PBT Keycaps: WASD, Arrows & Modifierssearch

PBT Keycaps: WASD, Arrows & Modifiers

PBT Keycaps: WASD, Arrows & Modifiers

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Colorful Keycap Additions

Throw some color on your favorite keyboard with this eye-popping collection of WASD, arrow, and modifier keycaps. Sculpted in Cherry profile, the keycaps are made from PBT, which has long been considered the superior keycap material due to its hardness and resistance to the shine from oils on the skin. Choose a collection of solid colors or an assortment of a few. Each option is available with top- or front-printed legends.

Note: At checkout, choose between green, red, yellow, and assorted colorways with either top- or front-printed legends.

PBT Keycaps: WASD, Arrows & Modifiers
PBT Keycaps: WASD, Arrows & Modifiers

Model Options

Assorted – front-printed
Green – front-printed
Orange – front-printed
Red – front-printed
Yellow – front-printed
Assorted – top-printed
Green – top-printed
Orange – top-printed
Red – top-printed
Yellow – top-printed



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