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Wipebook Pro Whiteboard Notebook

Wipebook Pro Whiteboard Notebook

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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39 + 7 = 46 . You can get these for 48 (free shipping if you have prime membership)

Ooh, 'Tanned leatherette cover'. Sounds FANCY. Pardon my troll.
Is there an opportunity for the drop to fall to a lower price again or has the cheapest price been achieved?
How do these compare to Rocketbooks? https://getrocketbook.com/products/rocketbook-wave

I like the Rocketbook because it doesn't smear and the pens aren't very expensive...
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Except you can download Tiny Scanner app and use it to digitally import to yourself however you see fIt. I use mine all the time for legit documents, pictures, certificates, notes, or other misc items I want saved and backed up in a cloud storage or e-mail or need in PDF.
I'm not familiar with the state of the app market, but that seems useful.
The description says it is ruled but all images show it blank.
What is right?
It is important for me, because I can only use it in blank.
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The close ups look like it is very lightly lined.
If you look at the pictures with the close-up of the pen, you can see they've got dotted ruled pages.
Question on the cover
will I be able to remove it and and use it for other notebooks- I currently own one of these and love it
Are the covers "hardback?" That is, is it hard enough to write with on my lap, or do I need a backing surface to keep them from bending?
Its hardback.
4 minis and 1 regular - out of the five Staedtler Lumocolor pens provided, 4 had the caps loose and they're all dry. Can't get them here in Indonesia. FML.
Sorry to hear that these pens arrived dry! Please make sure to reach out to our Community Support team (if you haven't already), and we'll help you out.
Thanks, I will do. Sorry for the delay, I got the notification in my car and promptly forgot. :)

EDIT: Got a refund for the pens when I only wanted pointers for alternatives. Props to MD!
Any updates Liz? I'm excited about this drop.
It looks like most of these have shipped out already, and the rest should be out by today and tomorrow. If you have not yet received the shipping confirmation email, you should soon!
Any left handers try this? I like the idea but I fear everything I write will turn into a smear.
Is there an option to only get the smaller Mini Wipebook Pro through this drop, it is a more practical size for me.
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Wow, thanks! That was a stab in the dark that I didn't think it would happen. Thanks again.
Dang. I wish I knew that was going to happen. I went to the site when this dropped and ordered the smaller book.