ADATA XPG Flame DDR4 PC RAM Memory Modulessearch

ADATA XPG Flame DDR4 PC RAM Memory Modules

ADATA XPG Flame DDR4 PC RAM Memory Modules

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Improve Your Computer's Performance

Built for dedicated PC enthusiasts and gamers, these ADATA XPG Flame RAM memory modules deliver remarkable performance and efficiency. Able to support Intel Core i7 processors, the DDR4 SDRAM uses less power and achieves higher core clock speeds than DDR3 SDRAMs. Built-in Intel XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) 2.0 technology allows for overclocking and tuning from your OS without BIOS changes. Multiple layers of PCB help keep the module cool, while 2 ounces of copper help improve signal transfer quality and maintain stability at high speeds. 

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of memory size (8GB or 16GB) and speed (2,400MHz, 2,666MHz, or 3,000MHz). Prices vary.



  • Power efficiency: 20% less draw than DDR3
  • Operating voltage: 1.2V
  • Supports Intel Core i7 Haswell-E HEDT (high-end desktop) processors
  • Supports X99/Z170 platforms
  • Intel XMP 2.0 
  • RoHS compliant

Technical Specs

  • Speed: DDR4 2,400–3,000 MHz
  • RAM capacity: 8GB, 16GB
  • Latency: (2,400MHz) CL 16-16-16; (2,666MHz) CL 16-16-16, CL 19-19-19; (3,000MHz) CL 18-18-18
  • Operating temperature: 32–185° F (0–85° C)
  • Storage temperature: -67–212° F (-55–100° C)
  • Operating voltage: 1.2V–1.35V
  • Dimensions: 5.2 x 1.2 x 0.2 in (13.3 x 3.3 x 0.7 cm)


  • ADATA’s lifetime warranty


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