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Sharing some production photos here :D

aw I forgot to put my order in. Oh well :(
This is gonna be my first artisan, as well as my first group buy. I know it's cheap for an artisan, but I'm taking a risk and seeing if I like the results. If so, I'm going to look into higher quality artisans, because it looks like a fun hobby and I admire how much work and dedication are put in by great artisans such as Keyforge and Jelly Keys. Since I'm not exactly comfortable spending $80 on a single key just yet, I really appreciate that there are more affordable options like this for those of us just starting out.
Another Waffle Key Studio drop, well good luck everyone that's joined, let me know how bad the delay is and how the quality ended up being!
" First of all, I apologize foe the inconvenience and loss, and I am willing to take all the responsibility. I’m going to review my mistakes here. As the pure handmade products, I have no contact with so many orders. and my thought is so idealistic that there are many problems during the production process. finally it caused irreversible results. "

This is the "artist" that is releasing caps. This guy is borderline retarded releasing bullshit products to a bunch of plebs that will fork out $20 for essentially a piece of trash. He 3d printed these and glued googly eyes to them... lmao... really?
This artist isn't the same as the one who screwed up the rose caps. Waffle Studio has multiple artists.
Ok, these are adorable. I'm a huge fan of these wtf! caps. My daughter loved the cupcake ones.
I want to adapt one! But I can have only one... Transparent Abyss or Opaque One Love... 🐸
Haha, these are cute :D Any way to get one outside of assdrop?
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It's also a good website to gain exposure to items. While I've definitely heard of mechanical keyboards, fountain pens, and audiophile gear before coming to Massdrop, I never truly became interested until I saw all the items dropping on Massdrop and finally taking the time to learn about them and get into it. The community is cool too and helpful for the most part.
One does not simply become "interested" on Massdrop. You become addicted.
Its wednesday my dudes
With Rodgers back should I play him or Big Ben?
lol some of the garbage that people label "artisan keycaps" is beyond me
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No offense taken, people just don't know the works taken into organizing a group buy.

EDIT: i am only fired up every time I see this kind of nonsensical one liners.
So do y'all wanna talk about the keycaps now?
I have no fucking clue what those color names mean
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how about that! thanks
Also tells you if you click the photos at the bottom