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PLEASE bring this back with an improved font!
Please improve the font!!
Wish the dsa was the race 3 set
The font sucks....
All I want are those arrow keys.
Do I buy the whole set??
Thinking... thinking...
Windoze only :-(
Is there any other place we can get these? That March shipping date is soooooo far away.

question. dsa is the shorter caps? sa is the taller caps?
Dsa is shorter
XiK Can you please tell them to change the font to something similar to Signature Plastics DSA/SA font?

Also, what profile are the SA keycaps? Sculpted, or all Row 3?
SA Caps definitelt looks sculpted but unsure about exact profiling.
oh man, these are nice but the font ruins it. also, why doesn't the spacebar match the alphas?
All fonts other than helvetica is heresy.
The font is the only reason why I am NOT getting this.
On the SA set, are there 3 different space bar sizes included or just 3 of the same space bar? I'm not able to see a difference or find anything in the description. I've been looking for an SA profile set of "odd bars" for various keyboards to match some Signature Plastics ABS SA sets (6u, 6.5u, 7u, etc, 6u is the one I really need).
Hey guys,

There seems to be a mixed up with the option gallery, below are the correct profile/colorway for DSA/SA
Sorry about the confusion!

Is the SA sculpted or all row 3?
I can't see where a distinction is made.
that's what I'm wondering. seems important detail to include in the description...come on mass drop do you know anything about us by now?