Seems strange to show the grey/white combo in the email announcement, but not have it available for the drop.
I hate when they do that.
Definately smaller than other shoes of the same size, particularly width. I usually wear 8.5 but these were very tight. Massdrop referred me to the store in LA for exchange. They made me pay shipping both ways. $15 there and $10 back, which blew any savings from using Massdrop. Today I got the size 9's they exchanged and they're still tight! I'll be damned if i'm paying $25 more on the off chance they MAY fit so I guess I'm living with it. I'll have to get thin socks and hope they break in quick. Think twice before buying.
I'm a size 8.5 with proportionally wider feet; I think I'll have to skip these.
Never have I ever worn shoes that gave me bloody blisters on the heel of my foot just 10 minutes into walking with them. I'm not the only one with comfort issues it seems. I'm sorry Vlado, but whatever you did with these, you did it wrong.
Size 8.5 US Men was a good fit for me, but the heels have an abnormal bump of rubber(or whatever other material it may be) that keeps on rubbing against my heels. Exceptionally annoying for the first few minutes, excruciatingly painful for the next few hours. The inside heel of my right shoe is already stained with blood. Not worth the trouble and the money for these shoes.
I love how they have no width options, or larger sizes in the colors people would buy. I normally get a 13 double/triple wide or a 14 single/double wide. Most of these sizes only go up to 11.
i have that trouble a lot, i don't see shoes that come in size 14 often. I've actually never tried a 13 wide
Are those patches made out of animal leather?
I reached out to the manufacturer and was assured that the leather-like material is synthetic:


Thank you for contacting us and showing interest in our product. The accents on our Leon style are made of man made materials, not animal derived. Feel free to contact us again if any other questions. Have a great day.
Hector MendezGeneral Manager  Vlado Footwear
The fit is small, so go up a half/to full-size . I'm not sure if it's because they're small, but these are very difficult to pull on....no joke, it took me about 5 minutes this morning to just pull these shoes on. And as others have said, they are not very comfortable and it's nothing to do with length...the width is weird with them in the toe box. I'm hoping that these break-in after a bit or they're likely getting sold/donated/trashed.
Agreed. I have had the same issues with these shoes. I've tried wearing in wet weather in hopes they'd stretch. No luck so I'm going to offer them to my son to see if they fit him. Much to small and narrow for me. Otherwise these will go to our local goodwill store.