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Xuelin IHIFI770C Music Player

Xuelin IHIFI770C Music Player

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i've played around with the rockbox port since it was released by vortex and its made the 770C finally useable. All hirez flacs and other file formats recognized and playable and lots of nice functions such as playlists, gapless, etc. Still wouldn't recommend the unit due to the fact the Touch Navigation are just too annoying. But certainly the rockbox port is a breath of fresh air for those current users. To those thinking of buying I still would rethink and go buy something else for your go to player. Bought this just out of interest.
Thanks, Waah!

But my player shows in the system information:
VersionID: NEW770-8740_v2.02

Exactly like that.
not 770C

I would like to know if I can change the display to a more general and actually useable view. The background image blurs most of the data display.
To be fair, that post was made back in August of 2015, so I haven't a clue whether it is accurate regarding version ID of the batch sent out in the recent drop. I think the folks at head-fi may be able to help you better:

Best of luck!
Good sound on this while it lasted. Haven't had issues others ran into, but then realized there was somebody else's microSD card already in the unit I received. Not sure how that happened! Anyway, that along with the loose-ish power button made me eventually return it out of fear of its longevity. Initially was planning to get a replacement but the wait honestly is too long and I've been persuaded to go with another offering on MD (Colorfly C3) instead. Oh well.

Sonic42 - Absolutely no reason it feels like. Suppose it not being completely transparent makes it easier to apply?

Tigretorres - My unit had a regular ol' sandisc in it. I realized these cards don't quite lock in at all until you push them in really far. Had to use my fingernails. If that doesn't work, something may be wrong.

alohka - Turns out the model number is not a very good indicator of which version of the player you have. I looked around head-fi's 770/770c thread to confirm this as well from a post by jdog:
"The easiest way to know if you have the new 770C (8740), is to check on the top side panel, where the HO ports and power button are. It should have printed labels that say "Dark/Line". "Bright", "Power", and "usb". The original 770C (8718) does not have this. You can also select the "Settings" on the main menu; when this opens, scroll down to system information and select. The version ID will say: NEW770C-8740_v1.04. Since the firmware for the new 770C (8740) is not interchangeable with any of the other 770 models, so the new 770C is the only one that will have this firmware."

No clue about the other issues you're having. Sorry!
i m almost gave up ,xuelin don't answer mails ,and almost all the files (mp3 and flacs) don't sound and read as "playing error" ,and the flac albums skip all the songs after one second . worst experience with a player
My 770 shows only a pretty ugly image of a score and a violin as a background which also blurs some of the file info shown on the screen. How do I switch to the rockbox view??
I just got my player finally, and it is a 770 not a 770c.
very bad experience with the micro sd cards,could anyone could tell is there any model of micro sd compatible with this crap?
Get fiio M3 guys...
interesting development...
Does the help support work? Created 2 tickets no response so far...
I love the concept but all the upgrades and no bluetooth option. This is why I wont purchase. I appreciate that massdrop caters to the poors, however when it comes to electronics the highest standards should trump innovated engineering. Maybe their next development will do what I want it to.
I got into settings and changed language to english and all is well.
Anyone can tell me how to change the language to English? Mine is set to Chinese...
Ok, Settings is the 5th (last) entry in the top menu, then Language is the 6th entry.
Mine won't recognize any music I place on the 128 gb micro sd I intended to use. Lousy POS, don't buy.
If you formatted you SD card inside the player, then that's why. Try Fat32Format (google it)
fiio x1 or this?
I wouldn't recommend this unit. Just for starters the navigation is too annoying. Doesn't support hires flacs very well as most on Headfi will let you know. Sounds fine for the price. I would definitely pay extra $ for a go to everyday player. I'll forewarn you that if you have hires flacs this is NOT a player for you..
In 8 months I haven't experienced a single freeze, crash, problem with ports, or software. However, too many people have had problems for me to recommend the player. But if you don't have a problem taking a chance and you get a unit that works fine, then you've purchased the best <$200 DAP for ~$100, in terms of SQ. For transferring music connect to your pc via usb -> mini. Use a program like drivesort to sort the mp3s. There's new firmware for the player that makes navigation a bit more intuitive but it alters the sound signature.
User manual available?