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Vortex POK3R LE Mechanical Keyboard

Vortex POK3R LE Mechanical Keyboard

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Where are the ISO layouts? :-/
i got this from the last drop.

This has 1 serious flaw.

and the only reason is a serious flaw is because the darn thing costs $160.

if it was a $50, it would be totally understandable, but on a $160 board, i expect perfection.

the issue are SQUEEQUING keys, specially the spacebar.

WTF, it makes the keyboard sound like a $25 mech keyboard from amazon.

i had to remove the keycaps and lubricate with wd-40. i resolved the issue, nothing major. but this should not be something i have to do on a $160 keyboard.

Other than that it has been a fantastic board.
PSA: Don't use WD-40, use a teflon grease like SuperLube for much better results ūüĎć
So we have to wait till October to save 6% ? That doesn't seem beneficial.
Because it isn't.
I wish it was available full size with MX clear switches. That would be awesome
Silly questions, but will these ever come in full size? I'm not a huge fan of compact keyboards.
I'll buy just the case off someone. Please HMU!
is the lighting programmable or preset
Where are the Cherry MX Natural White?
It's only saving $10... It is a very nice looking keyboard, but I would be wanting to save more money...
I'm with you: saving 6% and wait all the way until October?
Looks like quite a few of the switches listed available are not selectable on checkout
I noticed that too..
At this price, I'd rather get the nightfox which is currently on sale.
I really wanted the cherry silvers with a black case and the frosted acrylic so the light really shine through, but the silvers aren't listed. I guess I'll wait until they post the option if they ever do.
I got silvers off mechanical keyboards.com on launch week. Luckly i did.
Didn't expect to see a limited edition item this often lol
Seems like the interest in it is just as limited as the item itself.