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VOID PRO RGB USB Premium Gaming Headset

VOID PRO RGB USB Premium Gaming Headset

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Is this wired or wireless?
I own a pair of these, the sound I see quite good ( once you tone down the mid-bass), comparable to a $300 pair of bose headphones I tried, however, this isn't a great price. And its not clear if you get corsairs 2 year warranty, for the same price you can get a lightly used refurbished wireless version, with a one year warranty, from corsair.
Not a deal for the wired version since it’s going for $59.99 from most online and B&M retailers. Now if this were the wireless edition, then you’d have my attention.
This is the wireless version though, at least the description says so
I own the wireless version of the Corsair Void RGB, which I purchased to replace a Sennheiser Game Zero and Game One, that purchased, used and returned due to horrendous sound quality (after trying them with two different DACs).

The Corsair Void, I was very surprised to say, absolutely trumps the sound quality of what is a $250 pair of Sennheiser headphones, from what used to be premium manufacturer. Imo, the Void is worth the money. Also, a friend has the wired version, I could not detect a difference between the two versions in terms of sound quality. Don't worry too much about the simulated surround and just stick to stereo, for the money you will not be disappointed if you are only looking for stereo and gaming usage.

Massdrop, please sort out whether this is the wired version, as the description is taken from the wireless version of the Corsair Void.
I am suprised you got two different g4me headphones and thought the void sounded better. I have the Corsair H2100 and every review that I read said they thought the Void was a step down in quality and sound, than their previous h2100. I do have the massdrop version of the G4me one and I think the sound and mic quality is better than my h2100. It also has a larger sound stage than my closed back h2100. I am using onboard sound but my Gaming 7 has a good dac and great caps.
I tried both because the Zero is a closed design and I thought the bad audio quality may have been due to it being a closed can design (although I thought this was strange, because I have tried other closed can designs and the sound did not sound so occluded). I found the Game One was very similar, in fact with very little difference in sound reproduction between them - it may be possible that I had a bad batch, but I find that unusual for two headsets in a row. I tried them both on the Sennheiser GSX1000 mixamp and an Objective2 DAC. There was no improvement in the sound quality, which I would liken to listening through a very thin bit of dry wall. It was terrible.

I was very surprised at the Corsair because they are solely a USB interface, which I had long ago turned off, they are a complete step up in sound AND mic quality. Before this, I came off an Astro A40 which was otherwise fine for sound reproduction but the mic had the issue on that of continually cutting out. The only thing I regret about the Corsair Void is that I paid a significant premium over and above what they are going for on this drop.
here you go with free shipping...... terrible drop for the USA. Also, why does the description say wireless...... This is shady

For future buyers, i definitely wouldn't buy this headset ,Iam currently using it has not served me well, It varies from a range of issues such as microphone not working anymore and the fact that i have to put the audio at a certain level for both earphones to work, About the 7.1 surround gaming, It's underwhelming and you'll use it for a couple of days then realize that you're better off using stereo
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That's good to hear,Im getting the feeling that you think im trying to personally attack Corsair if you are then you're mistaken what im trying to do is give my opinion that people should prolly save up their money and buy something better in a better drop ,Also do you not feel turn ing 7.1 off and on kind of tidious? i mean you obviously dont keep it on when watching videos /music
I don't think you're attacking them, people have opinions and different experiences. That's just mine and i didnt know that many people having issues with them. Also if you push and hold in the volume rocker for like 5 seconds on the headset it should turn the surround off so you don't need to go through their software.
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