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Vortex POK3R LE Mechanical Keyboard

Vortex POK3R LE Mechanical Keyboard


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I love the way these keyboards look. I had a Poker 2 for a while, but traded someone for a Code 2. I just couldn't deal with the function layers. It got really frustrating trying to program and even playing some games.
More than twice as much dollars than keys.
*best reply ever!
No included warranty, might wanna look elsewhere
Why is the shipping date August 1st?...They are in stock online
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2+ months shipping wait for $10 off.
Can this be programmed to use a Nordic layout?
I bought this board for my collection and I must say it looks better in person. It's a fantastic board for newcomers to the scene. My only issues are the stabs. Some lube will fix them. It's a very heavy board and will not slide around. I use it on a glass desk and it feels fantastic. The keys have a nice feel and will definitely blow the minds of new enthusiasts coming from low quality boards. I would only recommend this board to people looking to buy their first board or for a collection.

The logo looks pretty bad in pics, but it's not too bad in person. At least the black case.

I have the black case, frosted sides, with cherry blues.
The price is surprisingly non-ridiculous for a Poker 3.
it does look sexy as hell.. but to be honest i'm passing this one.. why would i pay $160 plust $7 shipping Plus $53 customs/vat if i can get something that is fully programmable with QMK as an option for $99...Vortex really need to up their game and add full program ability not just layers.. and be compatible with QMK. i guess that's why MD now has their own boards like the CTRL..
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As much as I feel your pain on customs and excessive tax, you can't reasonably put that on anything else but your government. Nothing against you, I'm genuinely sorry for those in your position that are priced out of something they'd otherwise afford/enjoy. It's just tiring seeing comment after comment of people complaining about customs/VAT like Massdrop are intentionally putting that unfair burden on them.

I mean...unless the are...
ever heard the saying “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
i realize this is not the place to start such a philosophical subject as this is not nor shall it ever be as important as many other things in life.. But like Larken Rose says Government doesn't exist. if we would all stand up against it what chance will the few brainwashed have ?
Living in the EU specifically in The Netherlands i have on several occasion bought from the US and few times people in the US (i won't name companies here) have helped out by avoiding customs not because of me in fact they did it for several other people in EU i have spoken to.
Other companies have found solutions by shipping items to the UK and Ireland having warehouses in Poland you name it i seen it all. This does cost them more $$ and so not all companies do this.. And i'm not asking them to.. in fact if i badly want something or need something i will buy it and suck it up.. like i buy my care products from sterlingSoap all the way in the US.
Few months ago i would have told you in don't give a crap about MD and a few weeks ago i heard the awesome work MD is doing by porting the work their doing on QMK back to the community as far as i'm concerned that's the best news i have heard this year. i also realize they are doing this because it serves them now there is also a long term self interest. Nevertheless there are lots of others that don't have this foresight.
Having said all that at the end of the day.. if en when i see something that looks good but people in the EU can get a better deal on in my opinion i won't hesitate to mention it.
And as Leo of actualized.org likes to say we all have an ego and sum times it's just good to recognize that and leave everyone be.. live and let live..
Perhaps your right complaining is tiring and i'm sorry you have to read true that all the time.. my apologies for that.. yest two days ago i bought $200 of keyboard hardware for a nice build project without any tariffs... so i'm all good , and voting with my wallet. btw i probably paid enough tariffs in my life to pay twice for this board.. only on the k-type i paid an extra $50 just saying..
Take care.
This thing looks damn sexy!!
Well shit. I was ready to go ahead and buy this but I can't get cherry blacks with a white case :(

At least my wallet will be happy with me.
My keyboard was shipped today. A month earlier than the expected shipping date. Time to plan retirement of my Anne Pro.
Does this use the GH60 pcb?
No. Vortex's own PCB.
It's great to join the many others who helped get the price of this KB down. Although several people are complaining about the bezels, for me it would be of good help. I am a consultant and I need to carry my keyboard with me. With bezels and a dust cover, my KB keys would not get too much pressure from the sides and come off, which is one of my concerns with my Anne Pro.
Can someone please tell me whats the difference between Pok3r LE and Pok3r RGB? I get that there is a slight difference in the case and PCB boards, but are there any fundamental changes? Thanks in advance guys.
no, its a limited edition run, basically its the case you are paying for. Each board comes numbered.
The LE comes with doubleshot PBT unlike the RGB which comes with ABS.