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Got one of these to day. In the US on 110v. Used it all day. worked great. No issues. Tried a number of different ohm headphones. None over 100. worked fine with out issue. If anything changes I'll reply or edit my post. the box it came in did clearly say on the outside "110v Only" Though it did come with a 220/240 volt AU/EU plug. Kind of stupid... yeah. I feel bad for the people that didn't notice, or box wasn't marked. Also have a Mullard Pre-Amp tube on order and some Russian gold grid's on order. to go with the massdrop AKG K7xx headphones. I'll update later once built out.
Noticeable improvement on the tube switch out. The Mullard K-61 tube switch was first... The low mids and bass became clear and un-muddled (but wasn't noticeable on 80's and classical music to begin with). The Russian 6S19P-V (6C19P-B) Gold Grid tubes increased my output a bit all around. Also removing a hiss and hum that was barely noticeable to begin with(only noticeable after about a hour of usage originally with the Chinese tubes). To which I have dead silence now even if I max out the volume. Tubes were purchased from Ebay.

Couple months later. This amp is still rocking solid. No issues. Not a single one. Mostly used for USB/Computer audio. Still rocking the Mullard pre-amp tube.
HI Did someone else had a reply already?
Nope. Not yet.
Try to contact:
Kelly (Massdrop) <helpdesk@massdrop.com>

She will sent you an RMA I suppose, at least she send me one

Grtz Good Luck

My TA-03 definitely runs out of steam trying to power my HiFiman H400S. Has anyone achieved appreciable extra gain by changing the Tubes? I've seen a few comments but since it's been a little while now I was hoping for some updated feedback please. Thanks in advance!
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Noticeable change in output. See my post above for photos and parts I used. Now you do have another choice there is a UK seller on ebay, selling a Telefunken pre-amp tube that from my reading was original meant for computers back in the day with 130-140 milliamps rating. For 58.04$ USD under the title of 6211/ECC802S/12AU7 TELEFUNKEN on ebay. They tend to be a little crisper and you loose some of that old fashion tube sound, but the higher output will go in to the main amp tubes. May provide that extra punch you need. You'd need to research a bit, but it should work just fine to, but weren't original designed for pre-amp sound from what I read. I choose Mullard because most consider them to be the best after Telefunken. But NOS of Telefunken is hundreds of dollars US. So I bought a used tested Mullard. Some sellers will show you the test output readings on the auction. I would only buy a pre-amp NOS or Used only if this testing values are shown by the seller. My opinon mind you. Mostly because they are two channel, so if they are not balanced... well you get the idea I'm sure.
Tubes are not good for low impedance headphones. Should've went with solid state for a planar instead.
Anyone already heard something from Customer Support?
I turned it on, a POP sound followed, then a nasty smell....and a dead UNIT...
Turns out it seems from multiple sites that alot of the units are 110v only. So make sure to check your box it should be labeled on the out side. Mine was.
Decided to test it. It came with an Australian plug. Australia uses the same voltage as the UK. So I assumed I'd be safe. I was Not.
Exactly what happened to my unit. Let's see what customer support will come up with.
And exactly what happened to my xDuoo TA-03 as well!!!
Gone in a split second.
Alhtough on the site of Massdrop they mentioned 220-110 Volts (so I thought thats OK) they obviously send a 110 Volts amp to Europe in fact to the Netherlands!!!
Inside the receptacle on the housing you cab see "250V" by the way!!
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Ok great!! I didnt hear anything yet from them. Tnx for the answer!
out side on the box it came in did it say 110v only?
Mine just turned up at the door, but I dare not plug it in!